Monday, June 28, 2010

Here comes the groom.

Hello everyone.  Yes, the groom will be at your homes soon.  He is being fitted for his coffin,
er...shipping box, this week.   He is wearing his finest duds.  HE thinks he looks so cool.  We'll see what the bride thinks.   

I have been working on a piece for my second grand-niece.  It will be a Christmas present, and I decided to devote the rest of the month to getting it done.  She is currently 4 months old.  I visited her last night.  She was already in bed, so I spent a few minutes watching her sleep.  Her three year old sister likes to play hide and seek, but she asks you where she should hide while you are counting to 20.  She says her sister cannot yet count to 20 because she has no teeth. gotta love um.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I had to share...

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I just had to share what's going on in my world -- right now ... Sunday, Memphis, TN 1:34PM. 

I am at the computer ... typing up the current Stitch Guide I am working on (Maggie Co.'s "I Love Cupcakes" M-1169). But, in the next room, is Pat (my guy!) the drummer, and his 2 new band mates are Tony and Philip. They are going to be playing in Memphis, TN on July 7th at a local club called The Side Car. And, guess what else... it's gonna be Biker Night!  Woohoo!

I'm going to recruit my fellow Needlepointers to come join me and let "our" hair down that evening. Yes. I'm going to invite Peggy, Jill, Amy, Amy's Golden Strand et al, and my Saturday Needlepoint Group. I might even post on Facebook. I think the Bikers and the Needlepointers will be a perfect fit: embroidered patches, you know.

Now, ya'll must know (yes, I know... I live in Tennessee, via California, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, Miami, Oklahoma ... and I had to say y'all): these guys sound GREAT! Who knew 3 guys could ROCK? I mean... the Beatles had 4 guys. Man, am I the luckiest girl? My toes are tapping!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. You've gotta love my private concert.
It's Fab-ulous!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What a face!

I have given my bride her face.  I am off one stitch, but it stays in.  Also, the skeleton side of the face didn't match the charted design, but my canvas may have been painted differently than Amy's.  It still works.  Just cover the white areas with the stitches provided.  It is just a little different.  I don't think the groom will even notice.

Then I tackled the veil.  It is a little tedious, but looks good.  I should have done the background rings before the veil in order to have a better place to bury my threads.  I did some L stitches in the area of her hair instead, since that will be covered completely.  There is a row of black that surrounds the bride.  I chose to leave that alone, but I did cover the gold tips on the veil.

I just may finish her in time for the wedding!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NeedleDeeva Heart #150G/Robin King Stitch Guide is now available

Hi Everybody ... Robin here.

Just wanted to let you know... the NeedleDeeva Heart (#150G) is now available with my Stitch Guide. How cool is that! Your LNS can order it directly from NeedleDeeva.

So, this is my second Commercial Stitch Guide. Woohoo!  To refresh your memory, my first Commercial Stitch Guide was Katt Z. Witch (KCN 9125) from Kelly Clark Needlepoint. Again, your LNS can order it directly from Kelly Clark Needlepoint; you can also order it from me. Just email me

Seeing Peggy's recent posting about her love for Bargello reminded me of our conversation in Columbus. Peggy had met June McKnight, and was thrilled because of her knowledge of Bargello. Peggy indicated her needlework journey began by first learning Bargello, then Counted Cross Stitch, then Needlepoint. You can see Peggy is an accomplished stitcher.

On the last day of Market we met Phillipa Turnbull (from England), and I told Peggy my needlework experience began with Crewel, then Embroidery. You can see I am comfortable with Crewel/Embroidery stitches; just look at the NeedleDeeva Heart (#150G). Needlepoint was much later (self-taught in the 1970s), and I began officially learning the correct techniques in 1990s. So Peggy and I met iconic industry leaders within a few days; exciting.

Well, that's all for now. The Floating Cat with Pumpkin Balloon is coming along good. The Cat Body is finished. Next I will begin stitching the eyes... and we know: it's all about the EYES.

