Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celtic Cross and Needlepoint Now

On the second story of the Haunted House you will find this area Amy's is calling a Celtic Cross, (see page 6 of the guide for the second part of the house). It will eventually have three layers of stitches on top, with the first layer being 4 Way Continental. I stitched the 4 Way over the whole area instead of compensating around the middle area. Amy confirmed that this will work just fine as you can still see the canvas so you can do the next layer. So just stitch over the whole thing!

The needlepoint magazine, Needlepoint Now has become a wonderful magazine in the recent past. The current issue has a helpful article about stretcher bars. I will use some of their tips when trying to explain the value of using bars to stitchers who want hold the canvas in hand. Good instructions for tacking your canvas to the bars is included in the article. If you don't subscribe, you local shop may sell it.

I have just learned that I have been putting Evertites together the wrong way ever since I started using them. So Bride Z. Illa will be the first canvas mounted correctly. So far I haven't had any big problems as a result of poor mounting. What was I doing wrong? See the picture below. The frame on the left is correct. The bars are flush on the ends. The one on the right I pushed in too far. Now, I always made sure the frame was square. But if you put them together with the ends flush, you can be sure the frame is square. I tightened the screws just till they pushed against the wood on each bar. Remember to tighten each and every bar the same number of turns each time you need to tighten the canvas.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your framing woes! I always have problems framing my pieces. It takes forever and drives me nuts. I guess I'm just not a patient person - except when it comes to working the needlepoint projects...
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