Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Memories at DMC

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Did you know there are some wonderful (free) Stitch Guides available on the DMC website? The canvases are from Associated Talents; the theme is "Shop the Town" -- a collection of store fronts with great opportunities for DMC Memory Thread. They are PDF files so you can print them and refer to them for inspiration in 2011.

I first ran across these canvases and their embellishment techniques at the June 2010/Columbus TNNA Market. I thought it was a clever usage of DMC Memory Thread. In the photo above, I photographed the overall grouping of the 5 canvases and added examples of the design features. These canvases are currently available on Amy's website; her 25% OFF SALE ends tomorrow at Midnight.

Here's the list of the canvases and their AT numbers:
  • Coffee Shop FL-711
  • Flower Shop FL-710
  • Needlework Shop FL-713
  • Bakery FL-712
  • Boutique FL-714 

Be sure and wander over to the DMC site. They have many interesting videos and concepts for using the Memory Thread. You have seen me use it before. Recently, I used DMC Memory Thread on both the Harvest Fairy and the Bird & Worm.  Easy to use. Great embellishing tool.

Bird & Worm • Zecca #ZE-107

Here's one more thing before you start celebrating the New Year. Look at my new Stitch Guide cover designed by Zecca. Honored, indeed.  Thanks, Robin

The Mummy's Skull Rattle!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ah the toys...

Get ready to bead! And I love the new thread in this month's kit.  See the beautiful Planet Earth silk. Yum.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stockings Galore

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I have another needlepoint story to share with you. My youngest sister, Midge, is a needlepointer, too. She used to work part-time at M's Canvas House in Lexington, KY. Midge is the person who re-introduced me to needlepoint. (Thanks, sis!)

Tapestry Tent Large Stockings
 AXS273, AXS270, and AXS379

Midge stitched a stocking for our middle sister, Kathy and her husband, Stephen. The stockings are from Tapestry Tent. She did an awesome job. Midge spoke with the folks at Tapestry Tent and asked them to design a stocking with an eagle on it. They did and it is AXS379. This stocking would be for our nephew, Dean.

Eagle Large Stocking
Tapestry Tent AXS379

Midge sent the canvas to me and I stitched it during Amy Bunger's canvas enhancement classes. I learned so many techniques while stitching this stocking. Then I returned it to Midge for the finishing. They make an impressive group of stockings, don't you think?

Enchanted Santa Large Stocking
Tapestry Tent AXS294

Well, just to share with you... Pat didn't get left out. He selected the Tapestry Tent stocking AXS294. Again, I brought it to Amy Bunger's canvas enhancement classes for the WOW factor. In his youth, Pat used to own horses; correct detail to the horse was most important.

Close up of Horse and Santa

I'll be writing up my notes of this stocking for a Stitch Guide. Look for it on Amy's website in 2011.  It certainly will have the WOW factor.  Thanks, Robin

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nutcrackers and Smokers

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Did I ever mention that I have a wonderful collection of Nutcrackers and Smokers? Well, I do.

It all happened so innocently. There was a store in Memphis which sold them. I became smitten and purchased The White Santa Smoker by Christian Ulbricht. Then, over the years, my collection of Smokers expanded to Nutcrackers. And, imagine the surprise when I joined the Needlepoint world and found Nutcracker designs there, too.

My first Needlepoint Nutcracker was Herr Drosselmeyer with stitch guide by Meredith Willett. Then I stitched the Red Nutcracker and Mr. & Mrs. White Nutcracker; stitch guides by Susan Portra. (Have I mentioned to you that I will be taking a class next month at TNNA from Susan Portra, her very self. How exciting!) Then I stitched The Chimney Sweep during the canvas enhancement classes with Amy Bunger. I stitched the Blue Nutcracker on my own.

If you would look again at the White Group photo, you will see that Mr. White Santa Nutcracker was the inspiration for the Mr. White Santa pillow. Who knew? It's a small world.

With the exception of Mr. and Mrs White Nutcracker, the other Nutcracker Pillows have the same background. It was a design recommended to me by Meredith Willett from the Jean Taggart book, Laid Fillings for evenweave fabrics (Pattern 106, p. 141). This book is out of print but can occasionally be found. You might even have it in your library. I charted the design and am giving it to the Needlepoint Study Hall for a Christmas present.

