Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kitty Bra & Tap Pants are finished

Hi Everybody ... Robin here. Thought I would sneak in & show you my finished Kitty Bra & Tap Pants. I really had fun stitching it.

My inspiration came from Jane/Chilly Hollow and her Camouflage Bra & Tap Pants. I was reminded that I, too, had a Bra & Tap Pants in my stash.

I loved the impromptu freedom of joining Jane. It wasn't planned... not even on the radar. It was an honor to receive nice comments from Sharon G, too.

Now the dilemma... what to do with it? Any thoughts?


  1. Very feminine and catlike, Robin. Cat Woman herself would be proud to own such a lingerie set. Do you have a dressing room or large walk in closet? Or a nice makeup table? This would be lovely framed on the way of a walk in closet where you can see it each day or look great besides your bathroom mirror where you put on makeup and comb your hair each day. It's a reminder that no matter what we look like on the outside, we have a little feminine and sexy fun on the inside.

    It was fun to know you were stitching away on your lingerie set as I beaded mine. They both sprang from the mind of SharonG but we took them on separate journeys ourselves. I love the collaboration we stitchers have with the painted canvas artist!

    Again, congratulations. It looks great.

    Jane, waving from CH

  2. What about an insert in a bag? for your unmentionables? or mentionables? I also like the idea of framing it near your dressing room... a series would be nice. :)

    This is always my dilema.. what to do.. what to do? I have a bunch of unfinished (finished but 'unfinished') projects that are awaiting brilliant ideas.

    I'm sure it will look fabulous no matter what you do. Great job.

  3. Robin, this is absolutely the best I have seen on the kitty bra. The felt on the cat faces is something I never saw on any of the bras. The background is perfect and I do like how you set off the straps and bra with the Fuzzy Stuff. Why not frame it and hang it in your powder room, which I consider one of the best galleries in the house. You can sit and enjoy the art! Or in your bedroom? How about a pillow for your bed? Or a pajame bag where you can put your PJ's in during the day. Don't see many of those these days.

    It might be a bit large for this suggestion. A bathroom journal. I had one years ago in my powder room where guests who used it could write their thoughts while sitting and doing other stuff. Can even be a guest room journal. It is a fun piece so maybe some fun unusual use for it would make it even more fun.

  4. Hi Robin, I really like Jane's suggestions and I think that it would also be nice to finish it to hang from a door knob of your closet or dressing room-with twisted cord and tassels! But not matter what you do with it put it somewhere to see every day. It is adorable!

    Caron Mayo

  5. Hi robin!

    the kitty bra turned out so nicely! I love the idea of hanging it, but perhaps it could hang from a broad ribbon with a bow at the top, like you sometimes see with picture. A flat back with cording would be used around the piece.

    the powder room would be nice, but I think the front door would be the best place. then set up a video cam and see what your mail man does!!



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