Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NeedleDeeva Heart #150G is ready to travel

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I've been packing my bags for tomorrow's Columbus Market trip, and took a break to look at what's new with the Chilly Hollow blog. As usual, Jane had wonderful things to look at and admire.

The Barbara Bergsten link reminded me I still needed to insert the NeedleDeeva Heart #150G into the Black Stirling Self-Finishing Shoulder Bag for my class on Saturday. Oops! I quickly gathered my supplies: pencil, ruler, scissors, and traced the cutting edge onto the canvas.

Then I began to insert the needlepoint into the Stirling Bag. It comes with a peel 'n stick surface; however, I chose to not use it this time. I got everything lined up. Looks good.

NeedleDeeva Heart #150G (affectionately called Columbus Heart) is now ready for its TNNA Summer Market debut. The tour begins with my class on Saturday with the Shop Owners from across the country. What an honor. Then it will spend the rest of the time in the NeedleDeeva booth enticing Shop Owners to purchase this new design. Yes, this canvas comes with a Robin King Stitch Guide showing how I did all of these fun stitches and techniques with text, photos, and charted diagrams.  Be sure to check out all the new canvases from NeedleDeeva being revealed at this Market.

Guess who else is traveling to Columbus...?

Yes, that's right! Katt Z. Witch is hitching a ride to hang out in Kelly Clark's booth during the Market. I heard she might even meet her new cousin, Ratt Z. Witch. That will be a fun reunion.

I've got my name badge ready, and both Peggy and I will be blogging about our experiences at Market.  This will be fun.

Stitch Fast, Ladies. We're Going to Market.

Thanks, Robin


  1. Gosh, it does look good! Have a great time at the market and come home safe with lots of goodies for the shop.

    Wish I was going to your heart class. What a fun canvas that is.

    Jane, sighing and going back to paperwork and sewing up a stocking here in CH

  2. Thanks, Jane. We will have our eyes wide-open to see all of the new wonderment. Looking forward to reading your Stocking update.

  3. Robin

    The heart looks stunning in the bag...very impressive. Bet it will be a hit at Market.
    I love it

    Have fun at Market (as if you wouldn't) and most of all enjoy

    Sue VanderNoor

  4. Robin,

    Love reading your blog. I agree with Sue, your heart is stunning in that bag. No doubt it will attract lots of attention :-)

    Pierrette =^..^=

  5. The Columbus Heart looks wonderful in the bag. It and you are certain to be a huge success in Columbus. See you there.

  6. I love your Heart, it is just fabulous. I already have my order in for it :) You are one creative woman.


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