Friday, June 11, 2010


We hurried into Columbus yesterday so that Amy could make the tail end of a Sharon G class.  Speaking of tails, it was one of those canvases with horses tails.  So cute.  Believe it or not, we sort of slept in this morning as we had picked up all of our TNNA stuff last night too.  We acutally had a few hours to stitch and make a game plan for Sample It.    Sample It is a one hour shopping spree where various vendors here for the show are allowed to sell some of their merchandise.  It is a great preview of some of the items which will be offered on the show floor.  We all had a class before Sample It.  I LOVED my class.  I have not worked with ribbons and was thrilled with the River Silks Ribbons included in my thread kit.  It was a terrific experience.

Robin knows everyone!  And they know her.  She introduced me to so many designers, and pointed out many more.  I know that the designers and other vendors worked very hard Friday to set up their booths.  Some of them showed off some of their finished pieces in the hall outside of the main showroom.  Raymond Crawford had the cutiest pillows.  Lee's NeedleArts had some of their leather goods displayed.  Strictly Christmas had some cute Christmas pieces including a stocking topper finished as a purse top.  Maggie and Ewe & Eye featured some of the handmade wooden frames, by Deux Bijoux Bijoux, which they feature with some of their canvases.  Melissa Shirley had a BEAUTIFUL pink purse displayed, which is part of her spring collection.  And Boots Bailey was showing some really cute purses.  I made a few personal purchases at Sample It, and Amy purchased a few canvases and other toys for the shop. It was so wonderful being among so many people who love stitching.

But I must get serious tomorrow when we actually go shopping.  SHOPPING!  CAN'T WAIT!  I wonder how much of Amy's money I can spend?


  1. Peggy and Robin, Keep the posts coming. We are all so excited that you are there. Tell us everything.


  2. Hi Becky,
    We are currently editing the photos and writing their text. What a day!
    Will be posting soon. Thanks, Robin

  3. This sounds like an awesome experience...enjoy for ALL of us... Judy


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