Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bricks on the bottom of the Haunted House

It appears that some of our canvases of the Haunted House were painted differently than Amy's.  If you look at the pictures that came with this months kit, you will see that the bricks end with the sides of the house on Amy's canvas, (picture on left).  Your canvas may not match.  The bricks go all the way out to the end of the painted canvas on Nancy's canvas, as well as mine, (picture on right).  Amy has offered a couple of solutions for us.

"There are two choices that I see  - - stitch it as painted and not worry about it. The viewer won't notice, just like none of us noticed until she started to study the individual pieces of the painting. The other option is to stitch heavier bushes in that area to cover the painted porch. She could build up some bushes on the opposite end to match if she wants. I am not planning on a thick coverage for the bushes so she would need to work them as if they were separate bushes."

I think I will stitch it as painted.  The bricks are nice and I would rather do more bricks than more bushes.  I don't know why!  

I didn't get to the glitter glue tonight...maybe tomorrow.

Happy stitching!

p.s., I saw Robin's class piece in person today.  OMG.  It is perfectly stitched with beautiful stitches.  She really has a talent for choosing the best stitch for every area.


  1. I glittered my moon today... it is gorgeous! What a difference a little sparkle makes.

    I do have a question about the L Stitch that Amy refers to in the raised work. Not sure what this is... Is it just an anchoring stitch, so that the back stitches do not slide? and do you always carry the thread back to the beginning...leaving a long stitch on the back of the canvas? Just want to be clear before I attack this stitch.


  2. Jan,

    The L stitch is to anchor your beginning threads. The pinhead stitch is a stabilizing stitch taken after you finish and tighten a row, Make it when you are ready to travel back to the left side in order to wrap from left to right again. That way you don't end up with lose wraps on the right end of the stem. I hope this helps.


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