Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HUGS from Robin - part two

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Sorry to be so quiet. I've been busy stitching under the Cone of Silence. Some wonderful opportunities are coming my way. I can't share them with you at this moment, but I will as soon as the Cone of Silence is lifted.

HUGS by Gayla Elliott • GS 11
Alice Peterson Company
Right now, I can show you the beginning progress of the HUGS canvas. Remember, I first spoke about it on September 5, 2011. Here's the link: HUGS from Robin.  It is a sayings canvas from Gayla Elliott, a needlepoint canvas designer represented by the Alice Peterson Company. Quite a pedigree, don't you think. 

Designing for the HUGS canvas can be daunting... after all... it is a blank canvas. However, designing for
 the HUGS canvas has wonderful endless possibilities, too... because it is a blank canvas.

DREAM by Gayla Elliott • GS 4
Alice Peterson Company
I had first seen the Gayla Elliott sayings during TNNA. Her Dream canvas and model were on display in the Alice Peterson Company booth. It was lovely because of the diamond design and the pink & white colors. I was smitten.

The HUGS ideas began swirling in my mind. I wanted to design my own diamond pattern; one which would lend itself to the white unpainted canvas. I also wanted to work in a Laid Foundation pattern. I thought both would play nice with the Square H design. I wanted a Border, too. Yes, Santa... I wanted it all.

I sketched some ideas on graph paper and then worked the rest of the details in the computer.

Part of the planning: counting the threads
I will share more photos with you. Here is one of my first photos: counting the threads.

I will be writing the guide and each HUGS canvas will come with my stitch guide.  Again, I want to thank Gayla Elliott for this creative opportunity. HUGS would also make for a nice teaching opportunity. Like I said, it has endless possibilities.

Until the next time... Thanks, Robin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Village • Rebecca Wood Designs

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Thanksgiving Day is near and I have some photos to share with you.

Thanksgiving Village
Stitched by Maelyse Webb (Memphis, TN)
In 2008, Maelyse Webb (Memphis, TN) attended my Saturday Canvas Enhancement classes with the goal of stitching the Thanksgiving Village by Rebecca Wood Designs. We planned out the first canvas which then inspired the next canvas... eventually all 13 pieces were stitched. Maelyse did an awesome job. She had each one finished with easel backs... what a lovely effect.

RW 021A • Pilgrim 
RW 021B • Mother Pilgrim 
RW 021C • Indian 
RW 021D • Mother Indian
RW 021E • Wood Splitter
RW 021F • Little Girl Pilgrim
RW 021G • Indian and Dog
RW 021H • Indian Girl 
RW 021i • Turkey
RW 021J • Feast 
RW 021K • Canoe
RW 021L • TeePee
RW 021M • Log Cabin
Maelyse enjoys them every year. Glad I could share them with you.

Here's an extra photo. At the time, Tiger was our newest photographer's assistant. He still hadn't learned how to approach the set without disturbing the models. It's a lesson everyone has to learn; however, what a great way to show the easel backs and monogram! Good Tiger.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Until the next time... Robin

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Devil's Face • ND 0467-B

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Before and After of The Devil
Creepy Characters by NeedleDeeva
Ever wonder how I stitch a face? I found my work-in-progress photos of The Devil (ND 0467-B) from the Creepy Characters series, and thought I would share them with you. Now, what is that saying?... the Devil is in the details? LOL. Enjoy the show.

I think he is quite the handsome guy. NeedleDeeva did an awesome job designing this cutie for the Creepy Characters series. Contact your LNS if you'd like to stitch him. You can see the participating retailers on the NeedleDeeva website. The Devil canvas (ND 0467-B) comes with my stitch guide, too. 

Until the next time... Thanks, Robin

Monday, November 7, 2011

Needlepoint Bermuda Bags

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's Monday. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. This morning, I just finished posting some new canvases to Amy's website: Bermuda Bag covers from What's the Point? Designs.

I was searching the needlepoint Bermuda Bag topic and (of course!) the first Google search I ran across was our dear friend, Jane/Chilly Hollow. She has already discussed that topic in April 2011.

Here is her link: http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com/2011/04/bermuda-bags.html

The Bermuda Bag was popular in the 1970's. (I still have my navy Bermuda Bag.) Glad to see the classics come back in style; entering our needlepoint world, too.

So, today, I will further add to the Bermuda Bag topic by sharing some of the photos I took at the TNNA/Columbus June 2011.

