Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from The Creeps

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Happy Halloween.

Today's theme is about the Creepy Characters. Purr-fect timing, don't you think?

To review for any new blog readers... the Creepy Characters were a Halloween club/series I stitched/wrote stitch guides for NeedleDeeva. They were offered through many(!) Needlepoint shops, and joyfully, many(!) folks stitched them.

Here are the ones I stitched:

Pumpkin, Devil, Frankenstein, Spider Queen, and Mehitabel
Creepy Characters by NeedleDeeva
Each canvas comes with a stitch guide by Robin King.

Drakula, Fraidy Cat, Hooty, Ghost, and Bones
Creepy Characters by NeedleDeeva
Each canvas comes with a stitch guide by Robin King.

Perhaps you saw their ad in Needlepoint Now?

Add to your Halloween Tree... today.

Or, when Leo & Lana were my helpers during the Creeps photo shoot.

No photo shoot is complete without Leo.

No photo shoot is complete without Lana, too.

Let's not forget the Creeps Apron. Talk about merchandising potential. LOL.

The Creeps apron was a hit during TNNA.

Recently, I have seen photos of some of the finished Creepy Characters stitched by others; both shop owners and customers alike.  I had to share. (Having a proud parent moment, if you will...)

Stitched by Palma Seljan

Stitched by Judy Greer / Needles & Threads of Ruxton
Finishing by Baltimore Needleworks

Cute arrangement by Judy Greer.
Finishing by Baltimore Needleworks

Stitched by Melinda Murphy

Stitched by Pat Thompson
Finished by West Coast Finishing

Stitched by Pat Thompson
Finished by West Coast Finishing

Stitched by Michele Herron
The Bristly Thistle

Stitched by Lori Mazza/ Waste Knot Needlepoint
Finished by Mountain Shadow Studio

Stitched by Lizette Walker Thomas

The Creeps were proud to inspire Lizette's first Halloween Tree.

Be sure to send me your finished Creeps photos. I will post them to the Creepy Characters' Facebook page as well as onto the NeedleDeeva website and Facebook page.

Have a safe Halloween. Until the next time...

Boo! Robin

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Back home in Memphis. In front of the computer. Watching the Weather Channel and the Superstorm  Sandy storm coverage. Amazing. Terrifying. My thoughts are with all who were in her path.

I was able to get out of Atlanta before the storm. Not that Sandy was coming to Atlanta, but flights out of ATL were getting delayed all around.

A warm welcome from The Nimble Needle.

My time spent teaching Flowers in a Vase (ND 311) at The Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs, GA (Atlanta area) was delightful. Shop owner, Stacy Brown, has a decorator's eye for arranging the canvases on the wall by themes.

The Nimble Needle
Sandy Springs, Georgia (Atlanta area)

Halloween, Animals, Geometrics, Christmas, Judaic, Flowers, Sayings, Baby/Children... so easy to see all at one glance.

The Threads are arranged by color families and clearly labeled. Very nice for the customer when making color selections.

Her stitched models are stunningly fabulous. Stitch guides by Stacy Brown are available, too.

Pumpkin under Glass.
Stitched by Stacy Brown/The Nimble Needle

Halloween Bottles by Kirk & Hamilton.
Stitched by Stacy Brown/The Nimble Needle.

Beautiful Judaic needlepoint with Swarovski Crystals.
Stitch guides by Stacy Brown/The Nimble Needle.

Each Pumpkin has a story to tell.
Stitch guides by Stacy Brown/ The Nimble Needle.
There were 14 women in the class. The Atlanta ANG chapter was in attendance, too. Two days was perfect for covering each of the design areas: Stumpwork, Ribbon Embroidery, Turkey Work, Composite Stitches, and Messy Beading. Everyone liked the look of the Raised Fishbone stitch. They made me feel very welcome.

Not only is Stacy a wonderful shop owner,
she can grow Orchids, too.
Speaking of which... it was very relaxing atmosphere at The Nimble Needle. Comfy chairs. Nice lighting. Customers came in to sit & stitch; select their newest projects or turn in their most recent ones to be finished. It was the place to be.

There was a cool Ribbon/Button/Adornment shop called "Nicholas Kniel: Fine Ribbon & Embellishments"; located right above The Nimble Needle. I took a visit. Look their Halloween Ribbons. (The arrangement made me smile.) Cool Buttons. And, the Flowers... oh, my! The ladies at The Nimble Needle are looking into taking a gift wrapping class from Nicholas Kniel. Wouldn't that be fun. Be sure and tell me all about it, OK?

Nicholas Kniel right above The Nimble Needle



Fun things which sparkle.


Atlanta has awesome restaurants. Stacy and I had our celebratory meal at
The Spence. Ever watch Top Chef All-Stars on Bravo? Richard Blais was their most recent winner, and The Spence is his newest restaurant. Techno-chic. Innovative food combinations and presentations. Stacy and I throughly enjoyed the evening. Richard Blais was in the house, too. Sweet.

Want to know one of my guilty pleasures? Noting the signage on the Women and Men bathroom doors at restaurants. I have seen some cute ones in my days: the Cowgirl and Cowboy; the Tomato and Cucumber; the Purse and the Briefcase; Gulls and Buoys; Olivia Newton-John and Elton John.  Look at these from The Spence. Brilliant.

So, Robin's October-Month-On-Tour is now concluded. I welcome the chance to be home in front of the computer and/or my frame stand. After all, there are still deadlines looming: stitch guides to write, model stitching to do, and get ready to teach 2 classes at TNNA/February 2013 in Long Beach, CA.

