Monday, August 30, 2010

Biker Night with Robin and Jill

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Remember I mentioned about going to hear Pat (my guy!) and his band, Pass The Pepper Jack, at a local club in Memphis? Well, they played on Wednesday evening.  Jill, from Amy's, joined me to hear the music... we had fun.

Here's a photo of Pat before they began playing. It was Biker Night. Great turnout. The Sidecar Cafe is conveniently located next to the Harley-Davidson business, and is also across the street from the Victory business. Talk about location, location, location!

Pat Ryan, drummer

Bikes and more Bikes

The night was also exciting because the International Space Station flew overhead at 8:28PM. The sky was clear and we saw it for the 4 minutes it was visible. Did you know you can see the ISS with your naked eye? All you need is their schedule, a clear night, and being in the path route. You can check your location with this website. (I have the link synced with Memphis; you can see where you are and adjust accordingly.) Here's one other interesting fact: it takes 90 minutes for the ISS to travel around the earth. Awesome.

Later in the evening, a new group of Bikers entered. OMG! What beautiful pieces of machinery. Jill and I stopped our needlepoint conversation and were in awe. We had to check it out! We met the owner/maker of the bikes you see in this video. Nice man. He makes Custom bikes... like $40,000 custom. Very informative.  As they were getting ready to leave, I remembered my little travel camera had a video feature... if I had known it would turn out so good, I would have filmed them longer... but you get the idea.

It was a fun evening. Thank you, Jill for joining me.

Enjoy your upcoming new month with Dr. Acula. He's quite a guy. Amy's e-newsletter will be online tomorrow. Those of you who receive the Constant Contact announcements will get the heads-up first. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you... I got my confirmation message from TNNA that I will be teaching 2 classes at the 2011 Long Beach Winter Market: a Zecca canvas called 
Bird & Worm and a Melissa Shirley canvas called Harvest Fairy. I will be sharing their news, updates, photos and more... soon. 

Thanks, Robin

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little Pumpkin.

The Count wanted to be shipped out via FedEx because most of their flights are at night.  He could take advantage of the darkness to do some sight seeing before he was delivered to your homes.  He was not, however, willing to cover the extra freight charges.  So he will be delivered from a brown van. He is bringing his own pumpkin.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stitch Auditions

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Today I thought I would give you a glimpse into my afternoon doings.

I am auditioning a stitch for an area of one of the canvases for the January 2011 TNNA. (Sorry about all of the secrecy, but I am a lady of my word.) Sometimes you know just the right stitch: you pick up the thread & needle and plow ahead. Other times you put it in, take out, scream, and try again with your canvas looking like a slice of Swiss Cheese.

I decided to preview the stitch on the computer. You could do this in Photoshop, but today I did it in my CanvasX program. After I plotted the entire stitch, I was able to step back and look at the big picture. Love it.

This brilliant idea was from Pat Ryan, Photographer (Business Visuals) and Photoshop Expert. Often he would see me struggle... and would calmly say, "Why don't you preview it in Photoshop?" At first, I resisted that suggestion.
I should know the best stitch, right?  Well, almost ruining a canvas from the "Swiss Cheese Method of Stitching" made me appreciate his calm words... why don't you preview it in Photoshop?

So here's the preview. Hope this journey was enlightening. Now it's time to Stitch with Success. Thanks, Robin

Here kitty kitty.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Stitcherie

Hi Everybody... Robin here.
Light the Candle, make a Stitching Wish and Blow. Stitcherie is one year old.

I am a proud member of Stitcherie. This website is now 1 years old and to date there are 513 members. Its founder is Ruth Schmuff. You can see my needlepoint and the needlepoint of other wonderful artists on this website. There is a live Chat Room. Great way to meet friends and introduce new needlepoint concepts. Check it out. Ruth is posting the call to all stitchers to join Stitcherie. Thanks, Robin

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sneak peek!

From now till the end of August I will be giving you wee little peeks at our next Halloweenies character, Dr. Acula.  I won't tell you much about the big picture.  But I will share small pictures of the wonderful stitching Amy has produced yet again.  So here is a peek.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mr. Mummy goes to Nashville

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Welcome to "All Quiet on the Western Front/Needlepoint Study Hall" blog. Looks like Summertime has all of us pre-occupied. Or, are we still suffering from heat exhaustion? I had a wee bit o' excitement this past weekend.  Let me tell you about my recent road trip... and yes, there was some needlepoint involved.

I accompanied Pat to his Business Visuals photo shoot in Nashville this weekend. For those of you without the convenience of having a GPS, the distance from Memphis to Nashville is about 200 miles. Should take under 4 hours to get there, right? Sure, unless there are traffic problems. Well, there was a terrible accident on I-40... at mile marker 60. It took us over 1 hour to go 12 miles. Pat said we were going 4 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. At times, all eastbound lanes were stopped... like a parking lot. Luckily, we made it, safely, to our destination... in 6 hours!

Knowing that Pat was driving, I brought needlepoint to occupy the time. Part of my travel packing sequence includes bringing the correct needlepoint for the trip. Yours too, right?  I looked for the best car project amongst my current Works in Progress: a canvas on 13 mesh. Have I told you my canvas stash is also extensive? Guess what... I found the best project... already kitted with a plan in place.

Meet Mr. Mummy and his friend, The Spider. It's a canvas from Kathy Schenkel: #CT 173, on 13 count, 4" x 4".  Like I said, they were the perfect traveling companion. The Sparkle Rays looks great for the Mummy's cloth wrap. I chose Sound Waves for the Background and used 1 strand Black Ty-Di Threads. I like how the roundness of the Sound Waves sets the tone for the round Spider's body. (I know it's hard to see the black-on-black... but, trust me, it looks good in person.)

