Monday, May 30, 2011

Pssst... I'm still here

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Sorry to be so quiet. I'm still here. All is good. I've got a HUGE deadline to get Drakula finished and into tomorrow's FedEx to go to M's Canvashouse (Lexington, KY) for finishing to be ready in time to join me at the TNNA Market on June 09, 2011. Yikes!

These are exciting times. Drakula and all of the other Creepy Characters from NeedleDeeva are going to be revealed at the Columbus June TNNA Market. NeedleDeeva has already received wonderful signups from nationwide Retail Needlepoint Shops; each wanting to carry this club/series for their customers... and the "official" release hasn't even happened, yet. Good news travels fast.

The Creepy Characters will also be on display at the TNNA Needlepoint Showcase on Friday,  June 10th for all to see. I've got choices to make: which Halloween Tree to bring? My Black Halloween Tree or my new Lime Green/Silver Glitter Halloween Tree? You know I will have my camera with me, and YOU will see which one was selected. I love having this blog as my voice to all of you... (thanks, Peggy!)

Drakula update, 4:24PM, Monday, May 30, 2011
Here is what's left to be stitched:

  • Hair
  • Hat Brim
  • Shirt & Collar
  • Bow Tie
  • Eyeglasses
  • Beaded Pumpkin
Sometimes, I pick the stitching order which makes sense... working from back to front. Other times, I stitch when I've got the NERVE. How about you?

I'll show you the finished piece tomorrow! I promise!

Gotta run. Happy Memorial Day. Hugs to all.... Robin

Sunday, May 15, 2011

NeedleDeeva does Vampires

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

There's a new man in my life. He keeps me company at night and sleeps during the day. You will know him as Drakula, 0467-G from the Creepy Characters club/series from NeedleDeeva. I call him "Lover Boy."

Never mind Team Edward or Team Jacob... it's Team Deeva for me!
Have a good upcoming week.  Thanks, Robin

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hooty Owl is finished (NeedleDeeva 0467-i)

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Another week has come and gone. Whew! What a busy time it is. Hope you are doing OK.

Halloween Hooty Owl • ND 0467-i
NeedleDeeva • Creepy Characters

Here's Hooty. He is all finished. He is one cute bird. There are sparkly threads and fuzzy ones, too. Beads and Ribbons; everything you would want for your Halloween festivities. With this Creepy Characters series, I have been carrying over threads from kit to kit... occasionally adding new threads for that WOW factor. I even used the DMC Glow in the Dark Floss E940 for his eyes. Spooky!

So far there are 8 Retail Shops across the USA going to carry this Club series. And, that's before the official TNNA Market/June 2011 push begins. We are glad for these shops and looking forward to more carrying the Creepy Characters canvases from NeedleDeeva.

Next on my Creepy Characters list is Dracula. He's pale with a dapper outfit. Be sure to let me hear from you. Please share any finished Halloweenies or progress reports on your Halloweenies, too. You can email me your photos or send a blog link. Thanks, Robin

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mississippi River is Rising

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

The Mississippi River is expected to crest on Tuesday, May 10, 2011... at 48 Feet. (The 1937 flood was 48'7".) Here is another "before" picture which Pat took when he was photographing the Tom Lee Memorial.

Here is the "current" picture; taken by Dan Price and Facebook posted by John Underwood and Frank Inderbitzen. And, we're not done, yet.  Good thing they did decide to move the BBQ contest to higher ground.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Mother's Day. Today I will treat myself to some stitching time and finish Hooty.  Here's a preview. He is one cute bird.

Halloween Hooty Owl • ND 0467-i
NeedleDeeva • Creepy Characters

Thanks, Robin

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Old Kentucky Home

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Take a journey with me into the Way Back Machine. In 1988, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Claiborne Horse Farm in Lexington, KY for a private tour.  I met Secretariat and Spectacular Bid.

Robin and Secretariat • Kentucky Derby Winner 1973

Spectacular Bid • Kentucky Derby Winner 1979

That was a special day. Enjoy the Kentucky Derby. Thanks, Robin

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Research for Hooty

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Halloween Hooty Owl • ND 0467-i
NeedleDeeva • Creepy Characters
I have stitched the various sections on my current Creepy Characters canvas (ND 0467-i), dancing all around the center feature, Hooty, his very self. Now it's time to do some research about Owls. I think I am the last person to join the Owl craze.

It is exciting to see the number of Owls available in needlepoint. Here are just a few which have stood out in my mind: EyeCandy Needleart, Melissa Shirley Designs, Raymond Crawford, Zecca, and now NeedleDeeva. Hooty will be on the back cover of this fall's Needlepoint Now magazine with my Stitch Guide listed inside. How exciting.

Hoot Owl Solo • N107A
EyeCandy Needleart
Vintage Owl • MSD 1406
Melissa Shirley Designs
HO 330
Raymond Crawford

Night Owl • ZE 112

So, I needed to do some research. I found a nice website called
The Owl Pages. The nature photos gave me inspiration to find just the right threads. So far, I am considering Fuzzy Stuff, Burmilana, and Petite Very Velvet. I will think this through, test the threads and stitches, and hopefully, do Hooty right. You will be the first to see the end results. Thanks, Robin

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc. has gone to the Dogs

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Tom Lee Park •  Memphis, TN
Hope you had a nice weekend. We are still having non-stop rain in Memphis. The Mississippi River is predicted to reach 48 feet (which is way over flood stage) in a few days. The all-time flood in 1937 was 48'7". Should be interesting. They closed all 9 Tunica, MS casinos along the Mississippi River due to the high water; they might be closed for 3-6 weeks. The Memphis in May BBQ festival will move away from Tom Lee Park area, again due to the high water... first time ever in its 34 year history. (This photo was taken by Pat Ryan with Business Visuals at Tom Lee Park during calmer times.)

Dog mini-socks by A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc • 4 x 3 inches  • 18 mesh

Well, enough about that. Let me show you something fun. These are some of the new Dog Mini-Socks from A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc. which will be debuted at the upcoming June 2011 Columbus/TNNA Market. Ashley is a very talented needlepoint designer. Here's her website: A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc.  You can also follow Ashley on Twitter and on Facebook as those links are on the home page of her website.

Dalmatian mini-sock
by A. Bradley Needle Arts, Inc.

I met Ashley and her mom when I attended my first TNNA market. Her canvases are often taught at TNNA classes, and Cynthia Thomas has written many stitch guides for her canvases. As a "friend" through Facebook, I have been watching Ashley reveal these dogs. Every week she posts new breeds which were just finished. Sometimes she hints about the next dog.  Ashley is so talented. We are happy for her success. I asked Ashley if I could use the Needlepoint Study Hall as a platform to preview what's coming. She agreed and we are the lucky ones.

These stockings will be available from your local needlepoint shop. They are just the right size for a large Milk-Bone dog biscuit for your special canine friend. Well, that's all for now. Thanks, Robin

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