Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Have you ever Felt like this?

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's time to reveal my intentions for the Kitty Bra. Jane from Chilly Hollow guessed correctly: I'm going to make a 3-D Kitty Bra. First, I made a paper copy of my canvas. (I know you know you should always try to do this.) Then I cut out 3 circles of Black Felt using the Face Paper Pattern as a guide. Two of the felt circles were cut even smaller. I stacked them and the largest piece was the actual Kitty Face on the Bra.

Next challenge? How to create that sweet Kitty Face detail? Originally, I considered beading the face detail, but I didn't want anything to compete with the beaded Tap Pants. Next, I considered embroidering the Face detail. Still not the right answer. The felt weave was not tight; the embroidery stitches created holes from over-use.

Can you sense my approaching sick feeling? I had taken on this project ... the entire blogging world was looking on! Two failed attempts. I was ready to press the delete button, pack up my things, and return this wonderful blog back to Peggy.

But then, I thought... why not try a Painted Face? I went back to the craft store and bought Fabric Paint in the colors you see here: Gold, Pink and Black. Things are looking up... I feel better already. To be continued...


  1. I always get my best ideas when I hit a roadblock in my stitching. This'll be great, Robin. Trust me!

    And if you need black memory thread for whiskers, let me know. I can pop some in the mail to you....

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for having the safety net ready. I will begin posting the finished face this evening. I kept true to the canvas color for the whiskers... Gold, and used the Kreinik. The Memory Thread is a wonderful product and awesome suggestion. Thanks for being my 911.

  3. A roadblock only means you need to find another solution. That is how we learn and you sure showed you were willing to try to do something different. Some needlepointers have a goal in mind and simply stitch toward it. Not everything comes out of the stitch books we all have on our shelves. It comes out of our brain and exits through our fingers.


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