Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Measure Twice... Stitch Once

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

What's that saying? Measure twice ... cut once? Well, it applies to Needlepoint, too.

The Canvas Tote called for a 5" x 5" insert area, and I designed the Cat Face & MEOW accordingly. Then I printed a paper pattern as a preview. OOPS, was I off.

You can see the Cat face was too close to the bottom Blue Border. I'd like a little more breathing room. Good thing I checked and double checked before stitching. Today I resized the Cat Face a wee-bit smaller, but I kept the MEOW in the same location.

I took the photo on the deck. Today was a perfect day in Memphis: moderate temperatures in the 70's. Elliot heard I was stitching for Mewtopia's Wine and Whiskers Silent Auction. He posed for a photo.

Well, next time I will show how I transfered the design. Thanks, Robin


  1. Elliot looks like a very smart cat. He is proud of what you are doing for his former home. When you walked in to Mewtopia those few years ago, you think YOU picked HIM out. But really HE picked YOU out to be his forever human.

  2. Elliot is the "Salesman of Salesmen." He was representing not only himself, but his sister, Julie Jules. He still has those same moves today. It warms my heart! Peggy, you nailed it! Pass the Kleenex, please!


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