Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Teaching at Beth's Needlepoint Nook, Louisville, KY

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

Hope you are enjoying these nice October days.

I've been "blog silent" getting ready for my two upcoming Canvas Enhancement class destinations, but this morning I wanted to tell you about my wonderful time spent teaching at Beth's Needlepoint Nook in Louisville, KY a few weeks ago.

What's that saying... Getting there is half the battle? My flight was delayed getting out of Memphis due to persistent thunder/lightening storms which made me miss my connection flight to Louisville. However, the Louisville flight was also delayed getting out of ATL. I hoofed it from Terminal A to Terminal E to the very last gate (E3). The plane was still there, but they had given away my seat. Luckily, the gate attendant didn't give up, and did find a way to get me on "my" flight. My luggage arrived on the next flight to Louisville. It was a fancy plane; I played Sudoko.

From ATL to Louisville

At Beth's Needlepoint Nook, our Canvas Enhancement class featured these canvases by Zecca, Danji, Laurel Burch, Sandra Gilmore (x4), Strictly Christmas (x2), Ruth Schmuff, that famous "No Name Chicken" and a lovely tribute to Sammy, the Keeshond.

New stitch guides by Robin King

The threads had already been pulled/kitted; let the stitching begin!

Jan B. selected the Amish Hanging Quilts. I had just learned the Peruvian Loop stitch, and wanted to share it with her for the Clothes Line pole. (You know me... I'm the See One, Do One, Teach One gal.) I also showed her how to make the Colonial Running Roses using Silk Ribbon. What fun effects!

Everyone received a Beth's Needlepoint Nook magnet.

The Home Haunted Home had teachable moments, too. My favorite Twisted Lazy Daisy stitch was used on the Pumpkin Stem. Love that 3D effect!

Twisted Lazy Daisy is a must know stitch.

Friday night the class all went out to dinner. Good food and conversation. What a fun group of ladies.

Beth was the perfect hostess. Look at my welcome basket and pretty flowers.

Southern hospitality

The two days went so quickly. Why does time in the Needlepoint world move at such warp speeds?

Our snacks during class were home-made delicacies; a collaborative effort from Beth's ladies. Jena M. made these wonderful Blue Cheese Crackers. She gave me permission to include the recipe.

Blue cheese crackers

10 to 12 ounces crumbled blue cheese
3/4 cup soft butter
2 cups flour
1 cup finely chopped pecans (I bake the nuts for about 7 minutes in a 350 degree oven; toasting them this way brings out the flavor)
1/2 to 1 teaspoon cayenne

Cream cheese and butter together. Toss the flour, nuts and cayenne together, then add to cheese mixture and mix well. 
Roll into 1 or 2 logs. Refrigerate until chilled or freeze until you need them, then slice 1/4 inch thick and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until toasty. Makes about 4 dozen.

These go really well with wine!

My hotel was right next door to Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Each evening I walked over and treated myself to a decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte (don't hold the Whip!)


The cool weather (yes, KY weather is usually 10+ degrees cooler than Memphis) was a welcome change.

The Chamber of Commerce weather package
was ordered  for my September visit. 

As I was packing up my things getting ready for the flight back to Memphis, Beth gave me an extra surprise: a Derby-Pie to bring home. It was frozen and traveled great. We had Derby-Pie for a week. What a treat!

The one and only Derby-Pie from Louisville, KY
Chocolate Nut Pie

It was nice being back in Kentucky. Looking forward to my next visit at Beth's Needlepoint Nook.

Today I'm packing and getting ready to travel again. This time: teaching a Canvas Enhancement class at Needle Nook of La Jolla in California. (Oh, somebody please pinch me!)

It will be fun to tell you all about that trip... the next time. Here's hoping for a smooth uneventful flight. Until then... HUGS, Robin

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Susan Elliott and Plays with Needles

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

I'm back home from teaching at Beth's Needlepoint Nook in Louisville, KY and will have a blog entry devoted to my wonderful time there, soon!

I'm also getting my "ducks in a row" for teaching next month at Needle Nook of La Jolla and at The Nimble Needle-Atlanta.

I didn't want too much time to pass as I go radio silent; here's a must-read blog for you.

Susan Elliott writes the "Plays with Needles" blog. Please check it out! Susan is one of the most talented, inventive, life-loving people I know. (We've never met, but I've admired her for many years!) You will be amazed at her needle art. Brilliant.

Check out her blog from yesterday titled, "Eighteen and Falling." She talks about her son, Jack and his birthday celebration. 

Oh, my!

