Monday, May 3, 2010

Robin is teaching this canvas at Columbus TNNA Summer Market

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Well, I finished it. What's it? My wonderful class piece from Needle Deeva. I have nicknamed it the Columbus Heart, but officially it is #150G in the Needle Deeva line. This canvas will be released at the June 2010/Columbus TNNA Summer Market. Lucky you... here's a preview.

I will be teaching this canvas & stitch guide to 20 Shop Owners during the TNNA Summer Market on Saturday, June 12, 2010. So far, 11 people have signed up; 9 seats still available. If you are a shop owner, or, if your LNS is going to the TNNA Columbus Market, consider taking my class. Judee from Needle Deeva is a sweetheart, as well as a fabulous canvas designer. This canvas is one of a new series of Hearts. Love it! ♡

The canvas is on 18 mesh, and will have a finished size of 4⅜" W x 6⅞" H. Fits into the Stirling Bag Self-Finishing products. I'm going to use the Black Shoulder Bag. Won't that make those colors POP! This canvas will be available from Needle Deeva with my Stitch Guide through your LNS this June. That's next month!

I stretched my mind and came up with new techniques: challenging, but not too challenging. Beads, Ribbons, and the wonderful Kreinik Holographic Braid were used. Awesome threads from Rainbow Gallery, DMC, ThreadWorX, River Silks, and Mill Hill were used, too. Did I already mention I had fun stitching this canvas? The Stitch Guide has been written. The Thread donations have been submitted. This evening I took its official PHOTO.

What an exciting time I have had! Thanks for letting me share my new NEWS with you. Robin


  1. Robin - Wish I was a shop owner - I'd take your class - love what you did with the flowers.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I really had fun. I wanted to pay homage to the painted canvas; Needle Deeva is so talented. Thanks, again! See you next month!

  3. Robin

    It is stunning. Wish I could take the class.
    How exciting and know everyone will enjoy you and the class

    Sue VanderNoor

  4. Robin,

    Will there be a stitch guide for this gem available from you?

  5. The Stitch Guide will be available through Needle Deeva. Needlepoint Shops will be able to purchase it with the canvas beginning in June. The Stitch Guide has detailed photos and charted diagrams, as well as helpful hints & tips. Yes, I am a well-learned student of Amy B. Thanks! Robin

  6. Looks like great fun to stitch, Robin. Needle Deeva is lucky to have charmed you into doing this. It'll sell plenty of their canvases!

  7. Thanks, Jane and Sue. Yes, it was fun to stitch. I really believe this canvas would make a good class project canvas at needlepoint shops. The Shop Owners could divide the canvas into 2-3 lessons. We all know how fun it is to stitch with a group. Thanks,again. Robin

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  9. Beautiful! Can't wait to see this in person at the show.

  10. Robin,

    You did an awesome job on this piece. It is stunning. Love the flowers. Cannot wait to see it in the bag.


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