Plus, in a month, I will be back on the plane heading to teach at The Enriched Stitch in Wilton, CT. It will be a one-day Flowers in a Vase (ND 311) class (November 30th) and a one-day Canvas Enhancement class (December 1st). Give Suzie Vallerie a call to join in the fun... (203) 210-5107.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Times at The Needle Bug

Hi everybody... Robin here... Back home from a wonderful trip to Montgomery, AL and The Needle Bug.

From the airport, we went to The Needle Bug for their Wednesday night festivities: a "Meet & Greet" which was sponsored by the Capital City Needlepointers (Montgomery ANG Guild), and was hosted by The Needle Bug. About 15 members came out... for little old me. Wow!

This welcome sign warmed my heart.

The evening Beginners class was also in session; working on a lovely Barbara Bergsten canvas taught by Caroline (The Needle Bug's resident teacher). Barbara Bergsten's designs are fresh and fun ... great for learning new stitches.

Beginner's Class at The Needle Bug

I was honored by the turnout. What a lovely reception. True Southern Hospitality.

"Meet and Greet" Reception at The Needle Bug

Tasty food, too. The Cheddar Cheese/Strawberry Jam Spread was one of the stars of the show. Made by Anne Bloom; originally from the Montgomery Junior League Cook Book. Thank you, Anne for sharing the recipe with the blog readers.

Cheddar Cheese/Strawberry Jam Spread

Cheddar Cheese/Strawberry Jam Spread Recipe
1 lb. grated medium cheddar cheese
1 cup chopped nuts
1 cup mayo
1 small onion, grated
dash black pepper & cayenne pepper

Mix all together well. Spray a spring mold pan with Pam & put the Cheese mixture into the spring mold pan. Refrigerate until firm. Remove the Cheese Spread from the spring mold pan and place onto a serving dish. Drizzle and cover with Strawberry Jam preserves. Serve with crackers.

Notice the cute Xmas canvases on the "Welcome Robin" board? They are a new Christmas series exclusively available from The Needle Bug; designed by Leigh Miller (owner of The Needle Bug). Give Leigh a call (334) 270-0064. She has them in stock and is ready to ship to you.

Sleigh Puller • tnb 01
by The Needle Bug; comes with stitch guide

Stocking Stuffer • tnb 02
by The Needle Bug; comes with stitch guide

Snow Stopper • tnb 03
by The Needle Bug; comes with stitch guide

Each canvas is on 18 mesh; measures about 4" W x 6" H and comes with the stitch guide. So cute. Look how fast they will stitch up. Love the open background work and sequins. These will be fun to stitch.

The two class days went smoothly. Everyone enjoyed the Sunflower and Berries (ND 309) and the lessons I had for them. The Stumpwork was a big hit. Their minds are now spinning about where to do it again. Ribbon Embroidery was demonstrated. Meri gave us another helpful hint for getting a good petal point. Love it when knowledge is shared.

My dining experiences in MGM were memorable. Somer's Restaurant had fried crab claws. Tasty good.

I made some stash enhancements while at The Needle Bug. See my new dragonfly magnet... It is their mascot... Purr-fect addition to my ongoing Magnetic Board collection.

I also bought a new Snap Tray with The Needle Bug's logo. They are very handy to have on hand.

I also like to bring home a clear Timeless Totes bag with the shop's logo. See my new suitcase? It will hold my current stitching project very nicely.

Last thing was a new book for my library: Canvas Work Bands and Borders by Jane D. Zimmerman.  I am a fan of Jane Zimmerman 's books. I know I will get great inspirations from this book.

Luckily everything fit into my traveling suitcase. LOL. The flight back home to Memphis was non-eventful. Just the way I like it.

I've been home for a few days. Laundry is done. My bags are packed... again!

Where next are you going, Robin? To the Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs, GA... a community outside of Atlanta.

Until the next time. Hugs, Robin

Friday, October 19, 2012

Island Life at The Bristly Thistle

Hi Everybody... Robin here... back at the Memphis International Airport... this time headed to Montgomery, AL and The Needle Bug.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I need to wrap up the loose ends from teaching at The Bristly Thistle.

The two-day event went smoothly; both days were sold out. There was an extra bonus: Kathy C. brought in her recently finished "Witch with Crow" (MSD 1334-C)... stitched from my stitch guide. How exciting was that!!!

There was a fun "island" feel about Amelia Island. There was a parade right in front of the shop. Droves of children passed by... the Pirate Ship brought up the rear. What a sight!

We dined at Bar Zin. I had my first experience with "tuna tartare" ... Exquisite! And another course had saffron... Exotic.

Other meals included: The Salty Pelican one night... Oysters baked w/ crabmeat and cheese. It was the most perfect way to "first" try oysters. There was a beautiful sunset. And, Key Lime pie for dessert. Heaven.

Pablo's restaurant was the next night. Can you say fabulous Margaritas? ... yummy good. Loved their Chicken Nachos, too.

Has this turned into Robin's Restaurant Review? Looks like it, right? What can I say? ... part of the journey is the meals along the way.

It was fun seeing the stitched pieces by Michele Heron (owner of The Bristly Thistle); many were from my stitch guides:

Katt Z. Witch
The Creepy Characters
Columbus Heart

When I saw her stitched collection, I said to Michele, "Look. It's the Robin King Hall of Fame." LOL.

I enjoyed meeting all of the women who attended the classes. They traveled far to get there: Washington, DC; North Carolina, and many from the Florida area.

Here are a few photos from my days at The Bristly Thistle. Good times and great memories. I look forward to my next trip back to Amelia Island.

Time to board the plane for Montgomery, AL. Needle Bug... here I come.

Until the next time… Hugs, Robin

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