Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teaching at The Needle Bug - Montgomery, AL

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

11PM To Do List: pack and write the "last" stitch guide. Looking forward to teaching at The Needle Bug (Montgomery, AL) this week: Thursday: "The Thistle" by Zecca...

Thistle Stitch Guide by Robin King
Available from Zecca

... and Friday/Saturday: Canvas Enhancement. Look at the fun canvases from the "Alabama delegation"... my loving term for this talented group of stitchers.

Geraniums by Melissa Shirley Designs
 MSD 544-B

LLama by dede Ogden

Vintage Welcome by Mindy

Fetch It Yourself by Maggie Co

Martini Glasses by The Point of It All

Bird in Tree by Maggie Co

Big Bad Witch by Melissa Shirley Designs
MSD 702

Brown Cross by Ann Wheat Pace

Elephant by Melissa Shirley Designs

And, as you know these stitch guides are available. Just let me know... email: creativecats@comcast.net.

Leigh Miller (owner of The Needle Bug) see you soon. I have some fun ideas for your  "Bedazzled" by Maggie Co M-1517.

Bedazzled by Maggie Co

Enjoy this brilliant inspiration from Brenda Hart. It is one of my favorite stitches.

You really need to get EVERY book by Brenda Hart. Just sayin'.

Until the next time.... Hugs,  Robin