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"That's Not Needlepoint" book 2 by dede Ogden

Hi Everybody ... Robin here.

Recap of TNNA/Long Beach 2013 - part 5 continues... with a twist. I am sharing my news about a new book from dede Ogden which debuted at Market last week.

New book by dede Ogden... and I helped!

As usual, I have a story to tell...

Last summer, dede posted on Facebook a request for anyone who might help her do the charting for her new upcoming book,

"That's Not Needlepoint... It's Inspired Art Created With Your Needle"  
Shadow Stitches Accelerated • Series 2 by dede Ogden

I sent her a message and said, "I could help."

dede had stitched beautiful models of her new canvas designs, and needed someone to compile her notes into a Project book. The canvases were Butterfly Collection (ED-17016), Moonlight Dancing Witches (ED-18018), and Topiary Tree with Butterflies (ED-17029).

Butterfly Collection (ED-17016) by dede Ogden

Moonlight Dancing Witches (ED 18018) by dede Ogden

Topiary Tree with Butterflies (ED-17029) by dede Ogden

You can see more of dede's work on her website, Dede's Needleworks. Her canvases are also distributed by Fleur de Paris.

Do you know dede Ogden? In my humble opinion, she is Needlepoint's Grande Dame. Needlepoint Royalty, if you will. She has been the teacher/mentor to many of today's industry leaders. Canvas designer and book author, dede is also known for her inventive techniques and concepts include Shadow Stitching. Brilliant lady.

Here is some information dede shared with me about Shadow Stitching:
"Dede Ogden has developed the term Shadow Stitching to aid her students over the years to solve a problem of questions from that arise such as:
• Why should I cover up the beautiful hand painted canvas? 
• I can't shade with thread blending as well as I'd like and it is tiring. 
• I can't organize my threads.   
Is there another way to answer these questions? Hence, Shadow Stitching was created. 
Her technique isn't just stitches, but a concept of combining threads and painted canvas to create a new look. It is a way of incorporating the painted design on canvas for the needlepointer to have artistry to convey a more creative effect. By not always matching the colors to the original art work but picking a medium tone of the color and stitching over the whole shaded area with a thinner thread than would normally be used, some of the painting below the stitching will be shared. 
This process will still make a durable piece of needlework. The texture is made by the stitch selections, that are simple and generally larger and cover the canvas swiftly. By using shiny or dull threads create an additional "light reflection" over your needlework.  Dede brings her love and passion of needlework to show you these enhancements for your needlework."
Needless to say, I was thrilled and honored to join dede's production team.

My first task was to chart the 59 stitches which dede used in these three projects. Many of them were dede's unique creations. Here is an example. Just imagine the possibilities.

Once charted, I typed up each Stitch Guide with its corresponding Thread List. The stitched models were with me for reference, and I really got to know each canvases very well. Beautiful stitching. Inspiring concepts.

Each Stitch Guide has the Area, Thread Type, Stitch Name and corresponding Plate #.

On the Plates, if the diagram is specific to an area (for example, Butterfly #1 from the Butterfly Collection canvas), there is a corresponding Code drawing to help the reader identify the stitch location.

And remember, these stitches are not just limited to the projects in this book.

The book is soft cover with coil-spiral binding. The Butterflies on the front cover give a preview of what is inside. There is a nice clear protective cover.

dede has an Introduction with thanking credits to myself and Sharon Quick, the other charting contributor.

Then, the 59 Plates are listed. One per page; large so you can see all of the details.

Through out the book, each Project has the same format:
  • Color photo of the finished piece
  • Thread List
  • Key Code
  • Stitch Guide 

At the end of the book is Project Index list of the Plates. The Stitch Name, Plate # and Project Name are all referenced. It is a handy overview.

The last thing for me to do was to get all "pieces" ready for the Printer.

Sharon Quick charted three additional projects in the book: Candyland Cottage #17003; 3D Snowflake #18042, and Strawberries on a Tree #1330 A-L. Nice job, Sharon.

The book also has General Directions: Stretcher Bars, Tips before beginning, Threading the Needle, Beginning your thread, Ending your thread, "L" Securing Knot, Stripping and Laying your threads, Tension, Compensating Stitches, and Other tips. A gold mine of information in just those two pages!

"That's Not Needlepoint • Book 2" is now available from your Favorite Needlepoint Shop. I know you will enjoy having a copy in your needlepoint library.

dede Ogden gives us permission to think beyond any "normal" needlepoint. I am so glad to have had this opportunity to work with dede, and am looking forward to collaborating again on future projects.

