Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hear Ye... Hear Ye...

Hi Eveybody... Robin here.

I'm the Town Crier today... it's my pleasure to spread the word.

First of all, here's a message from Amy regarding the Eyelashes for the Haunted House:
  • "The eyelashes that I used are the ones in the upper right-hand corner of her picture. They will all look good but people always want to know which ones." -- Amy Bunger

Also, in the comment section of Cat Walk, Melinda had a question about the Peyote Beading on Dr. A's coffin. I am posting Melinda's question with Amy's answer as it might be helpful for others when they get to that point of their stitching:
  • Melinda:  "This is off topic but I am struggling with the peyote beading on Dr. Acula's coffin. I understand the concept of what we are doing with each row of beading but I can't translate that into actually doing it. My beads on the second row will not stay in place at all. After about 4 attempts tonight on the second row, I am just not "getting it". Amy's instructions are quite detailed but if there are any other suggestions or hints, I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks!"
  • Amy Bunger:  "The second row of the peyote beading is the hardest. I also had problems keeping the line straight. Will try to give advice from memory. Put a finger of your left hand under the string of beads to lift them off of the canvas and help to stabilize them. Aim the needle up or down away from the beads as you slide it through each bead on the return trip. Hang in there....I really mean it, the second row is totally the hardest to do. In row three the beads stay pretty much where they are supposed to, making it a piece of cake. After row three I wished that there were more rows to work!"

In my world, last evening I stitched the Harvest Fairy's wings. Today I am working on her face.  She is looking pretty good. Once I got her dress and boots finished, she started to have confidence in me and eased up her attitude. 
preview of Harvest Fairy

Just as a reminder, the Harvest Fairy is the new Melissa Shirley/Debbie Mumm canvas (MSD DM-09) which will be released in the January 2011 TNNA Long Beach Winter Market. I will be teaching her canvas at the Market, as well as my Stitch Guide will be available through Melissa Shirley Designs.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the weekend. Thanks, Robin

Been so long...

Hello everybody,

Sorry to be away so long.  And just when things were getting better, my mom is back in the hospital.  But the prognosis is good.

My thanks to Robin for keeping the blog exciting.  And I recommend you follow Melinda's blog to keep on track.  Thanks Melinda!

Take care,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cat Walk

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Geez Louise, would somebody please slow down this madness? Here it is... already the 20th of October. I feel like such a Halloween Non-Posting Slacker.

So, to brighten up my spirits, I am posting a photo of Cat Walk (ST H206) by Shelly Tribbey. I stitched this from a Cook Up A Canvas with Amy Bunger stitch guide.

Cat Walk by Shelly Tribbey (ST H206)
 Stitch Guide by Amy Bunger

Nothing makes me happier than Halloween and a Cat. Speaking of cats... here's a latest photo of Bailey and Elliot. You might say it looks like Elliot's patience is being tried by little Bailey... and you would be correct.

Bailey and Elliot

If you would indulge me one more moment... I'd like to share a little video of Bailey and Elliot.

(Remember, no kitten was harmed... only scolded by the elder cat.) And, yes, that's me chuckling towards the end. I got tickled at Bailey's persistence and Elliot's tolerance.

Now, I feel better. Thanks, Robin

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little background

I found a little time to work a little of the background.  I think I will work the tombstone before I finish the background at this point so I can better work the background around the areas like the tombstone and hands.

Please forgive me for being away so long.  My Mom has been sick and we are now dealing with her future living arrangements.  I hope to return to more stitching soon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something's up with Amy.

Amy went shopping for eyelashes!  What's up with that? All she would say is, tell everyone to go buy a set for Halloweenies.  Hum...I didn't even know they were still available.

So, anyone who is stitching the Haunted House, go get a set.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stuck on You

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

What a day. It was a GLORIOUS Saturday in Memphis, TN. True, it hasn't rained in a month-of-Sundays... but, it was only 89 degrees. Brrrrrrr... where's my sweater? (LOL)

Yes, I am a fan of Lionel Richie, and thus, today's title: Stuck on You.

As with all of my needlepoint canvases, I love to have a coordinating Magnet attached. How about you?

You know by now... I am now working on the Melissa Shirley/Debbie Mumm #DM-09 canvas for the January 2011 TNNA class. She's the Harvest Fairy: flying about and wearing a Hat. Guess which magnet I found?

I think it's just perfect. Anything which has a Cat and a Hat is good for me. 

(Good Grief, Charlie Brown... now I'm channeling Dr. Seuss! All I can say... is... I come by it honestly.)

Did I find this awesome magnet on the first bounce? Well, actually... NO. I found my many Halloween Magnets first... and thus, the inspiration for today's blog.

