Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful Bargello

I took some time away from the bride to work on this piece from a class I took at the Columbus market. Bargello is my first love, so this beautiful canvas has been calling my name.  Once the background is in, the River Silk ribbons lay on top.  

Tonight I will return to the bride.  I think I will stitch her face.  The poor thing is losing half of her face to worry that the wedding won't go well. What kind of cake do you think she ordered?


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Peggy. Bargello is the new "cross-training" for the Halloweenies. Great job.

    I think the Bride might order a Chocolate Devil's Food Cake with Orange Butter Cream, Black Fondant Bats, Spider Webs, and Violet Flowers. After all, she is a Bride! Let's hear from your NSH/Halloweenies readers to hear what kind of Cake they think would be at the Wedding.

  2. Robin, it sounds like you gave this considerable thought! Shall we tell everyone that one of our market goals was to experience as many desserts as we could?

  3. Ha, Ha... OMG... the desserts. Peggy, please indulge your readers about our quest.

    Regarding the Bride's cake, guess I've been watching too many Food Network Cake competitions & shows, as well as the new Cooking Channel. However, you know I am a Halloween person.

    Please tell your readers about our desserts quest. I know everyone will want to enjoy! And, do mention A. Bradley's mom's pies, too.

  4. Oh what a beautiful canvas! What is this lovely thing? How big is it? Are there more like it? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I can hardly wait to see it when it's complete. Love love love your blog. Cheers and regards from another Robin north of you ... in Indiana :)

  5. Isn't it pretty. "Narcissus Bookmark" is sold as a bookmark, and there are others. I will finish mine as an ornament to hang on the wall somewhere. The designer is j. child. Glad you like it. It is my first time using River Silk ribbons.

  6. Many thanks for the information Peggy. I'm so sorry I confused who was posting what, but there's no mistaking such beautiful stitching. All the best, Indiana Robin


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