Thanks for visiting the blog. There is more to come about my trip to TNNA/Long Beach 2013.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Friday, February 15, 2013

TNNA / Long Beach 2013 recap - part 4

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

More TNNA / Long Beach 2013 memories...

Easter Village by Melissa Shirley Designs (1627-B)

No market is complete without a visit to Melissa Shirley Designs booth. As usual, she did not disappoint. I really liked her new Villages: the Easter Village and the Halloween Village. Wouldn't each of them be fun to stitch? You can also see the Christmas Village on her website.

Halloween Village by Melissa Shirley Designs (1627-C)

The Halloween Village revisits some of Melissa's Tricky Treaters, and puts them all into one place. You remember the ones I stitched, don't you?

Tricky Treaters stitched by Robin King
Stitch Guides available.

And, Melissa expanded her Cat profiles. Look at this Cat Bird. Very clever.

Cat Bird by Melissa Shirley Designs (1633-B)

Her cats remind me of one of my "works in progress" ... a Cat Fish canvas by Boots Bailey. Hopefully, someday, I will be able to work on it again.

Boots Bailey 7026

There were new colors of Sparkles in the Sundance Designs booth. New Flower Beads, too called Fab Flowers. Just look at all of those colors and sizes. Can't wait to use these in a Stitch Guide.

new Fab Flowers by Sundance Beads

I stopped by the River Silks Ribbons booth. Met a lovely, talented Ribbon expert named Linda Hopkins. She shared with me creative ways to use their 13MM Silk Ribbon. Thanks, Linda. I can't wait to try each of these techniques.

Creative techniques from Linda Hopkins
in the River Silks Ribbon booth

Printing on River Silks Ribbons?
Oh, I am so going to try it.

But, remember, I was here at Market to do more than walk the aisles. LOL.

On Sunday, I taught the Thistle class (ZE 178) by Zecca. It was an almost sold out class: 18 out of 20. (Look at the other classes being taught at the same time... by our industry leaders. I was honored with such an attendance.)

Can you find my name? Whee....

I would like to thank the generous companies who donated their canvases/threads/ beads for the Thistle class kits:  Zecca, Crescent Colors, DMC Corporation, Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery, and Sundance Designs. Again, the two-hour class went by fast. Everyone was impressed with the Cut Turkey Work technique and the Appliquéd Felt. 

Who says only one thread color in the needle at a time, right? Thanks to Stacy's photo of her progress during class which was posted to her Facebook page, The Nimble Needle - Atlanta. Looking good.

Work in progress during the Thistle class 

I stopped by the Kreinik booth to show the finished Thistle. These photos are from Dena (@KreinikGirl on Twitter). Again, working all types of social media. Dena took some fun photos. Be sure to follow Kreinik on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter, too. I am @catmom6.

Before and After of Thistle (ZE 178)

Thistle by Zecca (ZE 178)
Canvas comes with Stitch Guide by Robin King

Cute photo by @KreinikGirl
Be sure to follow Kreinik on Twitter

I have more to share with you. Visit again, why don't you. Until the next time... Hugs, Robin

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hearts by The Nimble Needle - Atlanta

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Happy Valentine's Day
 ♡ Hope you are with your loved ones doing what you love to do today. ♡

Keeping a Heart theme going, I have some wonderful stitching to share with you. A few months ago, I designed The Nimble Needle's new website. I also photographed their Monthly Clubs models. Lucky me... lucky you.

Hearts Club by The Nimble Needle - Atlanta
Stitch Guides available from The Nimble Needle

Stacy Brown, owner of The Nimble Needle, stitched the Hearts Club; canvases by Associated Talents. Previously offered as a Monthly club, now you can get the Heart Canvas and Stitch Guide of your choice. It was a pleasure seeing each of these Hearts up close during their photo session. And now, you can enjoy them, too.

