Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Once a month the employees of Amy's Golden Strand meet on a Monday night to discuss business and schedules and stitches.  Well, we pulled a good one on Amy Monday night.  After a brief meeting we kidnapped her and took her out to a swanky restaurant for her birthday.  She quickly realized that being kidnapped by ones employees can be a good thing.  We dropped her car off at her home so she could have a cocktail or two without worrying about driving.  We had a great time.

Left to right you see, Candy, Peggy, Amy, Eileen, Judy, Robin, Jill

Happy Birthday Amy!


  1. how Fun!!!!! looks like ya'll are having such a great time! Happy BDay, Amy!!

  2. Kathy, welcome back. Yes, the evening was awesome. It takes stealth secrecy and planning to pull off such an event. Luckily, Amy was an easy target. I'm not saying... just saying! Kathy, please update us on your absence... we missed you! Robin

  3. Wanna know what else is awesome about this photo? Our waitress was "Waitress & Photographer Extraordinaire." The first photo (not seen) had some flotsam blocking the star, Amy B... her very self.

    On the second photo (seen) ... you can our Waitress took the time & removed the flotsam from the foreground. As I said, she was the "Waitress & Photographer Extraordinaire."

    If you are in Memphis and/or at a Cook Up a Canvas with Amy... please check out the River Oaks Restaurant with Chef Jose Gutierrez... (former Peabody Hotel Chef.) FABULOUS! Just ask Jill about the DIVA cocktail or the Mango Martini. YUM.

  4. OMG, the Mango Martini is out of this world.

  5. Y'all look like you are having Too Mcuh Fun(which is just right!). Happy Birthday Amy!

    Anne of the Alabama Delegation

  6. Wow!!! What fun and Happy Birthday to Amy. I think you all know how to kidnap and have a good time. Food and drinks all sound delicious

    Loved the pictures and smiles

    Sue VanderNoor


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