Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Raised Stem reminder

Hi Everybody ... Robin here.

I wanted to mention (yes, another shameless, yet useful plug) that you can refer to Amy's DVD #8, Spiders and More! for a video tutorial about doing the Raised Stem technique. Amy even has a segment on how to do the "Left-handed Raised Stem Technique."

So... with Amy's charted stitch diagrams, her photos, her DVD and Peggy with the Needlepoint Study Hall, the Raised Stem should be very manageable to do. OK, everybody... Relax. Breathe.

It's a very useful technique.

This photo is of a Raised Stem Pumpkin that I did on the Tall Sickly Green House from Melissa Shirley Designs. Isn't he cute!

This photo is of a Raised Stem Wheel on the Halloween Cat Pull Toy from Melissa Shirley Designs. Very effective, indeed.

Well, hope this calming moment helps. Let us know how it goes for you. Thanks, Robin


  1. This is great. Thanks Robin!

  2. I really appreciate your pointing this out, Robin. I received some of the DVDs for Christmas, but had not watched them all. Can't wait to watch it!!

    I don't think of it as a "plug" but just a distance teaching tool!
    I am learning so much from this series!!

    wonderful stitch guides!!

  3. Hi all,

    I just cannot say enough good about Amy's Instructional DVDs!!!! If I had not watched this Raised Stem technique on DVD #8, I would have been totally lost, and my stitching would have suffered immensely. she is so clear about how to anchor the thread, how to tighten it, how not to let it slide out of place, etc. , etc. And Amy has such a gift of communication, making the demo even better than sitting in the classroom, because it is a available always, for later projects as well. (No, I am not receiving compensation) But this DVD!!!

    You know, I was considering changing that stitch to something easier, just because I was unfamiliar with it. that would have been a HUGE mistake! Amy is A PRO....thank you AMY!!!


  4. I do appreciate this tip. I have several of Amy's DVD's, but not 'Spiders and More.' I've now ordered it from her and am looking forward to studying it. I, too, have been dreading getting started on the Raised Stem stitch, wondering if I could possibly figure it out. Now I'll work on the windows and cracks while the DVD is heading my way.

  5. I love the DVD's and they are extremely helpfull. I need to look at the raised stem stitch again before trying it. The Needlepoint Study Hall is the absolute best. Thanks so much Peggy for all your postings and pictures. Now to get caught up.

    Sue VanderNoor

  6. Don't worry to much about catching up. We want it to be fun...and no pressure. Thanks for your comments.


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