Friday, May 31, 2013

Halloween Stitch Guides by Robin King

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I am back from my travels to Atlanta. I took another Brenda Hart canvas enhancement class at In Stitches. Good for the soul.

Today's topic: Halloween Stitch Guides. Oh, yes, I've written a few. With Halloween only 5 months away, I thought it would be fun to share with you those available from me.

Leigh Designs - Spookin' (Leigh 5110), Witchen (Leigh 5115), Queen Anne's Revenge (Leigh 7127), and Remilia (Leigh 5137).

Leigh Designs (Leigh 5110)
Leigh Designs (Leigh 5115)
Queen Anne's Revenge
Leigh Designs (Leigh 7127)
Leigh Designs (Leigh 5137)

Melissa Shirley Designs - Witch with Big Pumpkin (MSD 1334-F), Witch with Crow (MSD 1334-C), Halloween Cat Pull Toy (MSD 700), Halloween Crow Pull Toy (MSD 700-B), Large Pumpkin (MSD 663-D), and Harvest Fairy (MSD DM-09).

Witch with Big Pumpkin
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD 1334-F)
Witch with Crow
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD 1334-C)
Halloween Cat Pull Toy
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD 700)
Halloween Crow Pull Toy
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD 700-B)
Large Pumpkin
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD  663D)
Harvest Fairy
Melissa Shirley Designs (MSD DM-09)

Kelly Clark Needlepoint - Katt Z. Witch (KCN 9125).

Katt Z. Witch
Kelly Clark Needlepoint (KCN 9125)

Susan Roberts/Tapestry Tent - Witch Pillow (Liz AP-430).

Witch Pillow
Susan Roberts/Tapestry Tent (Liz AP-430)

Renaissance Designs - Renaissance Witch (TT-201).

Renaissance Witch
Renaissance Designs (TT-201)

Brenda Stofft - Halloween Cat with Green Hat (B-133), Cone Good Witch (B-244), and Cone Bad Witch (B-247).

Halloween Cat with Green Hat
Brenda Stofft (B-133)
Good Cone Witch
Brenda Stofft (B-244)
Bad Cone Witch
Brenda Stofft (B-247)

Shelly Tribbey - Gingham Halloween (H 229).

Gingham Halloween
Shelly Tribbey (H 229)

Artists Collection - Myrtle the Boo Queen (MHP H13) and Fanny Witch (MHP 2310).

Myrtle the Boo Queen
Artists Collection (MHP H13)

Fanny Witch
Artists Collection (MHP 2310)

Maggie Co. - Halloween Outfit.

Halloween Outfit
Maggie Co. 

And, of course, the Creepy Characters and the Sugar Skulls stitch guides are still available from NeedleDeeva.

By the way, there will be more Stitch Guides coming in October. I have been asked to be the Teacher at the Pocket Full of Stitches Stitcher's Retreat in September 2013. How cool is that?!!! I was given the choice of which canvas theme for the Retreat. Hmmmm, which one do you think I selected? Halloween and Autumn/Fall canvases, of course! I don't know who is more excited: them or me.

Here is a preview of what's in my future... a total of 20 will be at the Retreat.

As always, email me if you are interested in any of my stitch guides: Shop Owners and Wholesale interest welcome, too.

You can also see a list of my other stitch guides on this blog under the tab: Stitch Guides by Robin King.

Well, time to get to work. LOL. Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Friday, May 10, 2013

LOVE by Raymond Crawford (HO-207)

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I finished writing the stitch guide LOVE by Raymond Crawford (HO-207) for a customer.

LOVE stitch guide by Robin King
Raymond Crawford • HO-207

I had so much fun selecting stitches and threads. Here's some beauty shots of the threads for each area.

Threads for L

Threads for O

Threads for V

Threads for E

Threads for Border and LOVE letters

Many of the stitches were inspired from June McKnight's new Colorful Backgrounds book.

Wonderful stitches in this little book from June McKnight.

Here is a stitch for you: Triple Windows.

