Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Robin is teaching at What's The Point? Needlepoint

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Look what I found on the internet: the newsletter from What's The Point? Needlepoint (located in Dublin, Ohio).

Robin is teaching at What's The Point? Needlepoint

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 in Dublin, OH

Looks like I am in good company, right? Melissa Shirley to my left and Vicky de Angelis to my right. How cool is that?

I'll be back with my intended blog on Nutcrackers. Just wanted to share this late breaking news with you.

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area .... and, are even closer to Dublin, OH... join in the fun of the Sunflower and Berries class on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. It will be great to meet you. You will learn a lot and have fun all at the same time... Guaranteed.

Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Robin is teaching at Columbus/TNNA Market 2012

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

We are approaching the one month countdown to the June 2012/TNNA Summer Market. New canvases to see; old friends to see, too. I am looking forward to my trip to Columbus.

I have been selected to teach 2 classes at TNNA.  How exciting is that!

Lotus Squared by Zecca on Saturday, June 23, 2012 from 8AM - 10AM. It is class number ST117 in room C216. The ZE 134 canvas is on 13 mesh and measures 6" x 6".

Lotus Squared by Zecca • ZE 134
Stitch Guide by Robin King

Here is the class description:

"Zen met Needlepoint when Robin King stitched Lotus Squared by Zecca (ZE 134). Beads, River Silks Ribbons and DMC Memory Thread as well as wonderful threads from Gloriana, Rainbow Gallery and Kreinik enhance this canvas by Zecca. The vibrant palette of Turquoise, Chartreuse and Orange are signature Zecca colors. The canvas design is on 13 mesh and was a dream to stitch."

The other class being offered is Kitty Bra and Tap Pants by SharonG on Monday, June 25, 2012 from 8AM - 10AM. It is class number MT104 in room C114. The BT50-42 canvas is on 18 mesh and measures 7" x 9".

Kitty Bra and Tap Pants by SharonG • BT 50-42
Stitch Guide by Robin King

Here is the class description:

"SharonG's timeless series of Bra and Tap Pants has a new twist when Robin King stitches the Kitty version: 3-Dimensional Painted Cat Felt Faces. A "barely there" technique was given to the Tap Pants; just the purr-fect touch."

I have been a fan of SharonG and her lingerie series for a long time. Here is the link to SharonG's website where you can see the other Bra/Tap Pants designs. I want to stitch more of them!

T. Clifton Art in Memphis, TN did the framing of Kitty Bra and Tap Pants. Nice and talented people. (They also framed the Sunflower and Berries.) I am very pleased with the end result. Love the Pink accent on the Frame.

For those Shop Owners attending this year's Columbus TNNA Market, please consider signing up for either (or both) of my classes. You will receive the canvas, the complete thread kit, and the stitch guide; all for the affordable TNNA member admission fee. I will share the techniques I learned along the way. If you are not a shop owner, but rather an avid stitcher or fan of this blog, please mention these two classes to your Local Needlepoint Shop (LNS)... just in case they weren't aware.

The donated threads for both classes have arrived; time to package the thread kits. Next, I will create the teaching manuals as well as begin printing the class stitch guides. Yes, the countdown to Columbus has begun.

Until the next time.... Hugs, Robin

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Free Stitch Guides!

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Ever want a FREE stitch guide? Well, here is one place you can find them: on the DMC website.

Several months ago, I was asked by DMC to chart/compile a Stitch Guide from Alice Okon's wonderful stitching of Beautiful Flowers by Maggie Co. (M-1429). I just loved this canvas when I saw it in the DMC booth at TNNA/Phoenix. It was also one of the models used in the Memory Thread class which I taught during TNNA.

Beautiful Flowers by Maggie Co. (M-1429)
Stitch Design by Alice Okon • Stitch Guide compiled by Robin King

The notes and photos were emailed to me. All I had to do was label, describe and chart the stitches and techniques. I am amazed at Alice's artistry and usage of the DMC Memory Thread.  Her approach to stitches with DMC thread selection is very creative. In fact, Alternating Diagonal Mosaic stitch inspired me for one of the leaves in Sunflower and Berries (ND 309).

Leaf #5 in Sunflower and Berries (ND 309)
Alternating Diagonal Mosaic stitch

Here's the link to the Needlepoint Stitch Guides on the DMC website:

Just click on the Beautiful Flowers image and the PDF will download; ready for you to save to your desktop as well as print for your records. Here is a screenshot of the stitch guide as I was writing it... 14 pages.

Descriptions, Photos, Stitches Diagrams... all for you... FREE.

Want more FREE stitch guides?  The same link will send you to the other free stitch guides from the collaboration of Associated Talents and DMC. Excellent usage of Memory Thread!

The "Shop the Town: Bakery, Boutique, Coffee Shop and Flower Shop" series is so cute. I love these designs by Associated Talents. Download and print these, too... OK?

Free Needlepoint Stitch Guides from DMC

DMC encourages stitches to use some, if not all of these techniques for applying Memory Thread. Visit their website to see their new threads and colors. It is a wonderful website.

Well, that's all for now. I must get back to "work"... code word for stitching, stitch guides, etc...  I will be able to share some of those events on another day.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teaching at In Stitches (Atlanta)

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Four days after Nashville Needleworks, Jules (the cat) was helping me pack my suitcase.

