Monday, May 3, 2010

Haunted House window tips & Glitter Glue

The directions for the window frames are on page 3 of the guide.  It is best to stitch the window frames before the window glass so you have a place to bury threads.  These window frame directions are for the lower part of the windows only.  The upper window areas where you see my BLT pointing to is covered on page 7 under STONE ARCHES OVER DOOR & WINDOW.  There is some brown edging right under the white arches. Even though I read the guide twice, I almost covered those upper window areas with the window frame thread.  Go read the Stone Arches directions before you do the window frames so you understand how it all works together.

And here is the Glitter Glue for the moon.  I hope to spread that gold glitter on the moon tomorrow night.


  1. Thanks for showing a picture of the glitter glue. I'm heading out now to see if I can find it... the picture will really help.

    I'm excited about the haunted house... I LOVE what she did with the moon and looks so evil. The raised work looks a little intimidating.... might have to leave that for a bit.

    Didn't quite finish Frank but was fairly close... so maybe with a little work I can finish them both up this month.

  2. I bet you can. The house is not difficult. There is a lot of raised work to do, but just do everything else first. That way you can break up the raised-stem work, not having to do it all at the same time.


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