Saturday, December 6, 2014

How'd You Do That? needlepoint DVDs - part 1

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

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One of the many hats I've worn is producing the "How'd You Do That?" needlepoint DVDs. Pet Project Video was the name of our company. It was a joint venture between myself, Amy Bunger and Pat Ryan (Business Visuals).

All of the DVDs are still available through your Local/Favorite Needlepoint shops; shops can order from either Amy Bunger or Pat Ryan (Business Visuals) or contact me and I can get you to them.

I'd like to re-introduce the DVDs to our blog readers. In this episode, we will first feature DVDs 1-6. Amy Bunger shares her needlepoint knowledge so others can learn, too.

DVD #1 Tips Hints + Knots

Learn things you never knew, be reminded of things you might have forgotten, and see those tricky 3-D stitches and techniques which are hard to figure out from a one-dimension diagram or chart.
Tips Hints + Knots, 1st in the "How'd You Do That?" series of needlepoint DVDs with Amy Bunger, is about the art of needlepointing with information for all skill levels. This hour-long DVD has 42 chapters; allowing the viewer to fast forward to the next stitch of inerest, or pause and study.
60 minutes of close-up, clear instruction which you can watch as a movie, or choose from 42 different scenes at the touch of a button.
  • Threading the Needle: Commercial Needle Threaders, Pinch and Press, Needling the Thread, Fold Pinch and Press, Paper Trough
  • Knotting Your Thread:  Wrap and Roll Knot, Tailor's Knot, Quilter's Knot
  • Anchoring the Thread: In Your Path Waste Knot, Pinhead, Away Waste Knot, Weave Under, 3 Backstitches to Start, 3 Backstitches to Finish, Weave Away to Start, Weave Away to Finish, Securing "L" Knot, Piggyback Waste Knot, Bargello Tuck, Tying Off Your Threads, Run Under, Pinhead, and Bargello Tuck
  • Knotted Stitches:  French Knot, Colonial Knot, French Knot on a  Stalk, Palestrina Knot, Sorbello Knot, Bullion Knot, Arched Bullion Knot, Twisted Lazy Daisy, Slide Bullion, Slide Shimmer Blend RibbonFloss, Slide Sparkle Rays, Detached Bullion, Twisted  Cord Fringe, Gathered Stitch

DVD #2 A Closet Full of Stitches

How many canvases have you worked which involve fabric? DVD #2 from the "How'd You Do That?" needlepoint series, A  Closet Full of Stitches, is filmed to help "dress" your canvas fabrics. Lee's Needle Art, Inc.'s canvas, People Parade, WH1204, is a natural for demonstrating different stitches and techniques well-suited for fabric textures and clothing ideas. 60 minutes of clear instructions to watch as a movie, pause and study, or choose from 40 different scenes.
  • Gentleman #1: Wool Roving Beret, Skip Tent Stitch, Colonial Knot, French Knot, Encroached Gobelin Stitch, Woven Stitch
  • Lady #2:  Milanese Stitch Variation, Padded Satin Stitch, Straight Satin Stitch, Diamond Eyelet Stitch, Stitch Orientation
  • Lady #3:  Diagonal Scotch with a Cross Stitch, Slanted Satin Stitch, Design a Stitch
  • Lady #4:  Diagonal Knitting Stitch, Pulled Ribbon, Kalem Stitch
  • Gentleman #5:  Shaped Felt Padding, Satin Stitch, Rice Stitch, Compensation Tip, Van Dyke Stitch
  • Lady #6: Ruffled Hat Band, Locking the Ribbon, Soft Knot, Basting the Ribbon, Ribbon Collar, Double Burden Stitch, Laid Filling Demonstration
  • Lady #7:  Couched Baby Fluffy Fleece, Corduroy Stitch, Reverse Scotch Stitch, Braid Trim, Ribbon Handkerchief Technique
  • Lady #8:  Crossed Oblong Cross Stitch, Reverse Slanted Nobuko, Nobuko Stitch, Fly Away Threads  Tip, Bouclé Collar, Divided Scotch Stitch 

DVD #3 Mop Tops and Buzz Cut

Mop Tops and Buzz Cuts is the 3rd instructional DVD in the "How'd You Do That?" series with Amy Bunger. 60 minutes of Hair, Beard, Mustache, Eyebrows and Eyelash ideas for Needlepoint. 51 chapters. This DVD cleverly shows the unstitched canvas/stitched models transformation appear befor your eyes.

