Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beading the Pumpkin Balloon

Hi Everybody... Robin here.
It's time to discuss the Pumpkin Balloon. I did some beading ... Bricked Beading, that is.

Let's start with the basics. Remember the Brick Stitch? I have charted it for you in my new favorite White Lines method.

My eyes were opened by Amy Bunger when she mentioned to Peggy to try the Beaded Brick Stitch on Peggy's Pear Leaves. You might have seen Peggy's Pear in the e-newsletter or in the Photo Gallery of Amy's website. Here's the photo to remind you.

After seeing the Beaded Brick Stitch in person, I started to incorporate it into some of Stitch Guides I am writing. And yet, I never tried it myself. What is that saying: Do as I say, not as I do? Well, I decided to try the Beaded Brick Stitch on the Pumpkin Balloon.

Here's the Charted Diagram for the Beaded Brick Stitch. Same as the regular Brick Stitch, but you attach a size 11 Bead (Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads or Miyuki Beads) before you sink the thread.

I did use a double strand of Gold Beading Thread, and this canvas is 18 mesh. It is a fun technique to try. I am using 4 different Mill Hill Beads which matched the painted canvas quite nicely. You can see the Brick Stitch pathways from this side-profile photo.

So here it is. I LOVE it. Give this technique a try.


  1. Great info and pictures - as usual.

    Three questions - do the beads move around much since it is on a brick stitch over 2 threads,compared to being on a tent stitch.

    Do you have to do the second loop over the bead with the beading thread as in normal beading?

    Since it is over two threads - does much of the beading thread show? or does the bead take up most of the space in the canvas you are covering?

  2. Great questions, Susan. Let me see if I can help.

    Question #1: No, the Beads do not move around.
    Question #2: No, I did not do a second loop over the bead.
    Question #3: The Beading Thread doesn't show at all from the Top because of using the size 11/0 bead with an 18 mesh canvas.

    I will take another photo as my beading progresses, directly overhead, so you can see the Beads. Thanks, Robin

  3. Hey Robin! Kelly Clark here! You are amazing...LOVE the Brick Stitch Beadwork!!!
    I am spending the morning 'Dogsitting'...our Golden-doodle, Lucy is joined by her Golden Retriever friend, Sadie. They have been very well & out of the kitchen. It was the perfect opportunity to move the lap-top into the kitchen and read up on some Blogs, etc. Can't wait to try this beading....What can I put it on?????

  4. All fabulous. How did you bead the leaf? It's wonderful. I'd love to learn


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