Thanks, Robin

UPDATE: Thanks to Jane/Chilly Hollow who mentioned my Stitch Guides on her Needlepoint Stitch Guides blog. Jane, you are awesome.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful Bargello

I took some time away from the bride to work on this piece from a class I took at the Columbus market. Bargello is my first love, so this beautiful canvas has been calling my name.  Once the background is in, the River Silk ribbons lay on top.  

Tonight I will return to the bride.  I think I will stitch her face.  The poor thing is losing half of her face to worry that the wedding won't go well. What kind of cake do you think she ordered?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Say yes to the dress!

I jumped ahead to the dress because I love the stitches.  However, as I proceeded, I found I needed to go back and complete some other areas to make sure the dress worked out.   Here is how it went.

I put in the darker lining of the dress.  I added the continental stitches in the boney leg.  They are hard to see.  Then I added some lining stitches because we would be able to see some of the lining behind the bones.  This is not charted or mentioned, I just thought it would add something to the area once we put the big bones on.  (I will go back and fix the heel of her boney leg shoe.)

I completed her fleshy leg.  I am having trouble laying in the four strands of flesh color.  I will have to improve on that.

When I started the stitch for the bottom of her dress, I started where I could get a full run of the stitch.  I worked down, finishing the bottom of the dress.  

Then I turned the canvas upside down and compensated to meet the bodice of the dress.  French knots will cover the area where the upper dress and lower dress meet.

Dress done except for french knots and other embellishments. 

Keep Stitching!

Anchoring Threads/Chilly Hollow

Jane (Chilly Hollow) has posted a wonderful entry about anchoring threads.  It's great.  Check it out. Thanks Jane!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Floating Cat - Pumpkin Balloon continues

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Today is my first day to "relax" since I came home from the TNNA/Columbus Market. Laundry is done, and it's time to work on some needlepoint... for me. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is an updated progress report on the Floating Cat with Pumpkin Balloon, the cute canvas from Kirk & Hamilton.

I finished beading the Pumpkin. The Bricked Beading turned out nice, don't you think? To review this technique, here's the link from the NSH blog posting called Beading the Pumpkin Balloon from April 08, 2010. (Yikes! Where has the time gone?) I also used Petite Frosty Rays to Basketweave the dark voids of the Eyes and the Mouth. This Balloon is really fun to touch. Have you considered doing any Bricked Beading? Let us know where and how the experience was for you. You're gonna love it!

Next is the Floating Cat. I think he will have a sleek, shiny black coat. Pardon me while I dig through the BLACK threads in my Stash.

I should have just the right thing. See you soon!  Robin

Friday, June 18, 2010

Moving on with the wedding

I haven't had much time to stitch since returning from Columbus.  I have made time to give Bride Z. Illa some boobs and a shoe.  I was going to stitch lining of her dress, but I decided to stitch the shoes first to make it easier to do the dress lining.  It is kind of hard to see where the shoe starts.  Keep Stitching.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's a Wrap from the Columbus TNNA 2010 Needle Arts Market

What a weekend.  It is over far too soon.  I saw so many wonderful canvases and met so many special people.  I took three classes this weekend because I wanted to get the full market experience.

I used River Silks Ribbon for the first time in my Friday class.  Adrienne Spencer taught "Narcissus Bookmark," a canvas by j. child.  We started with the bargello background to get warmed up.  Then we built tall, graceful stems with the silks.  We used a great overdyed brown ribbon to make a padded bulb.  I want thank Rainbow Gallery, and River Silks for donating the supplies.

On Saturday, Cynthia D. Thomas taught "Crazy Corn," a canvas by a. bradley needle arts, inc.  This 3D piece makes up into a three inch piece of candy corn.  I would like to finish it as a little bowl and put real candy in it.  We warmed up with a slanted stitch combination and then tackled a laid filling stitch for one of the yellow areas.  Thanks to DMC, Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery, Sundance, and YLI for donating
the threads.

