Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Pumpkin Club at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Have you seen the newest Club offered from The Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs, GA?

Want to join the Pumpkin Club?
The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

It is the Pumpkin Club by Labors of Love featuring the Small, Medium, and Large Pumpkins; stitched by Stacy Brown (owner of The Nimble Needle-Atlanta).

Stacy has offered many clubs through out the years. You can see them on here website by clicking on Previous Monthly Clubs as well as their Current Monthly Clubs.

The Pumpkin Club is delivered bi-Monthly: April, June, and August 2013. The Small Pumpkin is going out now; the Medium Pumpkin is going out in June, and the Large Pumpkin is going out in August.

As a Pumpkin Club member you get the Canvas, Stitch Guide, Threads and Embellishments. Here are the details. Tax/shipping charges applied.

  • Small Pumpkin measures 9" x 4". Club Cost is $95. Starts April 2013.
  • Medium Pumpkin measures 10" x 5½". Club Cost in $105. Starts June 2013.
  • Large Pumpkin measures 12" x 7". Club Cost is $115. Starts August 2013.

Canvas, Threads and Stitch Guide... oh, my!
The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Here's a twist about the Pumpkin Club: Want to work with the threads and beads in your stash? You can still do the Pumpkin Club.

  • Small Pumpkin canvas $49 plus $10 guide.
  • Medium Pumpkin canvas $54 plus $10 guide.
  • Large Pumpkin canvas $58 plus $10 guide.

How cool is that?  Stacy is very generous. She just wants everyone to have a good time stitching.

Now, let's talk about the Stitch Guide. Stacy asked me if I would do the charting from her diagrams. How quick do you think I said yes? Of course, I would LOVE to do the charts. Stacy's research of stitches, usage of threads, and surprise elements along the way made for a fun stitch guide. I learned so many new stitches from her. Stacy Brown is quite the creative lady.

Screen Shot of the Stitch Guide layout
The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Call The Nimble Needle - Atlanta to join their Labors of Love Pumpkin Club (404) 843-8687. The three kits are affordable, clever and everyone knows a display of three looks great. Plus, Halloween is six months away. Boo!

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Friday, April 26, 2013

Halloween Hooter Owl by Tapestry Fair

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I am in love... with Halloween Hooter Owl.

Halloween Hooter Owl
Tapestry Fair • #833
Stitch Guide from Tapestry Fair

He is from Tapestry Fair • #833, and was designed & stitched by Peggi Hageman/owner of Tapestry Fair, Phoenix, AZ.

A few months ago, Peggi gave me another charting assignment: to chart her diagrams and stitches used in Halloween Hooter Owl. What an honor.

First, let's set the scene. Halloween Hooter Owl is a 3-D canvas, and is on 18 mesh. He stands about 10" tall. He is a multiple-canvas project as there is a Head, Front Body, Back Body, Right Wing, Left Wing, and two Feet to be stitched. 11 canvas pieces in total.

The Halloween Hooter Owl canvas comes with Stitch Guide. He would make a great Club or stitching series, don't you think?

Peggi has written a lovely stitch guide. She sent her stitch drawings, and I charted them in the computer.

For example: this is what I was given (love to see original art from artists)...

Wound Spider drawn by Peggi Hageman/Tapestry Fair
Halloween Hooter Owl stitch guide

... and this is my charted interpretation for the Stitch Guide.

Wound Spider charted by Robin King
from Halloween Hooter Owl stitch guide
Tapestry Fair,  Phoenix, Arizona

Oh, the things I learned!

Peggi's stitch selections are the best. Because Halloween Hooter is an Owl, she gave wonderful "feather stitches" looking straight on to the viewer, diagonal, and oblique; right side and left side, too... just as feathers would in real life. So valuable.

So, what if you are saying... I love the 3-D Owl, but I'm not too crazy about Halloween? Picking myself up off the floor as I typed that sentence...  not to worry, Peggi has thought about that, too.

Tapestry Fair has a non-Hallowen 3-D Hooter Owl version with only the feathers painted, leaving the rest of the designs up to the stitcher -- can be filled in with school logos, holiday graphics or just different stitches.