Amy has done quite a few Nutcrackers, too. You can see them on her website here.

Here's my last fun bit of Nutcracker story. For several years, Christian Ulbricht came to Memphis and signed his Nutcrackers and Smokers. It was a thrill to meet him. My collection had grown and he graciously signed them all. The next year, a revised Santa Nutcracker was released called Santa's Coffee Break. Look at whose name was now on the top of Santa's List. Pretty cool, indeed.

Thanks, Robin

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I wanted to share with you the photo Pat (my guy) took on Beale Street in Memphis this year. He owns Business Visuals and has own his blog, Business Visuals Updates. Check him out when you can.

This photo was part of a composite photo for the 2011 City of Memphis Budget cover. What an honor. I accompanied him during this photo shoot. It was very exciting to watch him capture the "magic hour." You can see the final composite photo here.

Like the caption says, "Merry Christmas from Memphis" and warm hugs to all in Needlepoint Study Hall. Peggy and I appreciate you very much.

Thanks, Robin

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

California bound

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

The Thread Kits are out the door and on their way to California. Deadline: must be received by January 3rd, 2011. Fingers crossed. Let's hope the Big Brown Truck has an uneventful trip.

With the help of Photoshop, I altered their reality; showcasing only the colors. After all, it's the colors which attract us to some canvases, right? 

I had fun working both of these designs. Hope you will, too. 

Thanks, Robin

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Art Projects are Fun

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Wasn't it great to hear from Peggy. So glad things are settling down for her.

I wanted to share with you the next event towards my out of town teaching: making my Master Book.  I decided to do this for my first teaching endeavor, Katt Z. Witch, and have done it ever since.

I found a neat 3-ring Poly View Binder and created the artwork of the finished stitching into the Front Cover as well as the Binder Edge. Then I use the Sheet Protectors and sleeve up the finished Stitch Guide, Teaching Notes, and other related items.

You can see I now have added my two newest Master Books:

  • Harvest Fairy • Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD DM-09
  • Bird & Worm • Zecca • ZE-107

This has been very helpful, indeed. My teaching notes are now organized and ready for easy reference. Since I am teaching at Needle in a Haystack/Montrose, CA right after Market, my NeedleDeeva Heart #150G Master Book will help me remember all of the nuances I did over a year ago.

Art Projects as an adult... gotta love it. Thanks, Robin

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hi everybody,

Sorry to be away so long.  When my Mother got sick in October, I had no idea that I would not touch a Halloweenie for over two months.  After a couple of hospital stays, Mom is settling into a very nice Assisted Living facility.  She is getting stronger every day.  I have spent many wonderful hours with her.  And when not with her, I have been working at Amy's or working with my twin brother taking care of Mom's affairs.  We have spent many hours cleaning out her home so that we can put it on the market.  I had no idea how many cards and letters, from all five of her children, Mom saved. There are boxes and boxes of pictures of the five of us and the 12 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren she has.  It was so hard to decide what items she would take to the small room she now lives in.  But she is well taken care of there.  And that gives us peace of mind.  So as the year winds down I am looking forward to returning to stitching and Needlepoint Study Hall.  Robin has been logging some wonderful posts, and I hope she will continue letting us know what is going on in her world.  I expect to hear all about her classroom experiences at market.

So let's get ready for Sarcoph A. Gus in 2011.  Here is a peek!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Stocking Was Hung?

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Have you put out all of your wonderful needlepoint stitching for this Christmas season? Pat reminded me it's time to hang his stocking. Don't you love this subtle hint? Too funny.

Place Marker for the real Stocking

Today, I've been printing the Bird & Worm stitch guides as well as Harvest Fairy stitch guides and NeedleDeeva Heart stitch guides for the classes I will be teaching next month in California.

Also a few days ago, I received a phone call from Marlene Custom Pillows indicating both the Bird & Worm and Harvest Fairy are finished and are on their way to Memphis. Yippee.

I'll be back with some Christmas decorations and Stockings. I promise. Thanks, Robin

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She's Back

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Jane/Chilly Hollow is now blogging again at her original blog location. You can read about it here:

Welcome back, Jane. We will follow you anywhere. Thanks, Robin

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, Virginia... I did buy another canvas.

