Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just when you think you are done...

After I finished the dormer window with the weird person in it,

I surveyed the canvas and realized that I had not done the area below the all seeing eye.

At least I didn't discover it when I was on my way to the finishers.  I will do it tonight.

Back to that dormer window with the weird person.  I did the stitch provided at the top.  But as I went down I got lazy and made up a zig-zag stitch.  I think it will work alright.  I probably should have waited for the light of day to stitch it.

I know I am way ahead of most of you guys.  So I invite you to comment on your progress.  I am deciding what to work on for the rest of the month.  I will share that with you too.  Keep Stitching.


  1. Hi, everyone - I finished the large left section of the second floor this evening. It took longer than I expected to get a rhythm going and it seemed as though every time I picked up some speed there was some compensating to do and then I would get confused as to where I was in the pattern. I finally realized I needed a vertical reference for stitches in addition to the horizontal rows that I was stitching. So, where I could I would stitch a vertical line of stitches - long, short, short, long - for my vertical reference point. I hope that makes sense! I think the next sections will go a little more quickly - mostly because I learned a lot in the larger section and also the next sections are smaller - yay! Love having the Olympics to watch (or listen to) while stitching. Peggy, I think your zigzag section of stitching looks just fine. No one would ever know that you hadn't planned it.

  2. The stitch instructions for the area under the all seeing eye are in the same section of the guide as the instructions for stitching the triangular areas above the door.

    (just in case anyone cannot locate them)



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