Here are some of my personal HALLOWEEN Magnets. They all have a common theme: made by bc. Now, I don't know who bc is... but, I have been a fan of her (?) work for many years. Amy's has a great selection of her magnets. Check them out. They are miniature pieces of art work. Very durable and so creative. And... not just Halloween, either.

Well, that's all for this evening. My Harvest Fairy awaits. She's giving me my marching orders! She keeps on saying..."does that stitch make my Butt look fat?" Good Grief! Thanks, Robin

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Get Ready For Halloween...

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

Well, in my best NBA's Announcer's Voice...
Let's Get Ready for Halloween.

The magical time is upon us. You've spent 10 months stitching your Halloweenies. Or, if you've been a voyeur, like me... you've been enjoying the Halloweenies' progress of Peggy and her fellow bloggers.

Either way, the time is HERE.

So, this is our topic of general discussion:

  • What kind of decorating are you going to do?
  • What Halloween Stash stitching are you going to re-visit?
  • How many Halloween trees do you actually own?

OK... since I started the discussion... I will go first.

I have a wonderful collection of Halloween Nutcrackers/Smokers and Patricia Breen Blown Glass Ornaments, in addition to my Halloween Needlepoint. They will be seeing the light of day this year. I will be posting some of their photos through out the month.

Patricia Breen Halloween Ornaments - layer 1
Patricia Breen Halloween Ornaments - layer 2

I am going to re-visit a Halloween Needlepoint UFO which is about half-way finished. Perhaps she could be 5/8 of the way finished during this month? I'll take any encouragement.

Robin's 3rd Witch 2010 / Stitch Guide by Amy Bunger

How many Halloween Trees do I own? Let's see: There's a Black with Orange Tip Feather Tree, a Martha Stewart Black Wood Cut Tree, an Orange/Black Glitter Feather Tree... so looks like the answer is: Three.

What?... you mean you don't have 3 Halloween TREES?

And, we haven't even started talking about Halloween Needlepoint! Let's see... there's Ornaments, Pillows, Wreaths, Treat Bags, Belts...

Oh, my. It's an exciting time for sure. I'll be back soon with a posting of some of my Halloween Needlepoint Ornaments. Let's enjoy the season... good thing we've got 31 days! Thanks, Robin

Monday, October 4, 2010

And So It Begins...

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

I finished stitching my Zecca/Bird & Worm canvas. I really like how it turned out. I even have the Stitch Guide typed with text, photos and stitch diagrams... 9 pages. Who knew a 6" x 3" canvas could have so much detail? ... I did! But, don't be scared of a 9-page guide; it has lots of close up photos.

Look how much we depend on Color. Guess which one thread has so much color?

No Color

I will be showing more glimpses of the Bird & Worm canvas once the January 2011 Long Beach TNNA Market classes are posted on the TNNA website. Tomorrow I must begin securing the donated threads for the class kits. Oh, and may I mention... the Zecca/Bird & Worm canvas, #ZE-107 will come with my stitch guide. (Shameless plug!)

So what's next in Robin's world? The second canvas I am teaching at the January 2011 Long Beach TNNA Market, of course. Yikes! It is October, already... time to get busy!

The canvas/class mystery must continue... I am such a good secret keeper... but here's a peek:

Tonight, I am tacking the Melissa Shirley/Debbie Mumm, Harvest Fairy, DM-09 canvas to the stretcher bars. Yes, the same Debbie Mumm... Melissa Shirley's newest designer. How cool is that! And, we all know once it's attached to the stretcher bars... it's downhill from there.

It was great visiting this evening. Thanks, Robin

The Next border for W. Herr Wolfe

Now here is a row that you can complete quickly.

Step one

Step two

Too easy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting Started with W. Herr Wolfe

Please be sure to mark the placement of the the stars before you begin.  You can probably place them from the photocopy you are going to make before you get started...but I can tell it will be good to go on and mark the canvas thread for reference.

I decided to stitch the moon crescents with one strand of an odd color floss to make sure not to cover any part of it with the background stitch.  Turns out to be totally unnecessary as you will be fine if you avoid the gold painted canvas threads.  


And there they are.

Remember what Amy told us about Baroque Silk.  It is dyed after it is twisted. So when you strand it, as we do for the bottom border with the moons and stars, you will see a slightly variegated thread emerge.  The kind of rough texture goes well with the furry man.

Friday, October 1, 2010

W. Herr Wolfe canvas

The wolfe canvas is very wavy.  It took me three times to get it straignt on the bars.  I stapled it twice, and then ended up using tacks on Evertites.  I don't know if it is the paint or the shipping that has caused this.  I highly recommend using Evertites. It's still a little wavey, but I think it will be ok.

  Does anyone have advice on how to handle wrinkled canvases?

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