My Sunday class was so much fun.  The teaching tag team of Carol Gantz, Don Lynch, and Sandy Steere taught their Associated Talents canvas "Needlepoint Store Cottage."  We warmed up with a diagional stitch for the edge of the roof.  Then Don taught his beading technique.  We also learned how to make a basket with congress cloth.  Thanks to Caron Collection, Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery, DMC, Sundance, Weeks Dye Works, Access Commodities, and Fleur de Paris for the threads provided.

These were all two hour classes.  I wondered just how much could we learn in a brief two hours.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised.  The teachers had  lesson plans and opened up with a simple stitch.  Then we moved on to a stitch or technique we might have some trouble doing without some help.  The teachers went from student to student making sure we all "got it."  I can't believe how much I go done in the time allotted.

The classes were scheduled from 8a.m. to 10a.m., and then we were all off to the market floor.  We were able to store our stitching supplies in an area across from the event so we didn't have to carry them all day or return to the hotel room to store them.  TNNA has thought of everything. 

I had a terrific roommate this weekend.  Lisa Krause is an artist who makes wonderful wooden frames for some canvases by Maggie and Ewe &  Eye.  Lisa and her husband Jim have a company called Deux Bijoux Bijoux.   We had several late night girl talks and it was a joy to spend time with her.  Please check out her website and see some of her terrific work.  Thanks Lisa, for a truly fun time.

Finally,  I want to make sure that all of you know that this blog would not be possible without Robin King.  She took all of the pictures this weekend.  And she helped me make posts that were fun for us all.  I am so grateful to her for her time and talent.  And a big thanks to Amy for taking me along to needlepoint market.  If I never go to another show, I will die happy for having had this experience this weekend.

Alas, I must retire my name-tag with my first market pin on it.  I am going to hang it in my stitching room where I can see it and relive the experience.  Good-by from Columbus,  Peggy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mariela Nielson Designs and Good Times in Columbus

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Well, this photo sums it all up. Take a look at this bottle of wine. Love the name of it: CANVAS. Is that not the most perfect wine to have after concluding the Columbus TNNA Market?  It was meant to be.

CANVAS • Merlot • 2008

And it was very tasty, too. For those wine connoisseurs... it also comes in a Chardonnay. I've got my eye on that next! 

Today was the last day of Market. Where did the time go? (Rhetorical answer: in front of this computer!) Today was tying up loose ends and saying good bye to the wonderful friends we met during this trip.

Speaking of meeting new friends, I did want to share with you the new designer I met at the Market: Mariela Nielson Designs. This market was her 1st time to exhibit at TNNA. Mariela used to paint for Rebecca Wood, and now has her own line of Needlepoint Designs. Mariela and her husband are from North Logan, Utah. Very nice couple!

Her canvases are beautifully painted. Great shading and detail.  Amy ordered some of her canvases. Here's a few of the designs on their way to Memphis. I wish the best for Mariela, and you can say you heard about her first in Needlepoint Study Hall.

Mariela Nielson Designs • 302-A • 4" x 4" • 18 mesh

Mariela Nielson Designs • 703-A • 4" x 4" • 18 mesh

Mariela Nielson Designs • 300-A • 4" x 4" • 18 mesh

Mariela Nielson Designs • 600-A • 12" x 12" • 13 mesh

If you get the chance to read the blog entry from Michele Herron at Bristly Thistle, she said some nice (and unsolicited) comments about the class that I taught on Saturday. Thanks, Michele. Here's the link.

I found some new threads to use for the next class I'm going to teach at the next TNNA. What? Did I just let that slip out?  Oops! Yes, I am submitting a proposal to teach another NEW canvas at the January 2011 TNNA Market in Long Beach, CA. This time it is a canvas from Zecca. Again, you heard it here first!

And... also, I am hoping to teach another class at the January 2011 TNNA Market with a new canvas from Melissa Shirley's newest designer. How cool is that! 

