Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here is the picture you can use for reference, along with the picture on the stitch guide, for the month of January, 2011.   I'm sure you will have fun with Sarcoph A. Gus.   


  1. Welcome back, Peggy! We have missed you! I am excited to start on Gus this morning. The stitch guide has blown me away as it always does. The beading on the sarcophagus case is just perfect.

    Happy New Year wishes to everyone at Amy's!!!! I have loved my year of stitching these characters!

  2. stephanie ashworthJanuary 2, 2011 at 10:50 AM

    Could this be any more spectacular?! Hope all is well in Memphis. Can't wait to see you all in the spring.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Peggy,

    Thank you so much for the picture of Gus. It really is helpful when stitching. Hope all is going well with your Mom.
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  4. Hi Linda,

    Mom is doing very well. Now I have more time to stitch. And she is working on a canvas too.

    This is a fun canvas. I am working on the background first.


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