  • Long Straight Stitches: Changing Directions
  • Satin Stitches:  Target Stitches, Fill in Satin Stitches
  • Padded Satin:  Felt Padding Technique, Satin Stitch over Padding
  • Random Split Stitch:  Directional Guide Lines
  • Wrapped Backstitch Curls:  Skip Tent Base, Backstitch Technique, Wrapped Backstitch
  • Layers of Buttonhole Stitch:  Starting the Buttonhole, Changing Threads in Buttonhole, Second Layer of Buttonhole, Ending Buttonhole
  • Stitches that "suggest":  Diagonal Wave Stitch, Divided Small Swirl Stitch, Movement Bargello Stitch
  • Knots in Swirls:  Satin Stitch Base, French Knots Swirls
  • Tent in Swirls:  Tent in Swirls Technique
  • All Over Knots:  All Over Knots Technique
  • Gathered Stitch:  Gathered Stitch Technique
  • Twisted Lazy Daisy:  Twisted Lazy Daisy Technique, Nesting Twisted Lazy Daisy
  • Couched Coils:  Couched Coils Technique
  • Freeform Amadeus:  Freeform Amadeus Technique
  • Outline Stitch for Eye:  Tent Stitch Base for Eye, Outline Stitch for Upper Lash, Outline Stitch for Lower Lash
  • Packed Rows for Eyebrow:  Eyebrow Technique, The Complete Eye
  • Rya for Eyelashes:  Rya Technique
  • Gathered Ribbon for Eyelashes:  Gathered Ribbon Technique

DVD #4 Just FUR Fun!

Just FUR Fun! is the fourth in the "How'd You Do That?" series of DVDs with Amy Bunger. Watch this movie on how to work a variety of stitches and techniques for FUR (most can be used for hair as well).  See real detail on 5 different ways to work Turkey Work. 60 minutes of close-up, clear instructions. Watch it as a movie, or choose from 41 different scenes at the touch of a button.
  • Cut Turkey Work:  Cut Turkey Work technique, Changing Threads, Trimming Cut Turkey Work, Cut Turkey Work on a Curve
  • Jump Through The Loop Turkey Work:  Jump Through The Loop technique, Trimming Jump Through The Loop, Jump Through The Loop model
  • Punch Needle:  Threading the Punch Needle
  • Punch Needle Turkey Work:  Punch Needle Turkey Work technique, Anchoring the Punch Needle, Gluing the Punch Needle Turkey Work, Turkey Work model duo
  • Laura's Turkey Work:  Laura's Turkey Work technique, Changing Threads
  • Sculpting the Turkey Work:  Trimming the Loops, Sculpting the Turkey Work, Sculpted Turkey Work model
  • Encroached Gobelin:  Encroached Straight Gobelin technique, Encroached Straight Gobelin model, Encroached Gobelin Changing Directions, Encroached Gobelin model, Nap Raiser/ Nap Brush, Encroached Gobelin Brush model
  • Encroached Giant Brick: Encroached Giant Brick technique, Encroached Giant Brick model
  • Encroached Random Long & Short: Encroached Random Long & Short technique, model
  • Stitches that "suggest":  Alternating Curves, Sound Waves, Diagonal Balloon, Parisian, Beetle Stitch, "Irregular Jacquard, Basketweave with Long Stitches, Basketweave with Random Stitches, Staggered Mosaic, Random Long Stitches
  • All Over Knots:  All Over Knots technique, Building a 3-D Figure in Knots
  • Gathered Stitch:  Gathered Stitch model, Gathered Stitch technique
  • "S" Curve Couching:  "S" Curve Couching model, "S" Curve Couching technique
  • Puffy Couching:  Puffy Couching model, Puffy Couching technique, Tying Off the Puffy Couching
  • Furry Threads:  Furry Threads model #1, Furry Threads model #2, Furry Threads model #3