Owl for All Seasons
Tapestry Fair • #834

His name and number is Owl for All Seasons #834. Again, on 18 mesh and 10" tall.

You can order your favorite version of this cute Owl from your Favorite Needlepoint Shop.

Thanks, also to Carolyn Hedge Baird who took photos of Halloween Hooter Owl while at the TNNA Long Beach Market. I really appreciate you being everywhere I wasn't able to be.

Halloween Hooter Owl - front side
Tapestry Fair • #833
Photo by Carolyn Hedge Baird

Halloween Hooter Owl - back side and right wing
Tapestry Fair • #833
Photo by Carolyn Hedge Baird

Halloween Hooter Owl - back side and left wing
Tapestry Fair • #833
Photo by Carolyn Hedge Baird

Well... that's it for now.  Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Memphis Needlepointers - part 4

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Wrapping up our feature on Memphis Needlepointers.

I'd like to now introduce Susan Brimmer; former Memphian who now lives in Georgia; a prolific stitcher, indeed.

During her time in Memphis, Susan was nicknamed the Stocking Queen... well, at least in our canvas enhancement group. LOL.

Susan's mission was to make a LARGE stocking for each of her many grandchildren as well as her children and their spouses. Oh, yes, and her husband, too.

When Susan began attending my class, the Eagle Stocking was our first stocking to do together. Now, here's the cool story about that stocking. (You know me... I always have a story to tell.)

My sister, Midge, was most instrumental in getting the Eagle Stocking designed by Tapestry Tent. Midge used to work on Saturdays at M's Canvashouse in Lexington, and sometimes attended the Columbus Market shopping for their store. Midge had been stitching stockings for my other sister and brother-in-law. Both stockings featured animals, and Midge wanted the same idea for our nephew.

At Market (in the Tapestry Tent booth) she discussed her dream of seeing an Eagle on the stocking, in a nature setting. The design was made and one can now order it from Susan Roberts Needlepoint Co. And, if you are interested in the Eagle Stocking stitch guide, just let me know... email: creativecats@comcast.net.

Then, I entered the picture: to stitch this canvas during my canvas enhancement classes with Amy Bunger. Soon, the Eagle Stocking was done and I sent it to Midge for finishing. All of the stockings were hung, and the family was pleased.

Stockings stitched by Midge King and Robin King

So, when Susan Brimmer said she wanted to do the Eagle Stocking, I got out my notes and away we went. Susan's husband is one lucky man.

Eagle Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS379

Next up on Susan's Stocking To Do List was one for her Daughter-in-Law. Susan selected the Nativity II (jewel tones) Stocking by Susan Roberts (TTAXS375). This was fortunate for me as I had recently completed Nativity I (blue tones) Stocking by Susan Roberts (TTAXS 296) with Georgette Carpenter. Even though they were the same characters, I did my best to not duplicate the stocking...  stitch for stitch. Some items were the same (Stumpwork for the Middle Wiseman's Turban), but many areas were different. Different stitchers and different times of inspiration for the teacher, too.

Nativity II Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS375

The next stocking was the Enchanted Angel. She was quite a beauty. Susan hit her stride for understanding Random Long & Short, as well as Packed Outline/Stem Stitch.

Enchanted Angel Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS307

Which was good because her next stocking was the Camels. Just look at those beauties. You can see them breathing, right?

Camels Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS236

The next Stocking was the Southern Santa Stocking. I really like all of the detail. The little desert animals are so cute. Again, Susan's grasp of realism is brilliant.

Southern Santa Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS302

So, guess what stocking is next on Susan's To Do List? Peace Stocking aka Angel, Lion, Lamb Stocking. It is the same stocking my sister Midge stitched for my sister, Kathy. Small world.

I began the Thread Hunt for the Peace Stocking and started with the Lion. Burmilana was the choice of thread, don't you think? Look at all of those lovely colors.

Peace Stocking
Susan Roberts Needlepoint - TTAXS270

I'll be putting pen to paper for the rest of the Peace Stocking Stitch Guide. Susan is going to have so much fun. And as she is the prolific stitcher, we will all enjoy seeing the finished results.

