Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NeedleDeeva Heart #150G/Robin King Stitch Guide is now available

Hi Everybody ... Robin here.

Just wanted to let you know... the NeedleDeeva Heart (#150G) is now available with my Stitch Guide. How cool is that! Your LNS can order it directly from NeedleDeeva.

So, this is my second Commercial Stitch Guide. Woohoo!  To refresh your memory, my first Commercial Stitch Guide was Katt Z. Witch (KCN 9125) from Kelly Clark Needlepoint. Again, your LNS can order it directly from Kelly Clark Needlepoint; you can also order it from me. Just email me creativecats@comcast.net.

Seeing Peggy's recent posting about her love for Bargello reminded me of our conversation in Columbus. Peggy had met June McKnight, and was thrilled because of her knowledge of Bargello. Peggy indicated her needlework journey began by first learning Bargello, then Counted Cross Stitch, then Needlepoint. You can see Peggy is an accomplished stitcher.

On the last day of Market we met Phillipa Turnbull (from England), and I told Peggy my needlework experience began with Crewel, then Embroidery. You can see I am comfortable with Crewel/Embroidery stitches; just look at the NeedleDeeva Heart (#150G). Needlepoint was much later (self-taught in the 1970s), and I began officially learning the correct techniques in 1990s. So Peggy and I met iconic industry leaders within a few days; exciting.

Well, that's all for now. The Floating Cat with Pumpkin Balloon is coming along good. The Cat Body is finished. Next I will begin stitching the eyes... and we know: it's all about the EYES.

Thanks, Robin

UPDATE: Thanks to Jane/Chilly Hollow who mentioned my Stitch Guides on her Needlepoint Stitch Guides blog. Jane, you are awesome.

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