You can see what I accomplished on the trip. I plan to bead the Star. The Spider's body will be made with Fuzzy Stuff. I might Bullion Knot the Legs, but I also found some Facets in my Stash which I could couch in place. We will see which is better.

Now here's the best part of the road trip. Before heading back to Memphis, we stopped at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts to see the Dale Chihuly blown glass exhibit. He is the best! I've seen his work in Memphis and Atlanta. My heart pounds each time I see his work. Awesome.

As we approached the entrance to the Frist Museum we noticed another exhibit also on display:  The Golden Age of Couture, Paris and London 1947-1957. OMG! What a wonderful surprise. There were 221 pieces of original couture dresses and garments from the famous design houses in London and Paris. They focused on Paris Dressmaking, Textiles, Embroidery, Cocktail and Early Evening, Evening and Ballgowns. Pinch me silly and call Rachel Zoe. I died.

Pat and I had the best time seeing both exhibits; a well-deserved reward after an intense photo job. So for anyone in the Nashville area within the sound of my keyboard, please treat yourself to a wonderful experience; the admission was only $10. Thanks, Robin

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Wonderful Tale

The graveyard had been booked for a wedding on August the 8th, so this reporter’s Bride Z. Illa had to leave her Vera Wang gown hanging in the trees on the vines.

Her satin pumps were left resting on top of a tombstone, and her crown of violets and the hand-tied bouquet of exquisite flowers were placed with care in the mausoleum, so that the flowers remained fresh and perky.

Dapper Dan with his Dazzling Dentures, took off his wonderful tattered Armani jacket, loosened his bow tie and set down his walking stick.

He placed his fedora on top of the pumpkin and made himself comfortable for the night. After all, he had eternity to spend with his Bride!!!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were not unhappy to have and extra night above ground.

Rhett scampered amongst the leaves and fallen debris in the graveyard, and the crow left the nest to perch on a nearby tree.

You see....Lisa, as wedding planner extraordinaire, had pre-booked Shady Rest Garden of Good and Evil for her bridal party last night.

And so, tonight is the night for this reporter’s wedding.

Steamy and humid.
Thunderstorms are marching through.
The power has been out in the neighbourhood for most of the day (seriously).

The ceremony begins at 11:00 PM.

Instead of Kir Royal, the bride and groom have requested Vampire Clicquot Cocktails with a shot of Blood to toast their union. The caterer has prepared mushroom caps filled with spider legs, resting on a bed of bone dust.

No photos will be published of the event. The bride and groom have sold their story to People Magazine, so pick up your copy next week at your local checkout counter!

Plans for their wedding trip have not been announced.

Reported Anonymously by:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Painting the Merry Mobile - part three

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

My Mojo visited me last night and I painted the background of the Merry Mobile.  I used my 3/8 WASH Brush with only an occasional visit from the 5/0 SPOTTER. Wasn't I a big girl!

First, I began working close to the details.

Then I put on my Artist's Beret and painted the rest of the Background.

 Merry Mobile Ice Cream Truck

It was fun to paint on the canvas. Remember, I am not a trained artist. I'm just a girl on a mission to bring the Merry Mobile Ice Cream Truck to life.

I'll let the canvas dry for a few days while I rummage through my Stash for the best threads.  Have I told you about my Stash? It's quite Healthy.

Looks like this project is ready to take off. Ice Cream for Everyone!

Thanks, Robin

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where has the Time gone?

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Yikes! Where has the Time gone?

I haven't moved forward on the Merry Mobile Ice Cream Truck. I have been enjoying some ice cream... kind of doing research, if you will. I hope to regain my Mojo and paint the background. I've got some fun stitch ideas so I best get busy. I've been working on my 2 TNNA Class canvases for January 2011, but I can't preview/show you them until probably this Fall/Winter.

I have been writing Stitch Guides. My pile is now down to 17 in waiting. Woohoo!

So what else have I been doing?  Here's one thing: I've photographed some of the Models from NeedleDeeva which will be posted onto her website. Here's Rhett O'Hare and Scarlett O'Hare.

Rhett O'Hare
Scarlett O'Hare
Aren't they the cutest things! I love the Carrot background design. And, those 3-D Baskets are no longer a mystery if you've seen DVD #7, The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving.

DVD #7, The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving

Call me your one-stop creative shop. Photography services available, too. Well, enjoy your day... stay cool. Thanks, Robin

UPDATE: Here's the contact information for the Rhett and Scarlet O'Hare Stitch Guides. Debbie Bowers designed the Stitch Guides for these wonderful NeedleDeeva canvases.

Needle Orts, Inc.
1002 W. State Road 436, Suite 1024
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
(877) 869-0078

Friday, August 6, 2010

HI Guys

Sorry I have been away lately.  I haven't even finished reading the House #3 guide.  I'm so behind on the house anyway, I may return to the Groom this month and actually get him finished.  I will be in touch again soon.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Correction in Haunted House stitch guide #3

Amy has a correction for us.  

"On page 7 Haunted House #3 in the color legend for Diagrams #4 & #5 all of the missing Lorikeet numbers....W?.....are 2. The only places that W3 is used are the stitches designated in BLACK in the diagrams (5 Continental Stitches in each post)"

I am just today going through the guide myself.  I love what she has done with the grass.

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