Friday, February 19, 2010

A Tip from Caron

The haunted house is so much fun to stitch. I can't seem to get anything else done! Here is a little tip that has helped me with compensating around interrupted areas of siding. For instance, when you have to move from one side of a window to the other just go ahead and stitch out of sequence and carry the pattern over the window to the other side with just one vertical row. Example: with the giant florentine variation I would stitch 4,4,8,4,4,8 until I get to the other side and then continue with the horizontal rows as before. Hope this helps someone. 

Caron Mayo 


  1. Wonderful Tip. This is a great platform to share "notes" as you stitch.

  2. HI,

    Are we supposed to stitch over the pumpkin stems? also, on the third floor spider, we stitch over his little leg sticking out on the green, correct?

    I am so glad we have a big stitch on the walls!! I feel like I am making alot of progress. I slos think it is brilliant to break the house up into four different months, with separation in between. Otherwise, I would get tired of working on it, but this way, I can look forward to doing some of the characters!!

    have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Kathy. That is a good question about the pumpkin on the second floor. I meant to ask Amy today but we got really busy. I am going to leave mine blank for now and will get the answer next week. I would rather add than take out later. And yes, stitch over the spider's legs.

    You are gonna ohh and ahh when you get the first character, Stirha Cal-Dron. All of the threads are wonderful.

    How is everybody doing with your houses?

  4. I wondered the same thing Kathy. I checked every picture on the blog and in the kit, but it was the one area that was left out... figures. I left it blank and figured that Amy would have some wonderful stitch to fill it in.
    Sometimes it's hard to work on the canvas without knowing what is coming next. I can't figure out just where to start and stop the stitches... but I figure I can just rip out a few stitches... or add a few... if I'm wrong.


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