Jules loves a suitcase.

She knew I was going on an airplane. Destination: In Stitches (Atlanta, Georgia) to teach Sunflower and Berries (ND 309). Here are some highlights from my travels.

In Stitches (Atlanta): On Thursday, Bam Coleman, owner of In Stitches, met me at the airport. When she drove up, there was already a passenger in the car. You will never guess who it was!.... Vicky De Angelis from California. Vicky decided to travel to Atlanta to take the class. What a surprise. How fun to have Team Deeva in ATL.

Bam brought us to her lovely home where I met Harry, the cat... a most friendly Maine Coon cat. He made me feel right at home.

Harry, a very fine cat.
Class days were Friday and Saturday. Again, the Sunflower and Berries canvas was taught to a sold-out crowd. It was fun to meet the women in attendance... many were already Facebook/Blog friends. Melinda from Living the Good Life blog and Vicky from Mostly Needlepoint blog were there. Vicky won the Travel Trophy, but Elizabeth came in second traveling from North Carolina.

Bam had each table decorated with vases filled with Sunflowers. Her dinner plates and napkins also had the Sunflower theme. Bam is the ultimate Southern Belle Hostess.

River Silks Ribbons were wonderful.
Sharon G mentioned that In Stitches has an unbelievable assortment of Threads. Truer words haven't been spoken! I do believe I saw the largest variety of Threads ever seen under one roof. In Stitches is truly Atlanta's premiere needlepoint shop. You can read more about it on Vicky's blog.

I also did some retail therapy at In Stitches.
After class, Bam took us for dinner; celebrating with the tasty Atlanta cuisine. Our desserts were at home: ice cream and a movie with Harry.

Vicky and I are planning on returning to In Stitches... to teach together. Bam suggested the idea and we said yes before she could finish the sentence. Any chance to return to ATL, Bam and Harry is good with me.

Since returning home from Atlanta, I hit the ground running and haven't stopped yet... which explains my absence from the blog. I will share more with you the next time. Until then... Hugs, Robin

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Teaching at Nashville Needleworks

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Happy Mother's Day to each of you. Whether you are a cat mom, dog mom, bird mom, fish mom, or human mom... I hope you are enjoying this day.

Speaking of days, time sure has passed quickly since I returned from teaching at Nashville Needleworks and In Stitches Atlanta. I would like to give you a quick review of some of my highlights; in order as they occurred. First was Nashville.

Nashville Needleworks: Owners, Lisa Rusche and her sister, Emily Hennessy, rolled out their red carpet of southern hospitality for my visit. The sold-out Sunflower and Berries class was on Saturday from 9AM-4PM. Their shop is filled with wonderful finished pieces, canvases, threads, DVDs, books and accessories. They make the best use of vertical space I have ever seen. The NeedleDeeva Trunk Show was on the walls. I felt right at home.

Reviewing the thread kits.
One of the two classroom tables.
I drove up on Friday afternoon heading east along I-40 towards Nashville. 206 miles later, I was at The Brentwood Bed & Breakfast. Lisa is also the owner of this lovely B&B so it was my place to sleep. If you are ever in the Nashville area and want a wonderful B&B experience, do consider The Brentwood Bed & Breakfast.

The Brentwood B&B
located outside of Nashville, TN
They are on the Historic Registry of B&B, located on beautifully groomed acreage with trees and deer.

Here is the view of The Brentwood B&B front yard.
Their rose garden was in full bloom and was a delight to see from the dining room. The bedrooms are spacious, clean, and inviting. I stayed in the Nashville Room.

My comfortable bed at The Brentwood B&B.
The Nashville Room
The Breakfasts were awesome. On Sunday, there was a 3-course Breakfast; not three items on one plate...  three separate services. OMG! it was wonderful. The Breakfast began with your choice of Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice or a combination of Orange/Cranberry Juice. I selected the combo. It looked so pretty. Just like a Tequila Sunrise... only without the Tequila. Peggy (their resident Chef) served Poached Pears with Homemade Granola; Asparagus/Leek/Potato Quiche garnished with a wonderful red bell pepper sauce and sauteed vegetables on the side; and Belgium Waffles with Strawberries for dessert. Dessert for breakfast??? It was Chef Peggy's special touch. What a lady!

I enjoyed meeting Lisa and Emily; two talented sisters offering a wonderful needlepoint experience in the Nashville area. We are talking about having a Stitching Retreat where you would stay at the B&B and have needlepoint class at their shop. It could be a canvas enhancement class or a project class... I am game, either way. The distance between both locations is four miles... both in lovely Brentwood, TN. I am so ready to go back to Nashville... after all, it's only 206 miles away.

I told the Lions I would be back.
It was time to pack up and head back home. I had been treated like royalty and met new friends, too. My time at Nashville Needleworks was fun and enlightening. I headed back home to Memphis with only a few days to regroup and get ready for my trip to Atlanta at In Stitches. I will talk about that trip next time.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Derby de Mayo

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Quick post today. So much going on: Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby... all on the same day.

When life gives you lémons...
Secretariat and me
Spectacular Bid and me
Looks like both are reasons for celebrations... and a day to do some Random Long and Short Stitches. Let me know how you celebrated yours.

Until the next time... Giddyup... Olé... Hugs, Robin

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