Sunday, June 20, 2010

Say yes to the dress!

I jumped ahead to the dress because I love the stitches.  However, as I proceeded, I found I needed to go back and complete some other areas to make sure the dress worked out.   Here is how it went.

I put in the darker lining of the dress.  I added the continental stitches in the boney leg.  They are hard to see.  Then I added some lining stitches because we would be able to see some of the lining behind the bones.  This is not charted or mentioned, I just thought it would add something to the area once we put the big bones on.  (I will go back and fix the heel of her boney leg shoe.)

I completed her fleshy leg.  I am having trouble laying in the four strands of flesh color.  I will have to improve on that.

When I started the stitch for the bottom of her dress, I started where I could get a full run of the stitch.  I worked down, finishing the bottom of the dress.  

Then I turned the canvas upside down and compensated to meet the bodice of the dress.  French knots will cover the area where the upper dress and lower dress meet.

Dress done except for french knots and other embellishments. 

Keep Stitching!


  1. Thanks, Peggy

    That was very helpful as I was wondering what to do on the legs, especially the bony one.

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Hi, Peggy - and everyone! Just wanted you to know that I, too, have started a blog - . I'll be posting about my needlepoint and lots of other things. My first post shows Bride Zilla in progress and the finished Stirha and Frank. Visit with me -

  3. Hi Melinda, Your blog looks great. Your stitching is gorgeous. You will put my slow stitching to shame. But we need all the help we can get to finish this series. Thanks for jumping in.


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