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Today I got a canvas in the mail. It was one that I had seen on The Stitching Destashing blog by our friend, NC Pat. I saw the thumbnail image on my Blogger dashboard... and thought, are my eyes deceiving me? My prayers had been answered. It was my "Holy Grail" of defunct needlepoint canvases. I had seen it years ago on someone's website but it was said to be out of print; unavailable for purchase.

Christmas Katt • LEE • P1090

NC Pat had it listed on The Stitching Destashing blog. I swooped in and snagged it. Today it arrived in the mail. Can you tell why I like it?  Maybe because it has a cat on it? The colors are fresh, too. But the thing which caught my eye (and tugged on my heart) was the Mouse. Too cute. The design is on 16 mesh, and measures 10x10. The canvas is from LEE • P1090. Perhaps it's in your stash, too.

The Mouse has a new friend.

This will be a fun canvas to stitch. Until then, Bailey and I will admire it. Thanks, Robin

Friday, December 10, 2010

See One • Do One • Teach One

Hi Everybody...  Robin here.

Today's title: See One • Do One • Teach One is one of my favorite sayings. I have found it to be true especially for the Needlepoint world. For example, you see a stitch; you do the stitch; later, you show the stitch to someone else. Kind of like a pay it forward, if you will.

Remember when I was inserting the finished NeedleDeeva Heart #150G canvas into the Black Stirling Shoulder Bag? Here's the blog link to refresh your memory. A week or two ago, I received an email from a friend, Vicky De Angelis, asking if I would insert her finished NeedleDeeva Poppy #150A canvas into her Red Stirling Shoulder Bag. You remember Vicky De Angelis, don't you? She is a stitching talent who has won numerous ANG awards; now she is creating Stitch Guides, too. Vicky and I have been working with NeedleDeeva, and I was glad to help out a friend.

OK. Back to the Red Stirling Shoulder Bag. I photographed the steps and am pleased to share my Insertion Method with the Needlepoint Study Hall readers. You are now entering the See One phase of our discussion.

First of all, I measured the Canvas Design area. Careful measurements are important. ("Measure and measure again" is another one of my sayings.) The Poppy is 3¾" Width and 7" Height. Then I measured the Stirling Bag Opening area: 3¾" Width and 6¼" Height. I drew the discrepancy on the Green paper for you to better visualize.

Tools of the Trade

This difference is not a problem when using the Stirling Bags. They have wide margins and you can center your design within their opening. Here's the other thing I do: I don't use the Peel 'n Stick backing. The canvas stays in place just fine.  I do cut enough of the canvas to sit within the margins.

Cutting Line has been drawn.

I drew a line around the Poppy canvas which represented my cutting line. I used my Mechanical Pencil. I gave myself about 10 Threads on the Right and Left Side, 7 Threads on the Top, and 3 Threads on the Bottom. The reason why the Bottom had a narrow margin was because the design was already extended.

Cut very carefully.

I carefully cut out along the line with my Household Scissors. Then I began to insert the canvas into the Stirling Bag. Initially I began inserting the top edge of the canvas but stopped when I realized I should put in the bottom end first.

Don't put the Top in first.

I began with the bottom, then the upper left, then the upper right, and then centered the overall design.

Correct sequence

So here it is. All done. Ready for the product shot and then on its way back to Vicky De Angelis. You will see it on display in the NeedleDeeva booth at the January 2011 TNNA Market. Tell Judee you saw this blog; she's a fan and a nice lady, too. Also, this Stitch Guide will be available from NeedleDeeva. 

Poppy • NeedleDeeva #150A
Stitch Guide Available
Stitch Selection by Brenda Hart
Stitching by Vicky De Angelis

We now conclude the See One phase. Now it's your turn to Do. Then Teach. Glad we could help. Thanks, Robin

Bailey's first photo shoot.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I'm sharing some new happenings with you.

Guess who signed up to participate in the Square Dance Cyberworkshop by Orna Willis? Me, that's who. Have you heard about it? I saw it advertised in the ANG Needle Pointers magazine. At first glance, I was smitten by its design. In September,  I went on the ANG website, signed up, and today, I received my kit.