The threads are from Dream House Ventures called Empress. It is a single strand Ultra Fine Merino Wool, Cashmere, Silk blend.  It is so soft and yummy to touch. I can't wait to stitch with it. Dream House Ventures are the same people who bring us The Pure Palette's Soy Luster and Baroque Silk. The extent of their colors are fabulous. What a wonderful opportunity, indeed.

I wanted to show some images from the NeedleDeeva booth. I photographed the booth showing the Columbus Heart #150G canvas on display. Can you see it? I was so pleased to see it say "Stitch Guide by Robin King." Judee has been a sweet-heart for this entire journey.

This photos shows the Heart #150G on display in booth.

NeedleDeeva Heart #150G & the Robin King Stitch Guide.

We visited designers and thread companies for early planning stages about DVD #9. Can you believe it?  This evening we are winding down, and will have an early departure back to Memphis. Then, life, as we know it, will resume to normal. I am ready to hug Pat and our cats, and then begin working on the July e-newsletter, new website stuff, stitch guides, etc...

CANVAS • Chardonnay • 2008

It was a wonderful market with Peggy, Amy, and our hotel roommates, Colleen and Lisa. Glad you came along for the ride. Cheers, Robin.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Two: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

We had a light breakfast and planned our day.  On our walk-thru Saturday, Amy was taking mental notes.  So she knew exactly where she wanted to go and what canvases she wanted to purchase.  First stop was Lee's Needle Arts.

Lee's Needle Arts • Leather Kindle Covers

They are producing some handsome leather Kindle covers.  We also liked some nice picture boxes as well.  Some of them are on the way to the shop. The Photo Album has a 3½" x 3½" art design area. These albums are perfect for wedding albums and other keepsake photo mementos.

Lee's Needle Arts • Photo Albums

Amy spotted a really nice canvas from Lee as we were rapping up.  See the six little Oriental girls.

Lee's Needle Arts • WH1312  

Then we made a detour to Kelly Clark's booth.  Kelly had not seen the stitched Halloweenies yet.  Amy brought the Haunted House, Stirha Cal Dron, Frank N. Stein, and the Bride and the Groom.  Kelly and her girls screamed with delight. (My ears are still ringing.) We left the canvases at Kelly's booth for the day. 

We headed back over to visit the girls at Canvas Candy.  We brought you some of their designs yesterday.  Amy placed her order, and it was very hard to decide because they are all so cute. Here are a few of the ones that will be heading to Memphis.  Robin likes the Ducky,  Amy likes the cute Pig, and I like the little Horse Pull Toy.

Canvas Candy • CB001

Canvas Candy • CB 004

Candy Canvas • CB 006

Observe that each canvas has an actual ornament to match.  Now wouldn't that look great on your tree?  I though it was a very unique idea.  Canvas Candy, we love your stuff!

We ordered an few belts and Tallis bags from Julia's Needleworks.  Julia and Nikko are celebreating their 14th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anno to them!

Julia's Needleworks • JB9

Julia's Needleworks • JB017

Julia's Needleworks • BL18TB

Julia's Needleworks • BL17TB

We spotted a couple of good golf belts at Brown Paper Packages, where we also purchased one of my favorite canvas magnets.  It's called a Grab-it 2.  It has a large surface and holds lots of needles at once.  We often use several types of needles on the Halloweenies canvases, eg. tapestry, chenille, millniers, beading.  We didn't get a shot of it, but it will be on the shop website soon.  (Thanks Robin.)

Brown Paper Packages • B17

Brown Paper Packages • B78

OMG, I met dede Ogden... the Queen of Shadow Stitching.  I love her book More Shadow Stitching so I asked Amy to buy some more.  More and more stitchers are embracing that style of stitching.  (Don't forget: DVD #6, Barely There.) Love the way it lets the painted canvas show through.  Dede says that one advantage to shadow stitching is finishing canvases faster.  Imagine that.  We picked up another Tomato canvas from Sandra Gilmore / Once in a Blue Moon.  It is Amy's Pick for this month's newsletter.  The one at the shop sold while we were away.

