Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Well, you know how it goes... my kingdom for 8 more inches. What?!!

You can see I was able to form the E-O-W of the MEOW. So far, so good. I have them loose for positioning. I have not couched them down, yet.

And then... I ran out of the DMC Memory Thread... just when I was needing to create the M. No problem... I purchased more. Yes, the DMC Memory Thread is available at your LNS.

So for those of you following along, I suggest you have 2 of the DMC Memory Thread Black 6020 on hand for this project. Just in case. OK. That's all for now...

For you Halloweenies... embrace the Bullion Knots... embrace the Raised Stem. They are wonderful techniques, and Amy's DVDs will unlock the mystery. Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin, lettering looks great! I have never seen the DMC Memory Thread applied and it really is impressive. The whole project is coming along beautifully.
    - Kathleen

  2. Thanks, Kathleen. The DMC Memory Thread is so-o-o-o friendly to use. I will photograph the colors that I have in my Stash in an upcoming post for those who haven't seen the product. I also think I will photograph step-by-step how I do the M for those interested.

    So glad you are enjoying the progress. Mewtopia is a wonderful organization, and I am pleased to provide them this Tote Bag for their upcoming Silent Auction on June 12, 2010.

    Thanks, Robin

  3. Eow indeed! Next time, ask me. I have memory thread here, stamps and envelopes....

  4. Good to know, Jane. Your friendship & Stash are cherished. Waving from Memphis. Thanks, Robin

  5. Robin -- would look forward to that post with the info regarding the Memory Thread! Thanks for sharing your experiences & expertise with us. It's a great way to learn and become more familiar with all this exciting new stuff!! Blessings on the animals and you for taking such good care and giving in such a generous way. xoxoxo

  6. I have a different way of using the Memory Thread - tutorial on my Freebies, Etc. blog. For bullion knots - Sharon Boggon of PINTANGLE has some marvelous and imaginative variations. I flunked bullion knots, myself.


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