Thursday, February 25, 2010

Katt Z. Witch & Stitch Guide are now available.

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I wanted to let you know the Katt Z. Witch canvases are available through your LNS, and so are the Stitch Guides that I designed.

Here's her photo so you can see what she looks like. Katt Z. is definitely a "pretty" witch.

She is holding a Cat and there is a 3-D Woven Basket inspired by the techniques from DVD #7, The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving. There is another Cat by her side. Look who just spotted the Rat in the border. Now that's the beginning of a good story. The Pumpkin uses DMC Memory Thread for the Vine, and the Leaves are Picot Needleweaving; another technique from DVD #7.

It was a wonderful experience to stitch Katt Z. Witch and develop her Stitch Guide. Shop Owners and Retail Customers can email me to purchase this Stitch Guide.

Katt Z. Witch is one of Kelly Clark's Halloweenies characters; just not one of the "chosen" Halloweenies Home Study characters. Her number is KCN 9125.

Well, thanks for your time. I've got some more stitching to share with you.
I'll be back! 


  1. Katt Z. Witch came to my house today!!!Along with Stirha-Cal Dron & the Halloweenies Binder!!!WOW--love it all!!! Hope I can do them all justice when I stitch them--thank goodness for this blog!!!

  2. Robin,

    She looks FABULOUS! I hope you will entertain questions and comments from the ladies who are stitching Katt Z. on this blog.

    So girls, if you have a question or tip, send them here.

  3. Sure thing, Peggy. That's what Needlepoint Study Hall is all about.

  4. Peggy and Robin

    WooHoo!!!! My package from Amy was here lasst night. What a wonderful way to begin the weekend. The two Witches, Katt Z and Stirha Cal Dron are to cute for words. The Halloweenie notebook is to die for. My Granddaughter is going to be so jealous.

    Katt and Stirha were tired from the journey but I heard some giggling this morning. Wonder what they are up to.

    This will be a stitching weekend for sure. Thanks again and look forward to all the tips.

    Sue VanderNoor


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