I'll be back soon. Until then... Hugs!  Robin

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a fun time at Peacock Alley Needlepoint

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

Before I take off to teach this weekend at Beth's Needlepoint Nook in Louisville, KY... I MUST finish up with my wonderful time at Peacock Alley Needlepoint last month.

Where did the time go? (I know the answer! Writing the 12 stitch guides for this weekend's class.)

The 2-day event at Peacock Alley Needlepoint was so much fun! You know Sandy is a wonderful hostess: even her tongs match the store's namesake.

Peacock Alley Needlepoint serves up a good time.

Sandy and her gals, Machelle, Holly and Jenny were on hand for the Thursday evening Meet & Greet; complete with yummy hors d'oeuvres, etc.

Machelle and Holly
This is how you say Hello.

Look at the wonderful gifts everyone received: a Walker Bag in the beautiful "peacock" colors.

Lovely presents.
Everyone received a Felt Needle Minder Magnet (with a duo purpose: holds your needle and cleans it, too) made especially for Peacock Alley Needlepoint!

Pretty "peacock" colors.

Here's my Walker Bag with goodies, too... complete with the Felt Needle Minder Magnet, Peacock Magnet, Graph Paper Note pad, Pen, and a special Peacock color beaded-Chatelaine to keep my scissors and needle threader near to me. Thanks, Sandy.

Beautiful and functional, too.

Class was Friday & Saturday. The guides had been written & the thread kits were pulled. Everyone was able to start stitching immediately.

Diane and Stephanie 
Dawn and Jeannine
Terri, Lizette, and Emily from Arkansas

Dot selected Machelle Sommerville's "Second Chances" canvas (MS-36). Lovely colors.

"Second Chances" by Machelle Somerville
Stitch Guide by Robin King
It was nice seeing Dot again.

Look at the fun threads, ribbons, and Beads for the "White Rabbit" (AS724).

Betsy is going to enjoy stitching the "White Rabbit."
Stitch Guide by Robin King

Saturday: another day of being pampered. We had Chamber of Commerce weather. 

More nourishment
Would you like a Mimosa?
Emily's bird is looking good.

Stitches were confirmed, new friendships were made. My job was done... big smiles.

The 2014 "graduates"
Enhancement Class with Robin King
Peacock Alley Needlepoint
A fun time was had by all. 
See you next year at Peacock Alley Needlepoint

These stitch guides are now available. Email me at if you are interested.

New stitch guides by Robin King.
New stitch guides by Robin King.

Until the next time... HUGS, Robin

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NEW 2014 Fall colors and threads from Rainbow Gallery

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

Have you seen the newest colors of your favorite threads from Rainbow Gallery? They were just released this past weekend at the Destination Dallas (a wonderful Cash & Carry needlepoint market), and will be coming to your local needlepoint store... soon.

Rainbow Gallery Fall 2014
Photography by Business Visuals

Look at the new ORANGES from Rainbow Gallery!  Research was done about what oranges were needed... and hit a home run! Petite Treasure Ribbon, Petite Treasure Braid, Treasure Braid size 12, Fyre Werks Soft Sheen and Petite Frosty Rays. Oh, be still my heart!

Look at the new NEON Florescent Colors in Fyre Werks Soft Sheen! I can't wait to stitch with them!

Rainbow Gallery Fall 2014
Photography by Business Visuals

Look at the new Petite Frosty Rays! Orange Pop, Awesome Gold, Aqua Splash, Orchid Ice, and Lavender Ice are my new BFF.

Look at the new COLORS of SILK LAME´ BRAID (for 13 and 18 count) and Petite SILK LAME´ BRAID. Love the new dreamy and creamy names: Pink Lady, Seafoam, Mellow Yellow, Lime Cream, Blue Bell, and Blue Fog. Want something with a bold pop of color? Check out Pansy, Periwinkle, Honey Gold and Coral. In the 18 count, there are the new colors: Persimmon, Cotton Candy, Lilac Chiffon, Hydrangea, Chateau Rose, Gray Stone, and Pavement. How fun.

Many thanks to Rainbow Gallery for giving us just the right color... just the right thread!

Lana (the cat) loves the new colors, too. She visited the photo shoot and volunteered to be in the picture. All we had to do was click the shutter. Purrfect!   >^••^<

Lana the cat LOVES the colors from Rainbow Gallery.
Photography by Business Visuals

Many thanks to Pat from Business Visuals for the photography... and, Lana, too.

Until the next time...  HUGS, Robin

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New stitch guides and a stitch for you

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

I'm back home from Michigan, and went directly into stitch guide writing mode. Sorry for being so quiet. I know that's not a good thing.