DVD #5 Fancy Flowers

Fancy Flowers is the fifth in the "How'd You Do That?" series of DVDs with Amy Bunger. Watch this movie on how to work a variety of stitches and techniques for flowers. See real close detail on Appliquéd Felt, Stumpwork Button Technique, Detached Buttonhole over Found Object, Buttonhole Techniques for Pansy Flowers and Turkey Work for Needlepoint Flowers. 60 minutes of close-up, clear instructions that you can watch as a movie or choose from 42 different scenes at the touch of a button.
Petite Blue Floral Wacky Vase
  • Flower #1  Appliquéd Felt with Gathered Flair and Lazy Daisy:  Paper Pattern, Glad Press 'n Seal Demo, Appliqué Technique, Gathered Flair Technique, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Flower #1 Review
  • Flower #2  Lazy Daisy and Packed Fly Stitches:  Lazy Daisy Stitch, Packed Fly Stitches, Flower #2 Review
  • Flower #3  Reverse Mosaic, Couching, Stumpwork Button:  Reverse Mosaic Technique, Couching Technique, Stumpwork Button Technique, Flower #3 Review
  • Flower #4  Detached Buttonhole over Found Objects:  Found Object, Detached Buttonhole Technique, Left Handed Detached Buttonhole Technique, Attaching the Found Object, Flower #4 Review
  • Flower #5  Detached Buttonhole into the Festoon Edge:  Flower #5 Review, Detached Buttonhole into the Festoon Edge Technique, Detached Buttonhole into Backstitch
  • Flower #6  Satin Stitch, Chain Stitch, Stacked Beads:  Satin Stitch, Chain Stitch, Changing Threads in the Chain Stitch, Stacked Beads, Flower #6 Review 
Pansy Flowers
  • Buttonhole Stitch, Changing Threads in the Buttonhole Stitch, Pansy Flower Models
Turkey Work
  • Cut Turkey Work, Punch Needle Turkey Work, Laura's Turkey Work, Turkey Work Models

DVD #6 Barely There

Barely There is the sixth in the "How'd You Do That?" needlepoint series of DVDs with Amy Bunger. Sometimes a "light touch" with the thread and stitch is just the "right touch." This DVD is full of stitch, thread, and technique ideas that will help you succeed in adding texture and depth to your design while still using the artistry of the original painted canvas.  Needlepoint is a textile sculpture and a minimalist approach can be interesting and effective. 64 Chapters with many stitched models illustrating the Barely There techniques in this 1-hour long DVD.
Shadow Stitching
  • Shadow Stitching Definition, Sound Waves Stitch, Sound Waves Technique (Bargello Tuck. Pinhead Stitch), 3 Backstitches, Bars Stitch, Traveling Stem Stitch (Traveling Stem Technique, End with Pinhead Stitch, Start with Bargello Tuck, Incorrect Way to End)
Exposed Canvas
  • Poolside Slide Stitch, Joseph Model, Calla Lily Model (Outline Stitch), Yellow Apples on Red Purse Model, Limp on a Limb Model (Ray Stitch), Shell Bell Pull Model, Tall Sickly Green House Model (Irregular Eyelets, Irregular Rows of Gobelin), Wreath of Leaves Model (Skip Tent)
  • Blackwork Definition, Honeycomb Pattern, Honeycomb Blackwork Technique (Ending the Thread, Starting the Thread, Diamond Eyelet), Eyelet Technique (Small Eyelet Technique, Large Eyelet Technique), Ebony Dress Model, Manhattan Drink Model, White Wine Model, Harlequin Nutcracker Model
Lite Stitching
  • Lite Stitching Definition, Willow Stitch (Weave Away to End, Weave Away to Start, Ending Threads in Middle), Daffodil Lite Stitching Model, Beaty Stitch, Small Swirl Stitch (Do Not Break the Pattern), Summer Barbecue Model (Skip Tent), Slide Stitch (Slide Stitch Technique, Connected Pattern, Chenille Needle, Anchor the Slide Stitch, Start the Bargello Tuck), Appliquéd Flair (Appliquéd Flair Technique, Plan Ahead Paper Pattern, Appliquéd Flair on Onions, Ebony Appliquéd Flair Model), Martini Drink / Water 'n Ice Model
Darning Patterns
  • Darning Pattern Definition, Hope Deco Hat #6 Model, Daisy Deco Hat #3 Model, Singing in the Rain Model, Darning Pattern Technique (Where to End the Thread, Weave Away to End, Weave Away to Start), Pretty Peasant Dress Model, Daffodil Alicia's Lace Model, Grandfather Frost Nutcracker, Giant Narcissus Model