Hope you enjoyed meeting the Memphis Needlepointers. We are always looking for more to join our group. You know we have fun!

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Monday, April 22, 2013

Memphis Needlepointers - part 3

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I have more Memphis stitchers to show off... Let's continue.

Michelle Harkavy delicately balances work and family, and still finds time to needlepoint and knit. Amazing. One of the projects Michelle is working on is the Perfume Vendor by Labors of Love; stitch guide by Amy Bunger. I get to interpret those written words and watch Michelle's beautiful stitching come to life. #luckyme

Perfume Vendor • Labors of Love
Stitching by Michelle Harkavy

Linda Boyle is a stitching phenom. She just finished Melissa Shirley's Lilluokalani (from the Wild Women series, 1189-C). I gave her the Buttonhole suggestion for the Purple Flowers and the Hair suggestion. It was an honor.

Linda Boyle embraces her inner Hula lady.

Currently, Linda is working on dede Ogden's Large Fish. We are working on the "backside" of the fish right now with some scallop stitches. For the front side of the Fish, I will have fun suggesting stitches as well as cyphering notes from dede's Project Book, "That's Not Needlepoint" Book 1. Oh, the things we are going to learn.

Large Fish by dede Ogden
Stitching by Linda Boyle

Jamie Celmer is another new stitcher to the Saturday canvas enhancement group. She is having a fun time learning new stitches and threads. Jamie has finished her first piece under my direction. Congratulations.

Jamie enjoyed learning new stitches.

Want to know what's next from Jamie? This Charley Harper canvas, Cardinals Consorting (HC-C172), from Treglown Designs. Oh, the fun we are going to have!

Cardinals Consorting by Charley Harper
Treglown Designs - HC-C172
Soon to be stitched by Jamie Celmer.
Stitch Guide by Robin King.

Last, but not least, is Karen Jetton. Karen has been attending the Saturday classes and we enjoy her company. Last year, she traveled to Colorado to visit her daughter, and while there took a Tony Minieri canvas embellishment class. Lucky us, we watched her stitching progress and saw An Angel Playing a Flageolet in its finished state.

I've asked Karen to give us synopsis about her Angel canvas journey. Here are her words...

I had been searching for the “perfect” canvas.  It had to represent who I am and what I love.  In the art world I would call myself a “Renaissance Woman."  I love the rich copper, gold, blues and salmon color ways.  I have great passion for Angels.  Usually, the ones with soft wings and flowing hair catch my eye.  Statues of angels (usually found in cemeteries) mean the most to me.  In my quest I really wanted to find the perfect Angel that spoke to me in a warm and loving way.

With the search engines and scope of ways to search online I ran across the website artneedlepoint.com.  I highly recommend this site for unusual and fascinating pieces.  It has so many canvas copies from original art work.  After searching the website for angels I found “An Angel Playing A Flageolet” by Edward Burne-Jones.  One thing you might want to note regarding this particular site is the fact that the canvases are screen painted.  But the prices are reasonable and I had no trouble working on the screen painted canvas. 

Finally, it came time to go out to Colorado for Tony’s class.  Thank goodness I had taken a counted-work class with him before.  I knew before going that I had so much to look forward to in the class.  I knew Tony would bowl me over with the stitch design, the colors and fiber selections.  He is a Master Teacher.  There is no doubt about it.  I was amazed by his selection.  My only fear was whether I could do the canvas justice.  In the two day class I asked Tony a million questions and felt pretty comfortable by the end of the two days.  (*Note to self – Don’t EVER think you are comfortable with any project.) Beside I knew I had two experts at home in Amy Bunger and Robin King to help me out if I got into trouble.

After the two day class I had a great three week visit with my daughter and son-in-law and believe it or not I was able to get a lot of the Angel finished.  By the time I left Colorado I had the brown frame around the window and most of the sleeves, halo and dress done.  I thought I could get the hair and wings done in no time.  Wrong!!!   Wrong!!!! Wrong!!!!

