Monday, May 24, 2010

The end of May

Can you believe another month has passed.  I am still working on the bricks of the Haunted House.  I hope to finish them by the end of the week.  Then all I will have to do to catch up is the raised stem areas.  And there are a lot of them.   But again, no guilt.  I am thrilled I got so much done.  Because, ready or not, the Bride is on her way.  And she is a real beauty.   I have looked over the guide, and Amy's finished product, (pictured below), and I think she will be a tad easier for us to stitch.  She is just as great as Stirha and Frank, but doesn't look as difficult.  So this will be one that we can actually finish in a month...except for when you go on vacation, or to your nephew's wedding, or whatever.  Again, we will do what we can and move on.  These are going to be the best cast of spooky guys you will ever see or have the privilege to stitch.  Just like the Nativity series, it is a classic one-of-a-kind collection!

Whew!  I got carried away.

So, may I introduce you to Bride Z. Illa.

She is half human, half bones but doesn't seem to let that bother her.  She is anticipating a wonderful June wedding.  I love the double wedding ring background.  And see her lovely brides maids at the bottom of the canvas.  They don't have to worry about getting the perfect dress!

So just do a little more work on the Haunted House this week and then enjoy the wedding!


  1. Peggy, is it true that Bride Z. Illa is registered at Dead, Bath & Beyond? What do you give a Bride that has eternity?

  2. Love, love, love her!!!! the pumpkin is smashing!! (no pun intended) I love the way amy differentiated between the flesh leg and the throne/chair/whatshe's sitting on. Of similar value and color, sometimes the stitching can be confusing to the eye, but amy did a superb job of making each stand on it's own.

    I cannot imagine how challenging it must have been to do the bone side of our bridezilla! all the details are amazingly designed--look at her knee! the shoes look just like satin bridal shoes!

    Black wedding rings---of course! Why didn't I think of that? (cause I am not amy!)

    I love the flowers. The blue "pop" is just what the canvas needs to stay interesting. I cannot wait to see how Amy designed them. (Will we need to review another DVD?)

    As for what to give the bride and groom, I think we should host a Day of the Dead reception for them this fall. We could all travel to Amy's Golden Strand and meet each other!!! Papel picado banners, sugar skulls, Black Magic roses (fifty We could all bring a gift for the loverly couple! I think a black kitten may be my choice....(shhsh, don't let anyone's a secret!!)

    and, Robin, as for what you might consider...a new deluxe double casket liner may be an option. I bet you would even be able to find one at Dead, Bath, and Beyond!! surely, they will want to sleep together ...for Eternity!! :))

    what fun we have???!!! Love this series!!!

  3. I'm happily stitching along on the windows of Haunted House - basketweave is relaxing! I do have a thought about how I might try something different were I to start the windows over (I don't rip out unless it's a disaster!) The black Burmilana window shadows seem a bit forward to me. Shadows behind cracks would seem to be a receding feature. I think I'd try the cracks in just one strand of Burmilana were I to do it again.

    I'm also about ready to start the Raised Stem stitching - feeling a little intimidated now.


  4. I think she is gonna be so much fun. Love her and the blue flowers. You all have such good ideas for a Wedding Reception. Thanks for the laugh. Amy continues to dazzle all of us with her ideas and makes this such fun. So glad I joined in the fun

    Can believe its almost June....where does the time go?

    Sue VanderNoor


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