Tomatoes • Once in a Blue Moon • 18-809

Leigh Designs has not disappointed us at this market.  She has introduced her "Fluzzies".  Coming home with us will be Vodka Velma, Chardonnay Charla and Ale House Annie.  These ladies know how to party.  Don't forget that Leigh is representing River Silks Ribbon right now.  I used that product in my first class Friday and fell in love with it.

Leigh Designs • 4896 • Chardonnay Charla 

Leigh Designs • 4897 • Vodka Velma
Ruth Schmuff's booth surrounds you with color.  Amy found a very unique canvas.  It is a map of Jerusalem.  Very nice.

Ruth Schmuff • Jerusalem • 1462

Ruth represents Ada Haydon (EyeCandy Needleart) and we really like her new Christmas trees that will be featured in the next four upcoming issues of Needlepoint Now.  Amy purchased a couple of them for the shop. Look at how Ada framed one of her Trees. Isn't she clever!

EyeCandy Needleart • 8116

EyeCandy Needleart • 8118

Framing using Scrapbook Paper for the Matting

At the Fleur de Paris booth Amy found a beautiful seahorse canvas from dede Ogden. Can you imagine how pretty those River Silks Ribbons would look on this one?

dede • ED-18056

And there was a new dede canvas of a trout lurking on the rocky bottom of a pond.  You ladies who like to fish, this would be a good canvas for shadow stitching.  We've also got a Christmas Stocking by dede called "Santa Really Coming Down the Chimney." Oh, and look at her "Tropical Leaves" and "Harvest Leaves." We are all fans of dede.

dede • 1283

dede • 1220

dede • 1227 and 1309

We headed back to Melissa Shirley to make some purchases.  THE PURSE!  Please look at this purse. The inside is Spring Green, and the inside of the pockets are lined in the hot pink color. Gorgeous.

Hot Pink Peony Fan Purse
Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD 1393-C

How can you not look at this purse. Stunning. Finished by Marlene. You go girl!  And how could the newest Wild Women NOT come home with us?  Also coming to Memphis are two cute new bunnies. 

Melissa Shirley Designs • MLT 201

Melissa Shirley Designs • MLT 135-B

I bet Judy from the shop will like them.  Judy might want to add the beautiful two sided golden Santa from Melissa's Christmas line to her collection. 

Melissa Shirley Designs • MSD 1341 

Amy also bought three canvases in Melissa's line of Fruit and Vegatable bouquets.  

Melissa Shirley Designs • MLT 210 C, D, E

I had the opportunity to tell Melissa how much I enjoy selling her canvases.  I really do.  Her canvases make people happy!

We picked up the Haunted House and friends from Kelly Clark and headed to the DMC booth.  Amy wanted to show them how she had used the new DMC Memory thread and other DMC products.

Amy in the DMC Booth

Then Liz Saylor from DMC show us some of her stitched canvases from Associated Talents using Memory thread and other DMC threads.  Liz is collaborating with Associated Talents for a Stitching Campaign called "Think Global Shop Local."  There are five canvases in the series. Amy liked them so much that we went right over to Associated Talents and bought one of each.  Fun!

AT FL 711

You can see small vignettes showcasing wonderful DMC Memory Thread applications.

Associated Talents and DMC Corporation present
"Think Global ... Shop Local"

Threads, threads, threads!  Amy discovered a wonderful new thread today.  YLI has a new line which includes Painter's Thread hand-painted RibbonFloss Shimmer.  It is unlike any thread I have ever seen.  Robin captured its beauty.

stitched examples of Painter's Thread Shimmer Blend

Painter's Thread Shimmer Blend • hand-painted • 25 colors

All of the thread companies are so wonderful to donate threads for Amy to consider for her home study programs.  This generosity is passed down to the stitcher who would not have access to these varied threads otherwise.  My thanks to them. 

With most of our purchasing done, Amy plans to search for threads for the forthcoming Halloweenies figures and the remainder of the Haunted House.  I am going to gather any price lists and catalogues I missed.  Then I have permission to roam the floor and take in the experience.  Life is good. Until tomorrow... Peggy.

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