I had to share the packaging with you. I carefully opened the USPS box to reveal the contents. And, may I say, packaging is everything! My version is Veranda Views. You can see it in the inset photo; lower right corner. The threads are in their tins (seen on the left).

I've got enough on my plate right now, but I am looking forward to this experience with Orna Willis. You can see her blog here and her website here.

I'm going to dust off my dancing shoes; the class begins in January 2011.

Thanks, Robin

Friday, December 3, 2010

Have Stitch Guide, Will Travel • Tour 2011 begins

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

All systems are go for me to teach at the Long Beach January 2011 TNNA Market. Well, at this moment, it looks like my classes are going to make the selection cut. The TNNA stable of teachers received a friendly reminder from TNNA to publicize their classes; the intention was to remind Shop owners about the classes and to get folks to sign up.

So, if you are reading this blog... AND are a Shop Owner going to the January 2011 Market, I'd like to remind you of some deadlines. First of all, I believe the regular registration deadline for signing up for classes is fast approaching.  December 16, to be exact. After that is late registration with increased class fees.

I found out my 2 classes are on a good sign-up pace. Bird & Worm (ST109) has 1 seat remaining. (Yippee!) Harvest Fairy (NT109) has 5 seats remaining. (Woohoo!) How about that! So, this is a shout out to those who might want to take my classes at Market. Hope to see you in Long Beach.

Here's some more fun things to share with the Needlepoint Study Hall readers. After the Market, I am going to be teaching at TWO needlepoint shops in California. On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, I will be at Needle In A Haystack/Montrose, California teaching the NeedleDeeva Heart #150G. You can read previous NSH blog postings about the NeedleDeeva Heart by clicking on the Previous Topics on the right column of this page. Here's the finished model as a reminder:

Then on Wednesday, January  12, 2011, I will be at A Stitch In Time Needlework/ San Marino, California teaching both Bird & Worm (#ZE-107)  and Harvest Fairy (MSD DM-09). My traveling repertoire is expanding. So honored, indeed. So, if you are in the area of either of these shops, sign up! I'd love to meet you.

Speaking of the Bird & Worm, here's another fun thing to share: Zecca made some custom Feet for the finished model. How cool is that? I'm having it finished as a Stand Up. Then, I began thinking... Zecca  could make some awesome Fimo Clay Feet. After all, that's what she does! So I mentioned my request, and poof... cute FEET arrived in the mail. I will share the final photo with you, later... but for now, here's the Feet.

Well, that's all the news so far. I saw Peggy a few days ago. I know she misses everyone. She's being a good daughter, and that's the most important thing right now. It's my pleasure to keep you kids entertained until she returns to Needlepoint Study Hall. 

Thanks, Robin

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Felting Childhood Memories

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I treated myself to a birthday present: a book called Pocketful of Posies, A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes by Salley Mavor. I don't remember where I first saw this book; surely, on someone's blog. has this book as well as her other Felt enhanced books. Check them out here.

excerpt from Pocketful of Posies by Salley Mavor

It was fun getting re-acquainted with my Childhood Nursery Rhymes. Some I remembered... some I never knew. The Felt Work and Embroidery is enchanting. It really spoke to my heart. Such a talented lady, Salley Mavor.

I've done some Felt work attached to my needlepoint. Have you? It's fun to do. Not too expensive. I've used the Craft Felt from the craft/art store; I've used the Weeks Dye Works Wool Felt, too. I'd like to share some of my pieces with you.

Felt Dolls added to Nutcracker Santa's Bag
Design by Dmarj

Pumpkin Head made from Felt with Embroidered Features
Design by Melissa Shirley Designs

Indian Girl and Felt Doll
Series stitched by Maelyse Webb/ Memphis, TN
Design by Rebecca Wood
Robin made the Indian Girl for Maelyse

Kitty Bra and Tap Pants
Felt Bra
Design by SharonG

Add some Felt to your needlepoint and reconnect with your childhood.

Thanks, Robin

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harvest Fairy Update

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's the day before Thanksgiving. Peggy and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Things have been quiet in Needlepoint Study Hall, but I've got some fun news to share with you. Look at the awesome cover art Melissa Shirley (her very self) designed for my Harvest Fairy Stitch Guide. Thrilled and honored, indeed.

