Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Weekend

Hi guys. I want to direct you to a website/blog with a great article on storing our toys: Plays With Needles. Look at her post for May 26th. See how she stores her stuff. Very organized. And great looking stuff.

I saw Robin's MEOW cat in person today. It really looks great. I wish you could see the DMC Memory thread in person. It is just terrific.

I haven't stitched in a couple of days. I plan to work a little on this basketweave project this weekend before I start on the Bride.

Have a great long weekend.


  1. The girls at the store are getting better and better... I received my canvas on THURSDAY!... way before the beginning of the month. Please send them my thanks.

    She is mounted and ready to go. However, my unfinished pile is getting larger and larger by the month. I really hope I can finish her in 4 weeks! My fingers are itching to get started on her. :)


  2. Hi Jan,

    I think we will be able to finish her in 4 weeks. She has some great stitches. I like her bow and the beads around her waist.

    I am working a little on several of my unfinished pieces today. When I get tired of one, I switch to another. I just love them all. And I fully believe I will finish them one day. Well, at least Halloweenies!


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