Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Cover Up in the Making

Hi Everybody... Robin here. I've been working on the Kitty Bra & Tap Pants; I'm pleased with the progress, so far.

My last blog entry inferred there might be a "cover up" brewing regarding the Kitty's Face. Will there be a mask or a veil?

Here's a little photo hint... as I begin to reveal my intentions...


  1. This looks very interesting. I have no clue what you are up to. But I bet it's gonna be good.

  2. Is it going to be a padded kitty bra?

    Jane, wrinkling her forehead and trying to think early this a.m. in CH

  3. Love it Robin. You are so creative and I admire your creativity very much. I feel so complemented you are stitching one of my designs.


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