Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting ready

Lots of you have received your first character canvas.  Make sure to make a color copy of the canvas, (for your personal use only), to assist you in placement in the areas where we will "ignore the painted canvas".
Then you are ready to add the rock background.  Take the time to tape down the template provided and then the canvas on top as you see above.  Don't be afraid to use the thick end on the Identi-Pen.  Jill has already stitched some of the background and reports it stitches up quickly.

After I drew the lines I slipped a piece of white paper between the canvas and the template to check my lines. Once satisfied you may mount your canvas on bars.  I have really enjoyed the Evertites and will try to use them on as many characters as I can afford to.  Let's start Sunday afternoon, shall we?


  1. Hi, Peggy and Stitchers, If I may go back to the Haunted House for a question: In doing the green walls (first floor), are you covering the clump of leaves above the pumpkin on the left? I know to cover the pumpkin vines, etc. but there is no mention of the leaves and no photo of that area.

    Thanks for your help. This is a terrific project to stitch - I love it!


  2. Hi Nancy,

    Yes, cover those leaves too. There is an earlier post that says to cover all vines and leaves and stems. You will really like what we put on top.

    I am so glad you are enjoying this project.


  3. Hi Peggy,

    Just put Stirha on my evertites and am ready to go. Hope to outline the rocks tonight and if it is still early enough to start the rocks.
    I really appreciate all the help your blog is giving us.

  4. Hey Linda,

    I just mounted mine too. I will probably do a little outlining tonight as well. Gonna be fun.


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