I struggled and struggled with the weight of the wings and the design of the wings and where the wings and dress stopped and started.  I had the colors Tony selected and then I came home bought, revised and remixed colors and texture.  Robin helped me.  Amy helped me.  It went back and forth for a time until it finally clicked. I saw the wings.  I stitched and re-stitched until I had it to my liking.  Then it came to the beautiful ribbon Tony selected for the dress.  I remembered he said to just let it flow from the waist.  I don’t know if his interpretation of flow and mine or the same, but again with Robin’s help it flows.

It took a dream and village to complete this piece.  One thing I remember Robin told me when I was in the middle of stitching stockings and dreaming of the perfect canvas was that I needed to do a piece for “me.”  She noted I had done so many pieces for others but I hadn’t taken the time for a piece just for me.  Well, now, Robin I have done the perfect piece for me.  It is off at the framer and will be ready soon.  The next problem will be….where should I hang it in MY home. 

“An Angel Playing A Flageolet” is a dream fulfilled.  I know there will be other pieces in my future.  Those pieces will be fun to do and they will find a special home.  And I might eat my words with this final remark.  But I truly believe I finished my dream canvas.  Dreams are grand.  And the best dreams are the ones that are fulfilled.

Do you have a dream canvas?  Have you found it?  If not, don’t worry you will!!       -- Karen Jetton

So, now presenting... An Angel Playing A Flageolet, stitched by Karen Jetton. Brilliant.

Beautiful stitching by Karen Jetton
Stitch Guide by Tony Minieri
An Angel Playing a Flageolet
Stitched by Karen Jetton
Beautiful framing, too.
I am most fortunate to have these ladies attend my classes. Friendships abound. Honored, indeed.

Next time, I'll share some stitching from former Memphian / now Georgia resident, Susan Brimmer.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Memphis Needlepointers - part 2

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Let's continue meeting some nice Needlepointers from Memphis.

Laura Bruhns is one of the newest to the stitching group which meets at Stitchers Inc. Laura is a cat person and had selected Julep Coaster #2610 from Leigh Designs. This was Laura's first canvas at my Canvas Enhancement classes. She did a really good job. Those cat eyes draw you in, right?

Julep Cat stitched by Laura Bruhns

Currently, Laura is working on two cats designed by Shelly Tribbey. It will be fun to share her progress with you.

Several years ago, Georgette Carpenter and I planned her son's Nativity Stocking. She finished it and now it is an heirloom to cherish. (Interested in this or any stitch guide?  You can email me at creativecats@comcast.net)

Nativity Stocking stitched by Georgette Carpenter

Recently, Georgette as been working on another Chris Roberts-Antieau canvas called Mermaid Migration. This has been fun designing each Mermaid's outfit (?). Next is their purple shimmering hair, then the makeup. Waterproof, of course.

Mermaid Migration
Stitched by Georgette Carpenter

Benita Kichler finished her Clown. It is massive and Penelope canvas all at the same time. It was fun working with Benita, and I look forward to her next project.

Stitched by Benita Kichler

Marlene Siegel stitches so many things on her own. It's just an honor for her to come in and visit.  Here are recent canvases Marlene stitched in recent Saturday classes:  a Maggie Co. canvas (Big Hair and Blooms) and a Barbara Elmore canvas (Some Days). She also just finished Mama Said (another Barbara Elmore canvas). Lucky us.

Big Hair and Blooms stitched by Marlene Siegel

Barbara Elmore canvases are so fun to stitch.
Barbara Elmore canvases are so fun to stitch.

Next time we will have show 'n tell with Michelle, Linda, Jamie and Karen.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Memphis Needlepointers - part 1

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

One enjoyment about teaching needlepoint is seeing the final results. I might nudge them in a certain direction with stitch suggestions, but it is the stitcher who holds the needle. Their flair and interpretation makes each finished piece unique and wonderful.

There are some delightful ladies who join me for Saturday canvas enhancements in Memphis. Originally, we began stitching at Amy's Golden Strand. Currently, we are at Stitchers Inc. owned by Jan Wentz.

Vicky Rimstidt has been with me the longest. Her range of canvases keeps me on my toes. You might remember some of these stitched by Vicky: Jungle Friends by Jean Smith, and Cat Walk and Dog Walk by Sharon G.

