Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Stitching/Set little goals/Meet the Groom

As we move into this weekend, hopefully more people will be moving on to the walls of the Haunted House.  I can't stress how important it is to break the work into sections. That's the only way I could look at it without feeling overwhelmed.  There's a lot of house to stitch.   I urge you to needle up say six needles with each combination of threads.  It is so much easier to just tie off and slip the new needle in where you have just left off.  Plus it makes it easy to change  color combinations as you approach areas where  you would like the threads to be darker.  Does that make sense?   I have had a few arguments with the Lorikeet.  Remember Amy's tip in the directions.  And that's another reason to go on and strip a lot of Lorikeet at one time.  Grrr. Make sure you understand that each story of the house has a different stitch. It would be so easy to mindlessly repeat a pattern all the way to the roof.
Not that I think that any of you are "mindless"!


  1. Peggy

    I know what you are saying about Lorikeet. First time I used it I had the biggest mess
    from trying to strip the thresd. Talk about frustration...Lorikeet can drive you nutty.

    Your suggestion of breaking the house down to small sections is the best works for me. I have done that with the shingles and so far I am loving the results. Have done the eyelets and now finishing with the satin stitches. Happy Valentines Day

  2. Oh, I love the Groom!!! He's so, charming, dahrling!!

    Peggy, do you know how the house will be done at the finisher's??? will it be a stand up?

    Also, Robin, is there a way we can subscribe to comments, along with the posts?

    Peggy, could you please ask Stirha to cast a spell on my canvas?? I want the green walls to be done by tomorrow morning...I bet she can handle that--it is in the beginner's spell book, chapter 3.


  3. Kathy,

    You are so funny. I bet Robin could ask Katt Z Witch to cast that spell. Katt Z will be available soon for all who need another Witch. She is a very pretty witch. AND she has black cats like me.

    We/I haven't decided how to finish the house. Got any ideas?

  4. Hi,

    yes, please, Robin! I think that is the only way it will be finished on time.

    Peggy, Your black siamese cat looks just like the cat I had as a child. I brought it home from a Church fair when a friend's mom was driving. Not sure my mom was very happy. gee--it only cost 45 cents!

    I think I will want mine finished as a stand up somehow.


  5. Okay, another silly question. How are you shading the main part of the house?...Are you shading the dark lines that are scattered around the front, or just mainly the larger areas like around the windows and corners? I am just a little paranoid about running out of thread after hearing how much you had left... :\
    Have you been parking your thread and just continuing with the other thread?


  6. Jan, I did a bargello tuck with the end of a thread before starting the next.


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