Sunday, February 28, 2010

Outlines done.

Well, I had hoped to do more today, but I just finished the outlines on Stirha Cal-Dron.  You will be using Burmilana and Lorikeet for the outlines.  A tip is to cut the Lorikeet to the same length as the Burmilana, which is already cut.  Make sure you totally stitch around the rocks as they are held together by the "mortar" which you are stitching.  I referred to my color copy to stitch around the bird.  Amy has made it easy for us to stitch basketweave between the caldron and the witch.  I can handle that!

Here is a tip from Jill:

"One thing I found helpful before I started stitching the rocks, was to kind of map out which ones slant in one direction and which ones in the other, kind of like the roof of the house."

"They do go pretty fast and it's fun.  Hopefully some of the other parts will be just as quick and easy."

Thanks Jill. 


  1. As Jill said in the post, the rocks go fairly quickly. I finished with them yesterday. I have moved on to Stirha's hat and was quickly reminded that my aging eyes don't care for working on black areas of a canvas. I usually work with an Ott Lite over my left shoulder but have decided to use (in addition to the floor lamp) a clip on Ott Lite to bring the light directly over the canvas. That helps a lot! I can actually see the stitches now! I've read through the directions for Stirha several times now and each time I am so amazed at Amy's choice of stitches, threads, beads, etc.. Her tips and stitch diagrams are just the best! Hope Stirha is keeping everyone busy!

  2. I have mature eyes also. Yesterday, I was outside watching the puppy, and realized how much better I could see the witches hat area! I haven't finished the rocks, though. I skip around alot:)

    so, maybe others could try stitching in natural light outside if they have trouble.


  3. Yes, "mature eyes" has a much better ring to it! Kathy, I was hoping to sneak in some stitching during daylight hours in hopes that natural light would help but there wasn't an opportunity. Most of my stitching is done at night - sounds sort of vampirish, doesn't it? Are we stitching Count Dracula? Anyway, I should be finishing the cape tonight and look forward to working with some orange and purple threads for a while.

  4. I have finished the cape and hat and am absolutely amazed that that color of metallic can yield the glittery orangish highlights that it does. It doesn't look at all the same as the spool color. It's gorgeous, and I never would have thought it would come out this way. I bet when we get the dress stitched it will be even more fabulous!



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