HE-615 • Associated Talents
Three Hearts/Plaid Heart

HE-619 • Associated Talents
Be Mine Mini Heart

HE-622 • Associated Talents
Heart/Hearts Stripes

HE-623 • Associated Talents
Heart/Stripes Checks

HE-624 • Associated Talents
Hearts/Diagonal Stripes/Dots Heart

HE-625 • Associated Talents
Heart/Woven Ribbons Heart

HE-626 • Associated Talents
Plaid/Pink Bow Mini Heart

HE-628 • Associated Talents
Bows on Tattersall Mini Heart

HE-629 • Associated Talents
Pink/Green Woven Ribbon Mini Heart

HE-631 • Associated Talents
Hearts/Trellis Mini Heart

HE-632 • Associated Talents
Tattersall/Hearts Mini Heart

HE-633 • Associated Talents
Hearts on Lime Mini Heart

Be sure to give Stacy a call (404) 843-8687 at The Nimble Needle - Atlanta. Also, "like" them on Facebook. Here's the link: The Nimble Needle - Atlanta on Facebook

And, speaking of love, the Hugs canvas (GS-11) is still available from Alice Peterson Co. (artist Gayla Elliott).  My stitch guide is available, too.  You can read about my Hugs journey. Here's the link: HUGS (GS-11).

Hugs (GS-11) stitched by Robin King
Stitch Guide is available.

Tomorrow resumes my TNNA / Long Beach 2013 recap - part 4.

Until then... Hugs, Robin

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TNNA / Long Beach 2013 recap - part 3

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Continuing my TNNA / Long Beach 2013 journal...

While walking the aisles I saw more new things:

Look at the fine jewelry quality Chains from Embellishments Plus! Look at their pretty Beads, too.

Just the perfect accent.
Beads make me happy.

Also, in the Embellishments Plus! booth, one of the Manuel Salas canvases from Tapestry Fair was on display: Un Pocito De Color (MS-3). Beautifully, creatively stitched by Sherry Bray from Queen Anne Stitches in California.

"Un Pocito De Color" brilliantly stitched by Sherry Bray
artist, Manuel Salas  -- distributed by Tapestry Fair (MS-3)

Sherry's talents are a-mazing! I studied and studied this piece. Absolutely brilliant. If you ever get the opportunity, take a class with Sherry. Purchase one of her stitch guides. Anything! You will be glad you did.

I stopped in to see another Facebook friend, Barbi from Canvas Art by barbi, located in Gilbert, AZ. Barbi had some fun designs. I like her alphabets. Nice "R"... don't you think? Here is a link to her website:

barbi the designer
Halloween, Hearts, and Retro... oh, my!
Inserts which fit the Lee leather goods

There was a "celebrity" visitor to the NeedleDeeva booth: Timothy the Spider.

Here's the back story: Timothy is from the creative forces of Associated Talents. Last year, he began to travel outside of his booth and visit other designers and models. Timothy now has a Facebook page. In his photo albums, you can see how much that little spider gets around!

No cupcakes were harmed in the taking of this photo.
The Sugar Skulls were so happy to see Timothy... just look at the smiles on their faces.

More things to share. Stop by again, OK? Until then... Hugs, Robin

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TNNA / Long Beach 2013 recap - part 2

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Reliving the days spent in Long Beach, sunny California. Every morning this was my view as I walked from the hotel to the Long Beach Convention center. Very pleasant.

Early morning in sunny California

Saturday was my first class to teach: Sunglasses Sugar Skull (ND 453-D). His buddies came along for moral support. Who doesn't like a road trip? The two-hour class went fast. All points were covered. The shop owners learned a fun technique: Appliquéd Flair for the Sunglasses.

Smiling every day. 

Thanks again to the sponsors of this class: NeedleDeeva, DMC Corp, Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery, River Silks Ribbons, Sundance Designs, The Collection Designs, and Wichelt Imports. Your generosity was greatly appreciated.

I see stitches everywhere.

Speaking of needlepoint, do you ever see patterns or designs which could be needlepoint? I sure did. Look at the walls in the convention center (third floor). Reminds me of the Scallops Stitch from one of our earlier conversations?  Here's the link to refresh your memory.

How about this variation called Bargello Scallops? Try Tone on tone... or perhaps with many colors inside each area.

Saturday was spent working in the NeedleDeeva booth. Seeing shop owners, showing what's new, and writing orders was really fun to do. I did step out for a bathroom break and looked a few booths on my way back to home base.

I stopped by to see Judy Malahy (from J. Malahy Designs in Georgia). Judy is a Facebook friend; it was fun to meet her in person and to see her new designs. Take a look with me...

Pink & Black is very Chic.
Love these Nativity Ornaments

Cute Japanese girls

Mini Socks for Mews, Pups and You.

Halloween Hat with nice areas for stitches.

More Halloween. Just the right size.

Perfect for the Queen Bee in your life

Remember, all of these designs are now available from your Favorite Needlepoint Shop. I have my eyes on several of these. Here's the link to her website.

Well, more to tell... Come visit me again, OK?  Until then.... Hugs, Robin

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