Sunday, January 28, 2018

Robin teaches at Canvas 2018 in Montgomery, AL

Hi Everybody. Robin here.

Wow, it's been 3 Sunday's since I've last blogged. Time sure does fly in the needlepoint world!

I've been gone to teach at the Canvas, a needlepoint adventure in Montgomery, AL. It was one week filled with fun; lead by Leigh Miller (owner of the Needle Bug) and her co-leader, Julia Snyder.

This was the first year for Canvas. For several years, Leigh Miller and the Needle Bug were the "on-site" needlepoint shop for Callaway Gardens. When Callaway closed their doors last year,  Leigh Miller took a leap of faith to create the next needlepoint adventure.

Leigh and Julia invited several national needlepoint teachers to offer 4-day and 2-day classes for the Canvas attendees. Tony Minieri, Barbara Elmore, Julia Snyder, Mary Legallet, Patricia Sone, Debra Rowley, and Robin King (hey! that's me 😊) were the teachers. There were 101 attendees from the US, Bermuda, Canada, and England. It was a slam-dunk home run needlepoint event at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery, AL.

Canvas began with the opening night meet-n-greet; there were 2 bus trips to the Needle Bug for shopping sprees and Bug Shots, and a special expedition to the Alabama Shakespeare Theater where the Carolyn Blount theater, prop and costume departments were explored. What a jewel for Montgomery and regional residents.

Katt Z. Witch (KCN 9125)
stitch guide by Robin King

For the 2-day class, I taught the Katt Z. Witch class. We learned the 3D Basket technique as well as the many stitches for this Halloween beauty. It was also the "magical" day when it snowed ❆ in Montgomery, AL. This is the view from our classroom looking out  to the street below...

Snow in Montgomery, AL.
 and towards the downtown and the Alabama River.

Canvas 2018 included a snow event.

For the 4-day class, it was a Charley Harper bonanza of canvases. I offered the over 45+  Charley Harper stitch guides for class selection. We had 18 students make 24 selections. We had attendees from all over. I brought the USA map to showcase where everyone came from.

Canvas 2018 participants for the Charley Harper class.

California, Dallas, St Louis area, southern Illinois area, Memphis (me!), Charlotte area, Atlanta area, costal Florida, costal North Carolina, Massachusetts, Canada, Bermuda, and England were ALL in the house! Talk about another feather in the ol' Canvas cap. 😊

As you can imagine, my Charley Harper class attendees received 2 well-deserved Travel Trophies.

Over sea and land Long Distance traveler, Ann Nobbs.
Ann Nobbs (from England) won the all over Travel Trophy.

All the way from California! Here's Jennifer Rhatigan. 
And, Jennifer Rhatigan (from California) received the North America continent Travel Trophy covering the contiguous US and Canada land mass.

What a fine selection of Charley Harper canvases!
It was a happy class (duly noted by Judy H, Atlanta, GA) and how could it not be? Charley Harper's art is very happy... and fun to stitch, too. Many thanks to all who attended my classes.

Canvas 2018 classes with Robin King

I am hoping to teach next year at Canvas 2019.

4 day class with Robin King
Winter-Christmas and/or Fall-Halloween... your choice

The 4-day class will be stitch guides offered on either Winter/Christmas or Fall/Halloween topics. Your choice! How fun is that?

2 day class with Robin King
Needlepoint Study Hall comes to you.

The 2-day class will be Needlepoint Study Hall... bring your canvas and threads from home (finally! your stash pays off), and let me show you techniques and stitches to get those projects finished.

Be sure to check out the Canvas website.
Here's the link...

and follow them on Facebook.
Here's the link...

Big thanks to the "behind the scenes" people who made Canvas a success: the staff and friends from the Needle Bug including Janet, Amber, Amy, Charlsie, Hammond, Heywood, Marsha, and Laurie as well as the staff/management from the Renaissance Hotel. You put on a hell of a party! Job well done.

Well, that's all for now. I'm home from teaching at Quail Run Needlework, too. Next blog will catch up some of the fun stitches and pieces from the class.

Until then...  Hugs, Robin

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A new design from A Poore Girl Paints

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Do you ever have a slogan in your head?... a re-occuring saying which applies to you on a daily basis?

Do you think to yourself, "This saying would make a great needlepoint pillow!"

Do your pets look at you... trying to connect intellects? (I'm often the one missing the connection in this scenario.  >^..^< )

My sister stitched a certain needlepoint canvas years ago... well, actually now decades ago!... and I've been looking for the same message to stitch. Alas, to deaf ears.

A Poore Girl Paints has made my dream come true! Looks what just came off the designer's painting table!!! 😊

What part of MEOW do you not understand?
by A Poore Girl Paints

I can't wait to stitch the MEOW version.

... and to not leave out the Dog lovers out... there is one for you, too... WOOF!

What part of WOOF do you not understand?
by A Poore Girl Paints

A Poore Girl Paints is available thru individual needlepoint shops. If you don't have a local needlepoint shop, contact Leigh at or call (334) 270-0064. Wholesale inquiries can be sent to or call (334) 270-0064.

When I get my canvas on the bars, I will have an impromptu "stitch along" with Robin. It will be fun to hold the needle again!

Thank you, Amy Poore!

Until the next time... HUGS!  Robin

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