As you can imagine, there is valuable content on these DVDs. You can watch, rewind, replay all in the convenience of your stitching room.

Well, that's it for now.

Until the next time... HUGS!  Robin

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Teaching at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

I've dialed in The Wayback Machine for the next event which was in October.  Join me for the ride...

October 25-27, 2014 ... The Nimble Needle-Atlanta

Three days at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta: one day of Help Sessions and two days of Canvas Enhancement. What fun we had!

Here was the line up of canvases: Amanda Lawford, Sandra Gilmore, Treglown Designs/Charley Harper, Melissa Shirley Designs, JP Needlepoint, Susan Roberts, Associated Talents, Tapestry Fair, Danji/Laurel Burch, Colors of Praise, Julia's Needleworks/Chicho, and Point of It All Designs.

new stitch guides by Robin King

Stacy Brown (owner of The Nimble Needle-Atlanta) took these brilliant "beauty shots." Look at the fun threads, beads and ribbons.

Fretwork Tassels Button #2
Associated Talents • D1416

Cat Carson Western Scout
Treglown Designs • HC-C21 artist, Charley Harper

Pigs are big
Treglown Designs • CH-P017 artist, Charley Harper

Blue Crab
Point of It All Designs • P180

Tortoise in Aqua & Lime
Point of It All Designs • P181A

Egyptian  Elephant with Palm Trees
JP Needlepoint • A256

Halloween Banner
Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD 1352

Santa, Reindeer, & Basket of Toys
Susan Roberts • 0156

Colors of Praise • MC320

Soul Singer
Julia's Needleworks • Chicho 05

White Santa
Amanda Lawford • AL-7051

Wild Horses
Danji • LB-32, artist Laurel Burch

It was a treat to see some finished pieces from my previous Canvas Enhancement classes at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta. What a talented group of stitchers!

Head Games
Sandra Gilmore • SG-13-032
Stitched by Sheila King
Atlanta, GA

Brown Pelican (CH-B092)
Louisiana Heron (CH-L090)
Treglown Designs, artist Charley Harper
Stitched by Judy Hales
Atlanta, GA

Treglown Designs • HC-P102
Stitched by Penny Boswinkle
Atlanta, GA

I really enjoy visiting The Nimble Needle-Atlanta and look forward to my return visits in 2015: February, April, July and October. Hope to see you there!

What a view!
It was time to head back home... to board the flight back to Memphis.

Cheers for a job well done!
I had my "celebratory" Pink Lemonade Martini (available only in October); supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here's a stitch for you.

Until the next time... Hugs!  Robin