Here are the stitch guides for my next teaching event at Beth's Needlepoint Nook in Louisville, KY.

A new group of stitch guides by Robin King
 soon to become available... mid-September 2014.

Look at the Amish Quilts and Wild Horses by Danji, 4 Sandra Gilmore canvases (a record!), 2 Strictly Christmas stockings (another record!), Puppy Dogs x2, Many Birds by Zecca, and No Name Chicken... oh, my!

I do plan on writing a wonderful review of my time at Peacock Alley Needlepoint. We sure had fun.

So until then... here's a stitch for you. Let me know where you see it being used.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Towne Square Club by Ruth Schmuff & Robin King

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

The "Cone of Silence" has been lifted. The models have been stitched. The stitch guides have been written. I am pleased to let the Blog readers know the Towne Square Club is ready for its reveal. This is a collaborative effort by Ruth Schmuff from Bedecked & Beadazzled with stitch guides by Robin King.

Town Square Club from Bedecked & Beadazzled
Designs by Ruth Schmuff
Stitch Guides by Robin King

Cue the dreamy way-back music...

A long time ago... the youthful "Ruthie" asked Robin to stitch models and write the stitch guides for her latest project: a needlepoint village. Robin was honored to be asked, took on the task, and entered the "Cone of Silence."

But then, Robin got busy. Her stitching on the village continued, but also taught at TNNA, edited/produced DVDs for Tony Minieri & Amy Bunger, began traveling and teaching at needlepoint stores, began writing stitch guides for customers, and tended to her cats.

The months turned into years. Ruthie was very, very patient. Finally, the last stitch was made. The last word was typed. Robin stepped out of the "Cone of Silence." The Towne Square Club is ready.

Here are some photos of the finished pieces as seen on Ruth's blog, It's not your Grandmother's Needlepoint along with her commentary... and some of mine.

Love the tiny details. The roof on the book store is an open book.
The gallery is lined with colored pencils.

There is a shoe store and a handbag store.
Note: the clever laces made from silk ribbon on the shoe store.

The wine shop and the flower shop.
You know we need a good bottle of wine, and flowers, beautiful flowers.
Note: the grapes were so easy and 3D with "messy" beading.

Do you need a snack?
Ice cream and chocolate should be close at hand.

What about knitting and quilting, can't leave those out.
Note: look at the real knitting needles.
Also, the tomato pin cushion was felted.

Of course, no home is complete without a pet; nor is an village.
Kittens and puppies and bunnies, oh my!

The needlepoint store is the heart of the village.
Your address can be added here, too.

The Towne Square Club begins shipping in October 2014. There are 12 shipments, and on the 6th and 12th months, you will get a second shop at half price. Give Ruth a call. Everyone loves to receive a package in the mail... especially from Bedecked & Beadazzled.

Well, that's about it for now. Need to check on the other projects which need tending... and the cats, too.

Until the next time... HUGS, Robin

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Teaching at Peacock Alley Needlepoint 2014 - part 1

Hi Everybody... Robin here...

Today I am traveling to Peacock Alley Needlepoint in Ada, Michigan for 2 days of Canvas Enhancement classes: August 1 & 2, 2014.

Heading back to the Mitten State

Blog readers will remember all of the good times I had there last year. I'm so fortunate to be asked to return again.

This time there were 9 stitch guides to write, and Peacock Alley Needlepoint has pulled the threads. We will have two days devoted to stitch development and all things for the love of needlepoint.

Let's look and see which canvases will be in the class...

5 new stitch guides by Robin King

4 new stitch guides by Robin King

There are two Melissa Shirley canvases, as well as a Machelle Somerville canvas, a Melissa Prince canvas, a EWE & Eye canvas, a Sandra Gilmore canvas,  a Charley Harper canvas,  a Birds of a Feather canvas, and the classic Lee's Needle Arts canvas. Quite a wonderful assortment.

Look at the colorful threads pulled for "Second Chances" by Machelle Somerville. There will be beads added for a little bling, too. Pretty Peacock-y colors, wouldn't you agree?

"Second Chances" by Machelle Somerville (MS-036)
Stitch Guide by Robin King

Machelle is the General Manager at Peacock Alley Needlepoint, as well as one of the hottest designers in needlepoint today. You can see her canvas line at Fleur de Paris.

Here's the link: Fleur de Paris - Machelle Somerville

I will take photos and will post them upon my return. It is fun seeing these canvases come to life.

Leo, the cat, wanted to say hello. He's the best suitcase-packing helper.

Until the next time... HUGS, Robin