We were in the What's the Point? Designs booth; Jill, from Amy's, was with me. She became quite animated over what she was seeing on their wall: Bermuda Bag canvases! They had a finished model, too. Generously, they allowed me to photograph their bag. (Note: thanks to Jill for being the Hand Model, too.)

In June 2011 they had 3 designs:  Tulip Bermuda Bag Cover (219A), Stripe Bermuda Bag Cover (219C), and Confetti Bermuda Bag Cover (219D). Each are on 14 mesh.

Here's a closer look. They stitched one canvas for the front side and had fabric attached to the other side. So clever.

The canvas is attached with buttons. Notice how the arch of the buttons placement on the canvas mimics the arch on the Bermuda Bag form.

Being the thoughtful blogger that I am, I called What's the Point? to see if they had any more designs since the June 2011 Market. Yes, they did have new designs. I spoke with Lynn (a very nice lady!) and through the wonders of technology, Lynn sent the following photos. (These designs are so new... they aren't on their website, yet. Lucky you.)

Mannequin One • 219E 
Damask • 219G
Golf Design
Lynn's own Bermuda Bag with Monogram
What's the Point? wears 2 hats: a wholesale company called What's the Point? Designs as well as a retail needlepoint shop called What's the Point? Needlepoint; both located in Dublin, Ohio. The Bermuda Bags are listed under the Linda Lahm Designs heading of their website. Write down the number and ask your LNS to order, too.

Here's the link: http://whatsthepoint.biz/bermudabagspics.htm

What's the Point? is also on Facebook, too. Here's their Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Whats-The-Point/81793177236

So, if you are interested in that retro-feel... consider a needlepoint Bermuda Bag. The beauty of the button-attachment is to change it out related to the season or your mood. The canvases are perfect for adding a monogram. What's the Point? has the best finishers, too.

Until the next time... Thanks, Robin

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Needle Bug wrap up

Hi Everybody... Robin here... back home in Memphis.

I had the best time teaching the Columbus Heart (#150G from NeedleDeeva) at
The Needle Bug. It was a nice class size, the women were eager to learn, and their hospitality exceeded my expectations. I showed them some interesting techniques which will be handy for future canvases, too.

Here are some photos from Leigh Miller, the owner of The Needle Bug.

After teaching on Saturday, on the way home, Leigh decided to stop and let me feed the deer which live next to her. (We had some apple slices left over from lunch.) Leigh was out of the car first; I was still fumbling with my seatbelt. I heard a "yelp" and I thought, "Oh, so that's how you call the deer."

I came around to the driver's side of the car and Leigh was holding her hand. In her most delicate Southern drawl she said, "Looks like we will be going to the Emergency Room after you feed the deer." I looked at her hand which was gushing blood. She had slammed her finger in the car door!

Ouch!  Yikes!!!  We found some paper napkins and applied pressure while I fed the deer. (Note: she really did want me to feed the deer!)

Back home and after Leigh's finger was cleaned up, she decided to not go to the Emergency Room. We all watched the Auburn vs. University of Mississippi football game. Love the SEC spirit. The next day I flew home to Memphis. Her finger was still hurting so Leigh did get her finger checked out. The email was waiting for me: Broken!!!!

What an unfortunate ending to a wonderful time. But wait!!! There's more. The flight from Montgomery to Atlanta had engine trouble; luckily, it was discovered while still on the tarmac. (The left engine wasn't working!) We went back to the gate, got off the plane, and stood in line to book another flight to Atlanta.

Delta Airlines had a wonderful Plan B: they hired a convoy of shuttle vans (7) to drive us to Atlanta. According to Google Maps, Montgomery to Atlanta is 151 miles; 2 hours 26 minutes. We made it in great time. Delta upgraded my ticket to First Class (sweet!), and the flight home was smooth and fast. Seems like you do get there quicker when you fly First Class.

The Original RedNek™ Wine Glass
What a wonderful time teaching in Montgomery! Adventure. Drama. Sports. New Friends. Great Food. Great Drinks. Speaking of which... look at the awesome gift I received from Leigh and her family. What can I say? I think they get me. Love the Mason jar lid, too. You never know when you might need a To-Go cup. LOL.

Well, that's all for now. Glad to be home. Looking forward to my next teaching opportunity. If you would like me to teach at your needlepoint shop, give me a call. I know we will have a good time.

Until the next time... Thanks, Robin

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