Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wimsy and grace brick cover (11638B)

Here is what I will be working on until we start stitching Striha Cal-dron.  This is one of those projects that you can visit anytime for some nice basketweave stitching.  Amy has suggested a stitch for me to use in the green background.  I am almost finished with the pears, (with Vineyard Silk).  Then on to the leaves.  I haven't decided if I will use a special stitch on the leaves.  I will probably use stranded silk.

Isn't it fun to look at a canvas and say...I will use silk here, wool there, ribbons here and perle there.  The longer we stitch the more creative we get.  Then sometimes there is a canvas that is just for relaxation and basketweave is the stitch of choice.  And why is it we, (I), have several canvases that could be finished in just a few hours, yet I will turn to a new one, or even another one that is "in progress".  We had this discussion today in the shop with several customers.  It is like we can't say good-by.  Or we don't want to make a finishing plan.
Who knows!

Keep stitching.


  1. Love the pears and will look forward to following you on this one.

    I wonder about the "only a few hours left to finish 'syndrome'" too. Was there a consensus of opinion on this phenomenom? :)

  2. No one could really say why we do this. A customer who is a painter said she does the same thing with her paintings unless it is a commissioned piece. It's a mystery. I'm just glad I can afford to have more than one canvas going at a time.

  3. Love the design and will look forward to seeing it when its finished.

    Seems we love stitching and the exitement of a new project. I am guilty of almost finishing something and then starting a new project. I have promised myself I will keep up with Halloweenies and finish

    However, I must admit, I am attending a Melissa Shirley workshop tomorrow..couldn't resist.

  4. How could ANYONE resist a Melissa Shirley workshop! Have fun.

  5. I think my problem is that I like the process even more than the product, so I keep switching projects just to try new stitches and threads. I also get confused as to "how to finish" my projects. We have no 'finishers' around, so it's left to my imagination and not so wonderful talent on the sewing machine. I'm so afraid that I will ruin a beautiful project by screwing up the 'finishing'.

    Does that make sense?

  6. Jan, you are so right about ruining a priceless piece with finishing. Look at the Chilly Hollow blog site entry, "Many Thanks to my Guests", (see the blog list below), to see that Melissa Shirley feels the same way.

  7. Hi Peggy, just love the comments and am finding everything extremely helpful to follow all the helpful hints. My only regret is that I can't keep up with your stitching. Hopefully, I'll do better on Ms. Stirha!

  8. Not to worry. I sorta had a head start on you with the house. We will pace ourselves on Striha. Each element is smaller. And the stitches are so fun. It will be easy to keep up. But all of the tips will be here no matter what!


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