Sunday, November 30, 2014

Michelle Wyse of Little Bird Designs, LLC

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

When I was teaching at Needle Nook of La Jolla, there was a Trunk Show as well as a Meet & Greet reception of a new needlepoint designer.

Michelle Wyse is the artist for Little Bird Designs, LLC. She has already attended and successfully sold her designs at Destination Dallas (a Cash & Carry Needlepoint Market). The word is spreading about her fresh and innovative needlepoint designs.

It is my pleasure to introduce Little Bird Designs to our blog readers.

Here's a link to the Little Bird Designs Facebook page. Be sure to visit and "Like" them the next time you are on Facebook.

Here's a link to her Needlepoint of No Return website where you can see all of her designs:

Little Bird Designs has designs for the modern needlepointer.

Love these colors

Little Bird Designs

Statement Necklace


3.5" x 7" Canvas 

Animal Silhouettes

Little Bird Designs, LLC
Michelle Wyse, artist
Like Little Bird Designs on Facebook

It was fun introducing Little Bird Designs to you. How exciting for us to meet an artist at the beginning of their career.

Next blog will be about teaching at The Nimble Needle in Atlanta; the Wayback Machine awaits.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Teaching at Needle Nook of La Jolla

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

On this holiday, I am taking time to blog. Yes, blog.... to catch you up on what's been going on since the last time we were together.

Step into the Wayback Machine with me...  as we visit October 10-11, 2014.

October 10-11, 2014 ... Needle Nook of La Jolla

I had been asked to teach a canvas enhancement class at Needle Nook of La Jolla.

Needle Nook of La Jolla has 2 stores:
The Canvas Studio and The Thread  Gallery

What an honor. The store is a leader in the needlepoint community: great website, knowledgeable staff and management, and home to their brilliant resident teacher David McCaskill. And, did I mention it was in La Jolla, CA?

I've always heard about the wonderful weather in Southern California; the inspiration to many songs.

And look at this view. The Pacific Ocean was right there!

Palm Trees and succulents.

10 canvases were on the dossier from these wonderful designers: Zecca, Ruth Schmuff, Dream House Ventures, Barbara Fox, Kirk & Bradley, Maggie Co, Melissa Shirley Designs, and Treglown Designs/Charley Harper.

new stitch guides by Robin King

The color copies had been given to me ahead of time and I was able to plan stitch & thread suggestions.

It is always fun to see the threads pulled and the stitches come to life. Look at the wall of threads in the Needle Nook of La Jolla's Thread Gallery!

I was scurrying from one student to the next. I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked to take. Here's a few...

Needle Nook of La Jolla is directly across from a delightful restaurant, The Cottage. Those of you who have followed my travels know I enjoy starting the day with an "eggy" breakfast. The Cottage is the grand-prize winner. What a treat!

Breakfast at The Cottage with Rosanne

Here's Rosanne (the talented and terrific manager at Needle Nook of La Jolla) who had the "stuffed" French Toast. You can see my "eggy" breakfast in the foreground. Epically delicious.

I had the best time teaching at Needle Nook of La Jolla and look forward to the next time. Many thanks to Fay, David, and Rosanne for this opportunity.

It's time to set the Wayback Machine to another day where I met a new upcoming needlepoint artist. See you soon.

Until then, Hugs!   Robin