Friday, May 7, 2010

Third floor window with the ghoul in the striped coat

I asked Amy about this window as I was not sure how to stitch the top part of the bottom ledge. I want to share the information with you. You need to stitch over two threads covering the brown line. The raised stem ledge will fit under it.

Stitch a couple of rows of continental, (with three strands of the thread listed in the guide), under the arch with the same thread used for continental on the sides. The bottom of this arch is not specifically painted for the small leaf-shaped points at the bottom tips. Just leave enough room to do one on both sides.

On all of the windows, do one row of continental on the sides of each window, (three strands), and two or three rows of continental under the arches. Amy suggests doing an extra row under the arches so there is no chance of blank canvas showing under the arches we will build on the top of each window.

If you are working on the bricks, check out the comments/tips under Glitter Glue posted on May 5th.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Dear Peggy, Thanks you so much for your advice.
    I have never had a canvas that required so much
    stitching over the many design elements. The
    instructons often tell what is to be stitched
    over, but not always. Eg: the door is painted
    with a dark brown outline and a blue outline.
    I stitched over the brown outline, and will see what to do with the blue. It is a handsome
    door!!! I don't mean to sound so negative, as
    I am enjoying the "class" very much. Many thanks, Dorothy Martin

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    It is good to hear from you. These canvases are indeed challenging. Just remember that I have access to Amy several times a week. If you have a question about an area, just ask me and I will get it answered. And it will probably be of help to others when they get to the area you are stitching. Also, if anyone ever wants their comment to be confidential, please say so and I will not publish it. I can email you with a personal response if you want to give me your email address in the comment.

    One other option is to do another stitch in some areas. We don't have to use every stitch Amy has suggested. I have felt overwhelmed at times. But I think these canvases are so wonderful that I refuse to be daunted by a stitch. You may remember that I still haven't stitched Frank N. Stein's pants. (Thank goodness he is wearing boxers!)

    So hang in there. We are part of a great stitching experience.


  3. This is such a wonderful website for the Halloweenies stitchers. If you run into the Wall... just comment your quandary to Peggy, and she will hunt down the answer. Awesome.


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