My Stitch Guide will be available from Melissa Shirley Designs once the Harvest Fairy canvas (MSD DM-09) is released at the January 2011, TNNA Market in Long Beach, CA. Just imagine seeing your name amongst the needlepoint rock stars who have written Stitch Guides for Melissa Shirley's canvases: Wendy Harwood, Cynthia Thomas, Amy Bunger, etc... How cool is that? You can see the current list of Melissa Shirley Designs Stitch Guides here.

Enjoy your family and friends tomorrow; we are thankful for you. We will be in touch soon.

Thanks, Robin

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cats and Dogs

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

This morning I have been adding new items to Amy's website...
Custom Stitch Guides. This new group of canvases reminded me of something Amy once said: 
  • Dog owners want to stitch a canvas that looks like their dog. 
  • Cat owners will stitch any cat.

"Poodle on Couch" by Amanda Lawford (CC 148)

"Cat on Couch "  by Needle Crossings (#3130) 

That Amy-ism got me thinking about my own selection of Cat and Dog canvases. Back in the day, I owned Golden Retrievers. I wasn't doing needlepoint at that time; thus no dog canvases.  However, even now when I go to Market, my eyes gravitate towards any Golden Retriever canvas. Funny.

Now I own cats. You've heard me mention them. I have stitched a cat or two in my day... with more waiting for me in the Works in Progress (WIP) pile. You, too?

Here are some photos of my finished or almost finished cat canvases. Quite an eclectic group... just like my cats at home. Enjoy the week. We'll be in touch, soon. Thanks, Robin

Boots Bailey 7026
Charley Harper canvas... inspired by Jules
Black Cat in Red Chair... inspired by Mow
Chat Blanc (MSD J106)
Good Mews (MAG 364)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Night's Bullions

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Hope all is good with you. I'm watching The Food Network:  The Next Iron Chef... and stitching... for ME.

Yes, the Harvest Fairy is done. I re-did her lips. At first, she was looking like the poster child for Collagen injections-gone-wrong.... now, she looks like a Glam-Fairy. I've got her Stitch Guide typed and charted. Next is adding her photos. This week she's going to the finisher! (Big relief.)

So, for tonight's simple pleasure, I have returned to the Kathy Schenkel, Mr. Mummy. Last time you saw the Mr. Mummy was during my roadtrip to Nashville. (Since then, I have finished 2 projects for the January 2011 TNNA classes.) I'm reserving tonight... pour MOI.

I've beaded the STAR and finished the BORDER. Next, I'm going to Bullion Knot the Spider Legs using Frosty Rays. They will be off of the canvas (almost 3-D, if you will) so I will now need to go back and fill in the previous open guides for the legs.

For those who shy-away from Bullion Knots (and why do you? with all of the available resources... including Amy's DVD #1, Tips, Hints + Knots... and other online websites, they aren't hard... REALLY!), I'm going to attempt a pictorial tutorial for the Bullion Spider Legs. It's a great Knot to have in our arsenal... so please, don't think you can't do them. You can!

Have you been following The Next Iron Chef? Guilty pleasures, for sure. With their encouragement, tonight, I made a Penne with Ground Turkey, Onions, Garlic, Tomato Sauce for dinner. Yummy, with leftovers, too.

Well, Bailey just walked into the room. Need to go hug a Kitten.

Peggy should be back this week. Sure have missed her.  Thanks, Robin

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

News and Mower News

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Hope everyone's Halloween was their best, ever.

Looks like Melinda's Bride Z. Illa and Zomme B. Groom came back from the finisher. Awesome! You can see them on her blog as well as the group shot (including Stirha and Frank) on her mantle. Great job, Melinda.

My head has been down; blinders on... stitching on the Harvest Fairy. Deadlines, I tell you... deadlines. But... I am so pleased to say... she's DONE. Tonight I will begin writing her Stitch Guide. She's a cutie, if I say so, myself. I do hope her handlers (Melissa Shirley and Debbie Mumm) are equally pleased. Fingers crossed.

