Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nice day

Hi guys.   I have no pictures today.  I left my camera at the shop.  I took a few pictures of the Cook-Up class to share with you later.  What a fantastic group of women are in this weekends class.  All skill levels, all conferring with each other and having a great time.  It was amazing watching Amy in action.  She shares so much information.  She does not sit down all day. (Except to help each person at their canvas.)  I will post the pictures this week.

I have just finished the stone chimney trim and cap.  (Page 4 of guide, diagram 7.)  I stitched two layers of the satin to give it some dimension.  I hope to do the satin stitch of the  Cupola stone roof next , (page 5, diagram 9a).  After studying the canvas with the raised stem stitch in mind, I think this roof would be a good place to get comfortable with the raised stem stitch.  But I will do the bricks next.  I am planning for a few bats to overlap the chimney bricks as Amy did.  (See the picture.)  So I will stitch those bats before I stitch the chimney bricks.  Make sure not to cut up the master sheet of bats!  Make a few copies of it and save the master.

Have a great week.


  1. I have a question about the bricks...the directions say each is 4by 8 but the diagram graph shows 3 by 8. Which is it? Also, weeks dye for the cross stitch, do we strip it or use whole strand? I'm confused!

  2. You need to count threads,not holes. Look at the space on the diagram just above the first trame line that has the number 2 in it. Then, with a counting pin, count by jumping over the lines in the chart to the row where the small cross stitch goes down. You will use two strands of the Weeks. It is a little tricky sliding the Weeks under the trame line. but you will get into a rhythm. Hang in there.


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