Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day One: Walking a Mile, or two, in Peggy's Shoes

This was my first full day EVER to walk the floor at a needlepoint market.  Never thought I'd see this day.  Thanks, Amy!  It would have been so wonderful to just wander aimlessly from booth to booth in a dreamlike trance. But there had to be a plan. We started on the highest numbered booth (1723) to the lowest (128).  Just imagine seeing wall after fabulous wall of nothing but needlepoint canvases. You just stop in the aisle with your mouth open, till the next person bumps into you.  I really tried not to act like a newbie, but sometimes I just couldn't hide it.

Here are some of the folks I met along the way. Leigh Richardson (Leigh Designs) with her new Waterbabies,  Ruth Schmuff with her picture of Tigger,  Ada Haydon from EyeCandy Needleart, with her heart piece which was in the recent Needlepoint Now,  Barbara Russell with her incredible dog canvases,  Sharon G with her new trilogy canvases, Susan Roberts & Liz/Tapestry Tent, and, of course, Melissa Shirley.

Here are the 3 new canvases coming from DJ Designs. (Can you guess which one is Robin's favorite?)

DJ Designs C002 • Orchid •  14x14 • 16 mesh •  artist, Marilee Childs

DJ Designs C003 • Moth •  14x14 • 16 mesh • artist, Marilee Childs

DJ Designs DL145 • Lint Brush Required  • 12x12 • 13 mesh

We saw some precious new pieces from The Princess and Me.  My favorite was the Pea in the Pod.  And we just HAD to purchase the new Dog and Cat. You can see how cute they are by looking at the finished model seen on the left of each grouping.

The Princess and Me • C622

 The Princess and Me • C620

 The Princess and Me • C621

I saw so many scissors, and lots of needle work toys at the Lacis booth.  NeedleDeeva has some wonderful pieces including the piece that Robin taught this morning to rave reviews, by the way.  NeedleDeeva Heart #150G is now available with Robin's guide.

Look at these new Canvas Candy canvases which come with Blown Glass ornaments. Aren't they fun? We are going back for more. Here's what we've got coming so far.

Historic Route 66 • Canvas Candy • CR 006 

Blue Vespa Scooter • Canvas Candy • CR 010

Lani's booth was luscious.  We made some great purchases.  Here are some of the new Lani canvases coming: Chinese Lanterns, Tahitian Collage #2, Wine Country Collage, Dark Green Mask, Gold & Black Mask, Gray Damask Mask.

Lani 699 • Chinese Lanterns • 14x14 • 18 mesh

Lani 995 • Tahitian Collage #2 • 15x15 • 13 mesh

Lani 992 • Wine Country Collage • 16x16 • 13 mesh

Lani 1014B • Dark Green Mask • 11x13 • 18 mesh  

Lani 1014 C • Gold & Black Mask • 11x13 • 18 mesh

Lani 1014A • Gray Damask Mask • 11x13 • 18 mesh

 We also reordered Beige Nautilus Collage because Amy already has a Custom Stitch Guide for it.

Lani 955 • Beige Nautilus Collage • 15x15 • 13 mesh

Elizabeth Turner Collection has some great new Needle Buddies and a great new light.  I think it is really nice and may have to get one myself.  It gives you light and magnification but on a small scale.  It will clamp nicely onto your stretcher bars.

MagniFlex • 2X Power Flexible Arm • Lighted Hand-Free Magnifier

Colonial Needle, who purchased Lee's Needle Arts has continued some of the wonderful Lee leather products, and has come up with some great new ones too.  They are continuing lots of the kimono canvases too.  Kelly Clark's booth was filled with her models.  They are unbelievable.  The Susan Roberts booth featured a couple of favorites, Halloween Parade and Christmas Parade.  Amy had guides for both of them.  Kreinik is featuing the new Holographic braid.  They had some stitched pieces which used some.  What a great punch.  Sharon G has used some in one of her models.  It is perfect for effect.  I want to stitch almost everything in JP's line, and Rishfeld's canvases makes you want to stitch right away.  Colors of Praise and Dream House Ventures have great stuff.  We will be returning there tomorrow.

And last, but not least, (it was actually the first place I wanted to run to when the doors opened), was Melissa Shirley.

Four new Wild Women from Melissa Shirley Designs

There are new Wild Women:  Mae West, The Queen of Hearts, Glinda the Good Witch from Oz, and Coco Chanel.  Melissa said the new pictures of the rest of the new spring collection should be up on her website this weekend.

We walked the entire floor, finishing around 5pm.  Amy, Robin and I trecked back to the room to take our shoes off.  I went through all of the catalogues I had picked up.  And then we had ROOM SERVICE DINNER!  Cocktails were well deserved.

We have so much to do tomorrow.  We will narrow down some decisions and begin making the purchases.  I'm sure I will still be in awe.  It is a wonderful experience. Needlework people are so wonderful. Everyone smiles and everyone is happy.  Hope you enjoyed walking in my shoes. Until tomorrow... Peggy.


  1. Hi Peggy,

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed. You took wonderful pictures. Love the new light magnifier and the Melissa Shirley Wild Ladies. Have a good nights sleep so you are well rested for tomorrow. Have fun shopping. Hope to hear when I arrive in Memphis.

  2. What fun, I can feel your excitement (and fatigue)! Thanks for showing us a glimpse of good things to come.

  3. Hi Linda & Madonna. Thanks for your nice words. Peggy is off to her class this morning, and asked me to publish your comments. Peggy is taking a class from the nice folks from Associated Talents. I took the photos, processed them (with Photoshop), and then interspersed them into Peggy's blog. Thanks for noticing. We will blog later this evening. Have a good day.

  4. Going to market has always been a dream of mine. What an experience to go with the golden strand team! I would be totally overwhelmed by all the canvases.

    thanks so much for taking the time to post pictures!! You all selected some great items. Can't wait for the next post!

    I agree about needlepointers being nice!! enjoy!

  5. Thanks, Kathy. We are glad to be your eyes.

  6. What fun! Thanks, Peggy and many thanks to Robin the Eye Candy Producer!

  7. Thanks, Jane. I am glad to be your personal market-enabler. Looking forward to what is seen & selected today.

  8. Me, too! Next best thing to being there is having you guys as our spies.

  9. Peggy and Robin - Thank you so much for the market update! Having been a buyer for several stores throughout my working career, I know what it feels like to walk a mile (or more) in your shoes. It is physically and mentally exhausting but invigorating and stimulating at the same time. The new canvases are very tempting - great photographs! While the Halloweenies are keeping me very busy, I know I will have to give in to some temptations that you bring back from market. Have fun and rest those feet whenever possible!

  10. Peggy and Robin

    Thanks so much for the peak at all the "new fun stuff" What a treat. The photos and narrative was wonderful. Felt like I was there. Continue to enjoy your time and I just bet your brains are on stitching overload and ideas galore

    Sue VanderNoor

  11. Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the trip thru market with us. I want to give big-time credit to Robin for taking the great pictures. Amy purchases a canvas, I point it out to Robin and Robin takes the picture. Point and Shoot!


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