Guess which Square and Thread had the Triple Window stitch, and I will give you a present from the prize closet. Get half the answer right? You'll still get a prize. Enter as many times as you like. Guess I'm feeling the love.

Just leave your answers in the Comment section. Those signing in as Anonymous, please give me a way to get in touch with you. Use the front cover of the guide to help you identify the Square location: i.e. E-3.

Anyone interested in this stitch guide for LOVE (HO-207) can contact me. Email me at

Happy Mother's Day to all. Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wonderful Stitches by Diane Schultz

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

A follow up from our last segment on Books!

Remember I mentioned the book The Humble Bag's Wonderful Stitches by Diane Schultz? It was my out of print find.

1990 version

Little did I know, I already had that book in my Library. Silly me. In 2001, Diane reprinted The Humble Bag's Wonderful Stitches, and this newer edition has more photos of the stitches including many color plates. According to the distributor, the "new one" is also out of print, but might still be on the shelves of your Favorite Needlepoint Shop.

2001 version

Here's a photo of the first edition (1990) and the second edition (2001) showing the same stitch. It's almost like seeing the before and after thought process; hand drawn versus computer charting.

Same stitch.

Side note: My duplication reminded me of the time when my mom selected a new book to read (she loves mystery paperbacks) and halfway through the book realized she had already read the book; unknowingly the artwork on the cover had been updated.

I cherish both books. The stitches are truly wonderful.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Friday, May 3, 2013


Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Lately, I've been on a quest adding more Books to my Needlepoint library.

Some are new Market releases; others have been out and I am just now getting around to finding out about them. In no certain order or preference, here is what's new to me:

More Shadow Stitching aka dede says by dede Ogden

  • Released in 2005, this dede Ogden book is a treasure. Spiral binding.

Stitches Ins & Outs  Interiors and Exteriors Plus by Little Shoppe Canvas Company, Inc.

  • Released March 2013, hot off the presses from Little Shoppe Canvas Company... the same talents who brought us the Landscapes Book. I really liked how the diagrams were done. White section indicates Layer One. Gray section indicates Layer Two. Black section indicates Layer Three. Dark Gray section indicates Layer Four. (Note to self: this is a must do!) Spiral binding.

A Banner Year by Brenda Hart

  • This book is a re-release (2013) of Brenda Hart's stitch guides for the Monthly Banners by Rebecca Wood. There are quite a few stitches new to me which is nice as I already have Brenda Hart's previous 4 books. Color photography of each of the Banners. Spiral Binding.

Noses, Roses and Other Fun Stuff by Cynthia Thomas
  • Released March 2013, self-published by Cynthia Thomas. This is a nice techniques book showing different ways to enhance our needlepoint. Spiral binding.

The Humble Bag's Wonderful Stitches by Diane Schultz
  • Released in 1990, this book has wonderful stitches, indeed. Comb binding.

Encyclopedia of Needlework by Donna Kooler
  • Released in 2000, this Leisure Arts Publication covers Needlepoint, Embroidery, and Counted Thread including Bargello, Specialty Stitches, Crewel, Candlewicking, Cutwork, Shadow Work, Hardanger, Counted Cross Stitch, Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Blackwork, Swedish Weaving, and Pulled Thread.  The charted diagrams with their companion stitched diagrams are clear and inspiring. Soft Binding.

Needlepointing in Your Nest by Carolyn Hedge Baird
  • Released in 2010, Carolyn Baird is most creative with her stitches and storytelling. Coil Binding.

Colorful Backgrounds by June McKnight
  • Released in 2013, June McKnight's books are always a favorite. I have used many stitches from Colorful Backgrounds for some of the stitch guides I am writing. Coil Binding.

With the exception of Wonderful Stitches (out of print but still findable) all of these books are still available. Contact your Favorite Needlepoint Store to order. Enrich your library, why don't you. That stitch you've been looking for might be in these pages. I found mine in the Ins & Outs book, Fabric 38, page 31. Then, modified it for my needs.

A stitch for you.
Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

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