Sunday, June 6, 2010


I got a little more done tonight.  I did most of the RIP tombstone.  I'm leaving the small area that Bride Z. Illa's hand rests on undone because I'm not sure of the placement of her fingers there.  It will be easy to go back and fill in after stitching her hand.  The background is next, but I think I will work on the pumpkin because that will finish the bottom of the canvas. I am really looking forward to stitching her dress as I like the florentine stitch Amy has picked out.  (refer to your color picture.)

I had the privilege of seeing Robin's Meow bag in person yesterday.  She did a fabulous job for a very good cause.  We all got a good lesson on using the DMC Memory thread.  Way to go Robin!


  1. Peggy...

    Looks wonderful. Sadly my canvas does not have the 'P' painted on it..just the RI!!!

    Do you think I should try moving the RI slightly to the left to at least get a little of the P as part of the image?


  2. Susan, Look on page 3 of the directions. The R is indeed painted on the canvas, but Amy wants us to refer to diagram 7 and follow that instead of stitching what is painted. So stitch the R where it is painted, then switch to Diagram #7 to complete the letters. The P will indeed be cut short, but we get the message.

  3. Love it! I'm a few steps behind you... finished the borders and am working on the gravestone behind her. This does seem to be a bit faster and easier work. I hope it keeps up and then I'll be able to finish her.


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