Monday, February 15, 2010

Nice shading

I am pleased with my strategy, (Amy's Tip), to stitch the lightest thread combination down the center of this section of the Haunted House. I stitched the darker colors as I moved out to the windows.  It really gives it a weathered look.

I also played with the color on this edge of the house.  I think it will look great when we add the ivy around this area.  It adds a level of fun to play with the color.  Each house will be unique.  But don't get bogged down playing with color. The characters in the windows will be what pops out.  As I stitched the area behind the railings, I just stitched whatever color came naturally out of the skein.  I can't wait for you to see the railing that Amy has created for us.

We've still got two weeks to finish this part of the house.  Just stitch a little every day.


  1. Hi all,

    I have posted my work on my blog, and try to post consistently. I know Linda has a post on her blog as well. some may want to follow us....

    I am taking a bit longer on the roof, but am doing some different things, and enjoying it immensely!! I will post close ups later.

    I am glad to hear we have 2 weeks left. It is kinda like the "Is the glass half full or half empty?" question. I was looking at the 2 weeks behind me instead of the 2 weeks ahead! I like it better looking ahead!


  2. Just wondering what lengths of thread have you been using for the house. I haven't used the lorikeet before and wondered how it works up. Should I use shorter than normal lengths or am I okay with 18in lengths.

    YAHHH! I am glad to see the end of the dark roof and be able to start the body of the house. I should be right on schedule by the end of the month. :)


  3. You're going to be shocked by this but I actually used a 36 inch length. I opened the Lorikeet and cut it once. I am NOT saying that this is a tip from Amy. It is just the way I did it. The stitches for the house really use up thread quickly, so I slipped the needle down to the center of the thread and started stitching. As I got closer to the end I just moved the needle. I tacked down in many places with a pin head stitch as Amy recommenced. I think this saved on thread usage. I completed the house with one thread (9 ply) of the Lorikeet and 8 or 10 strands of the Burmilana left over.

  4. Kathy,

    That is great. Now there will be three "support groups" for Halloweenies. If anyone is unfamiliar with Kathy's Blog, it is Back to the Future and it is the first link in our blog list on this site. Check out Kathy's floor frame. Works great with the big house canvas. Look for Amy's newsletter March 1st for her review of some other new floor frames too. And check out Stitching Sisters blog, ( see link on our blog list too), to see more about the House. We welcome anyone else who would like to join the blog party for Halloweenies.

  5. I not so brightly posted my question on the last blog....not sure you would see it so am letting you know.

    It's early and have had only one coffee. :)

  6. Okay, another silly question. How are you shading the main part of the house?...Are you shading the dark lines that are scattered around the front, or just mainly the larger areas like around the windows and corners? I am just a little paranoid about running out of thread after hearing how much you had left... :\
    Have you been parking your thread and just continuing with the other thread?


  7. Jan, I could not find you comment so I reposted it here. Just shade mainly the larger areas like around the windows and corners
    The only area where it is very important is in the center section above the door. You want to stitch all of that area with the lightest color combination. Then make the areas that butt up to it darker so they recede. You are correct in knowing that if you cut up a lot of thread to shade you may not have enough thread. Now if you just want to spend a lot of time and thread shading you can get more thread. But I wouldn't take that kind of time. Let the thread do the work for you.

  8. I love the name of this blog! Study Hall is a great idea...thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog. I was happy to see you'd stopped by *smile


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