Recently, Vicky finished Blaze (Leigh Deigns #5800). We had the best time on this project. The Leigh Designs canvas was so beautifully painted, so Vicky was game for some open canvas stitches.

One of my most favorite stitches is from Brenda Hart called Diamonds and Pearls. Often I might suggest it as a background stitch, but this time we stitched it for the Horse's body. Love the look.

Another Memphis stitcher is Maelyse Webb. Perhaps you remember the Thanksgiving Group stitched by Maelyse during my Saturday canvas enhancement classes?

Thanksgiving Group by Rebecca Wood
Stitched by Maelyse Webb

Maelyse just finished another beauty: Doggie Day Care by Chris Roberts-Antieau (formerly by Maggie Co.) We had the best time. You can see, right? Who doesn't love a 13 mesh canvas.

These dogs are having too much fun.

Nell Harris travels to Memphis from Little Rock, AR. That's about a 125 mile journey (one way). What an honor. Last year we worked on this Snowy Santa Claus Stocking for her grandson.

Snowy Santa Claus Stocking
Mary Lake Thompson (MLT 01-A)
Melissa Shirley Designs
Stitched by Nell Harris • Stitch Guide by Robin King

Recently Nell finished the Chair. Again, there is a lot to be said about letting the painted canvas show through your stitching.

Open canvas work and Basketweave.

Fran Tylavsky (Research Dr. and Confectioner genius behind Frantic Chocolates) stitches with advanced spirit and speed.

Fran's first piece was the Alexa Stocking. Not only did she stitch it in only a few months, she finished it as well for her daughter-in-law.

Alexa Stocking #7228
Stitched by Fran Tylavsky
Stitch suggestions from Robin King

Recently, Fran stitched the Comedy Tragedy Masks for her daughter. Again, we both loved working on the 13 mesh canvases.

Michelle, Marlene, Benita, Georgette, Linda, Jamie, Laura, and Karen have been busy stitching, too. I will share their progress and accomplishments with you next time.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teaching (again) at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Back from recent travels to The Nimble Needle - Atlanta.  What a fun time. Stacy Brown is a lovely shop owner. I was so pleased to be asked to return to her shop for another teaching engagement.

Teaching at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

I taught the Thistle to an eager crowd of 10 plus ghosts. Inventive Turkey Work, Felt Applique, and fun composite stitch techniques were shared.

Inventive Turkey Work creates a fun Thistle

Everyone had a good time and really enjoyed the size of the canvas: 3.5" x 5.5" on 18 mesh by Zecca. If we had another day together, they would have totally finished the entire project. Sweet.

Want to stitch your own Thistle? Just ask your Favorite Needlepoint Shop to order it from Zecca. My stitch guide comes with the canvas.

Saturday and Sunday were Canvas Enhancement days at The Nimble Needle. Each person (8 per day) pre-selected a canvas for me to "zhuzh" up. What a fun selection, don't you think?

Day One Canvas Enhancement at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Day Two Canvas Enhancement at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Here are some of the canvases from Saturday with thread selections...

Christmas Fairies Stocking
Susan Roberts - TTAXS336

Daffodils Watercolors
Marcy Covington - 1212

Hooter Baby Owl C
dede Ogden - ED 17081 C

Peacock - Red Leaves
Maggie Co. - 1599

Here are some of the canvases from Sunday with thread selections...

Birch Bark and Birds
Treglown Designs - HC B186

Blue Bird
Maggie Co. - 1488 

Hibiscus in Pot
Melissa Shirley Designs - 867-A

Mom Knows Best
Maggie Co. - 1587

NOEL Acorns
Melissa Shirley Designs - 1515

DC Designs - 8116

Sunflower Rooster
Alice Peterson Co. - 2314

Three Striped Pots
Maggie Co. - 1457

Aren't beauty shots fun? I do believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I can't wait to see their stitching progress.

If you have these canvases and are interested in my stitch guides... just let me know. Email me: creativecats@comcast.net

I've been home a week, and have been working on other projects: writing stitch guides, stitching models, and answering emails. Oh, and giving many hugs to the Mews. Now, that's a full time job. LOL.

Leo says "Keep Calm and Take a Nap." Smart cat.

Thanks for visiting the blog. Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

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