The TNNA website has posted the two classes I will be teaching at the Long Beach 2011 Winter Market.  Here's the link to the Zecca/Bird & Worm class (8AM - 10AM, Saturday, January 8, 2011).  Here's the link to the Melissa Shirley/Debbie Mumm/Harvest Fairy class (8AM - 10AM, Sunday, January 9, 2011).

(If you click on the links you can see a preview of the canvases... I'm not saying... I'm just saying!)

Each class has limited seats of 20; open to the Needlepoint Shop owners attending the Market. So, if you know someone who will be attending the Market... give them the heads-up about my classes. Regular Registration for TNNA members is now open thru December 16, 2010... then the price goes up. It's an affordable class and it comes with an awesome Thread Kit.

My Stitch Guides will be available from Zecca and Melissa Shirley Designs... talk about your powerhouses! It is really an honor to stitch their designs. Here's an excerpt from one of the stitch guides: the Oak Leaf. I thought, being that it is November 02... it would be a fun thing to share with you in the Needlepoint Study Hall. Enjoy!

Here's some more news... the day after the Market, I will be traveling to Needle In A Haystack (Montrose, CA) to teach a one-day class, NeedleDeeva's Heart #150G. How exciting is that! Here's their website so you can see the announcement of my class. Jody, the owner, is a wonderful lady, and I am most excited for this opportunity. For those of you within the sound of this blog, come join me at the Needle In a Haystack (Montrose, CA), Tuesday, January 11, 2011.

Have you noticed the title of this blog entry: News and Mower News... I'll explain. This summer, during grass cutting season, Pat went to get some Mower gas. He also got some gasoline for his car. There were 2 same-day credit card charges reflecting these transactions. Everything was fine. The next day, he got a courtesy phone call from the Credit Card company; they noticed the transactions. They asked him, "Were you shopping at the QuickMart?" "Yes," he replied. "I got Gas." They said, "and then..." He said, "I got Mower Gas." The Credit Card person thought he was being a smart-a##... but actually, it was a case of mistaken "Southern Drawl." He said Mower Gas.... their heard More Gas. We laugh about it, even today... bwahahhahaha.

Well, we will try to not be such strangers this month. Peggy says things are getting better and thanks for all of your thoughts.  Best news, ever. Thanks, Robin

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hear Ye... Hear Ye...

Hi Eveybody... Robin here.

I'm the Town Crier today... it's my pleasure to spread the word.

First of all, here's a message from Amy regarding the Eyelashes for the Haunted House:
  • "The eyelashes that I used are the ones in the upper right-hand corner of her picture. They will all look good but people always want to know which ones." -- Amy Bunger

Also, in the comment section of Cat Walk, Melinda had a question about the Peyote Beading on Dr. A's coffin. I am posting Melinda's question with Amy's answer as it might be helpful for others when they get to that point of their stitching:
  • Melinda:  "This is off topic but I am struggling with the peyote beading on Dr. Acula's coffin. I understand the concept of what we are doing with each row of beading but I can't translate that into actually doing it. My beads on the second row will not stay in place at all. After about 4 attempts tonight on the second row, I am just not "getting it". Amy's instructions are quite detailed but if there are any other suggestions or hints, I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks!"
  • Amy Bunger:  "The second row of the peyote beading is the hardest. I also had problems keeping the line straight. Will try to give advice from memory. Put a finger of your left hand under the string of beads to lift them off of the canvas and help to stabilize them. Aim the needle up or down away from the beads as you slide it through each bead on the return trip. Hang in there....I really mean it, the second row is totally the hardest to do. In row three the beads stay pretty much where they are supposed to, making it a piece of cake. After row three I wished that there were more rows to work!"

In my world, last evening I stitched the Harvest Fairy's wings. Today I am working on her face.  She is looking pretty good. Once I got her dress and boots finished, she started to have confidence in me and eased up her attitude. 
preview of Harvest Fairy

Just as a reminder, the Harvest Fairy is the new Melissa Shirley/Debbie Mumm canvas (MSD DM-09) which will be released in the January 2011 TNNA Long Beach Winter Market. I will be teaching her canvas at the Market, as well as my Stitch Guide will be available through Melissa Shirley Designs.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the weekend. Thanks, Robin

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