Sunday, October 29, 2017

Robin teaches at the Bristly Thistle, FL

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I've traveled 2265.6 miles since I last blogged. First, I went to the Bristly Thistle on Amelia Island, FL.

1477.2 miles round trip

Then 5 days later, I went to The Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs (Atlanta), GA.

788.4 miles round trip

Thank you Delta airlines 🛩 for smooth, safe flights. It has been a fun couple of weeks. I'd like to share my journeys... let's begin at the Bristly Thistle.

Bristly Thistle
811 Beech Street
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034
(904) 729-4020

The Bristly Thistle is on Amelia Island in the town of Fernandina Beach, just north of Jacksonville, FL. Michele Herron is the owner. Gracie and Max are the sweetest shop pups; Portuguese Waterdogs.

Bristly Thistle
Thread Room

Bristly Thistle
Thread Room and a visiting Trunk Show

Bristly Thistle
Gracie and Classroom

We had three days of canvas enhancement classes. New stitch guides were written; plus there were also help sessions. Lunches were delicious every day! And, did I mention the artisan Chocolate shop a few blocks away?!! Island life is good. 😊

Coffee Pot and Anemones • EW109
stitch guide by Robin King

Lemons  • AOG 106
stitch guide by Robin King

Loon • MSD 1827
stitch guide by Robin King

Mason Jars Christmas • ETC C-509
stitch guide by Robin King

Steampunk Owl • B-349
stitch guide by Robin King

Steampunk Witch • B-399
stitch guide by Robin King

Winter Sheep • DP-LS08
stitch guide by Robin King

Cat Carson Western Scout • HC-C21
stitch guide by Robin King

Melody's help session focused working on the Steampunk Mouse (B-347). We discussed the Pumpkin, Mouse, Background Sky and Umbrella.  We have a good game plan going.

Steampunk Mouse (B-347)

Linda worked on Sunflower Basket (MLT379) for her help session. We discussed the Basket, Sunflowers, Butterfly, Leaves, and the Background. Linda also learned the Stumpwork technique to make her first Flower Center. Big smiles! 😊

Sunflower Basket (MLT379)

Here's a fun stitch to try the next time you have a Border 3 threads tall.

a stitch for you!

I had a lovely time teaching at the Bristly Thistle and look forward to my return visit next year. 

Bristly Thistle 2017
Canvas Enhancement classes with Robin King

Give Michele a call to sign up for the 2018 canvas enhancement classes. Seats are limited. You will enjoy your time on the Island. 🌴 (904) 729-4020.

Must visit Pablo's when you are on the Island!
#bestChileRelleno  #deliciousMargaritas

Next blog we will visit The Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs (Atlanta), GA. 

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Sunday, October 8, 2017

3 new Halloween Brenda Stofft stitch guides by Robin

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

A quick blog today; the next plane leaves on Wednesday to the Bristly Thistle in Amelia Island, Florida. This will be my second visit. Looking forward to seeing Michele (owner) and her new location. I will blog about my visit when I'm back home in front of the computer. Look for something Monday 10/16 or Tuesday 10/17.

Today I am entering thread notes and finalizing stitch guides for another teaching destination later this month at The Nimble Needle in Atlanta, GA. Actually, there are 4 days between wheels down (FL) and wheels up (GA). Talk about doing the Hustle!

When I write stitch guides, often I draw/doodle to help me plan the stitch area. Here are some drawings I'm including in the "Witch on Pumpkin" stitch guide (artist, Brenda Stofft; B-125 on 18 mesh). I figure if it helped me visualize the concept, it might also help the stitcher.

"Witch on Pumpkin" • artist, Brenda Stofft • B-125
new Robin King stitch guide

Witch Sleeve
"Witch on Pumpkin" • B-125
new Robin King stitch guide

"Witch on Pumpkin" • B-125
new Robin King stitch guide

"Witch on Pumpkin" also has a canvas mate called "Black Cat" and I've written a stitch guide for it as well. The canvas is B-125 on 18 mesh and is also by Brenda Stofft Designs.

"Black Cat" • artist, Brenda Stofft • B-125
new Robin King stitch guide

Notice the stitch called Henderson Variation 4 (Sheena)

Henderson Variation 4 (Sheena)
a great design with lots of movement

I saw it on the Sheena's Sweet Stitches blog. Do check it out. Lots of great ideas. 

[Side bar: When I see a new stitch, I honor the original author by including their name in the title. Who's Sheena? A very talented lady!]

Rounding out this trio of new Halloween canvas stitch guides for the Atlanta classes is "Dancing Witch" by Brenda Stofft  (B-223) on 18 mesh.  Wouldn't these be fun to stitch?!! 

"Dancing Witch" • artist, Brenda Stofft • B-223
new Robin King stitch guide

Well, I better get back to typing. These stitch guides won't get done without me!! 

Until the next time...  HUGS!  Robin

Monday, October 2, 2017

Robin teaches at Quail Run Needlework

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I have a lovely time teaching at Quail Run Needlework in Scottsdale, AZ.

Quail Run Needlework
7704 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 125
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
(480) 551-1423

Quail Run Needlework has been a cornerstone in the needlepoint industry since 1976. Susan Barlow is their current owner for the last 11 years. The store is laid out in 2 sections with an arched pass thru: the left side (front desk and threads)...

Quail Run Needlework

Quail Run Needlework

Quail Run Needlework

... and the right side (shop models, canvases, and classroom). Quail Run's shop models and vignettes are truly inspiring.

Quail Run Needlework

Quail Run Needlework

Quail Run Needlework

Quail Run Needlework

The Fall Retreat had 12 people in attendance. Stella LED lights for everyone!

Quail Run Needlework
a very comfortable classroom

There were 2 folks from California, 2 former Chicago snowbirds, and the rest of the ladies were from the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. The stitch guides were written ahead of time; the thread kits were pulled. Let the stitching begin. 😊

new Robin King stitch guides
made their debut at the Quail Run Fall Retreat

Here are some work in progress moments from the class. Miriam learned how to do stumpwork for her flower center.

Flowers in Yellow Vase • 331
new Robin King stitch guide

Donna learned how to do repoussé for her snake.

Desert Flora and Fauna • PS6-AB
new Robin King stitch guide

Pat learned how to do Or Nué for the bathing suit.

Bon Voyage • BF218
new Robin King stitch guide

Each afternoon,  a "gentle yoga" instructor came to class to help us with stretching and breathing techniques. What a treat!  I really need to continue those stretching moments at home.

Here's a stitch we used on the Water Garden (M204). I call it Ming Stitch with Wings. 😊 I think it makes a nice background for the cinnabar area.

Have you ever had a Prickly Pear margarita? They are delicious. It is a favorite of mine when I am in the land of cacti. 🌵

Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Syrup

Prickly Pear Margaritas

Hope you enjoyed my recap of Quail Run Needlework. Do stop in when you are in the area. Tell Susan and her wonderful staff I said hello. I'll be back next January 2018.

Until the next time... HUGS, Robin

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