Monday, January 10, 2011

TNNA Market Report: Day Two

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

We made it through the 2nd day of teaching, shopping, and meeting wonderful, talented people. Amy and Jill opened the checkbook and began placing orders. Here are some of the new things which are coming our way:

Rebecca Wood animal ornaments

Turtle by Birds of a Feather & Amy Schimler

Rooster Waiter by Maggie Co.

Rooster Chef by Maggie Co.

Kitty Magrittee by Maggie Co.

New York Penguin by Maggie Co.

QE Cat by Maggie Co.

Will Shakespurr by Maggie Co.

As Amy and Jill were ordering books, we came to June McKnight's booth. She has a new book, Spooky Stitches, which is all about Halloween stitches and embellishments. Here's a picture of Amy and June holding the sample banner featuring all of the stitches listed in the book. I've asked for my copy; I know Peggy will want one, too. How about you?

Amy Bunger and June McKnight

June McKnight's newest book

This has been a fun market, indeed. Seeing good friends, meeting the "rock stars" of the needlepoint industry, and teaching my finished pieces to the wonderful shop owners from across the country. 

Bird and Worm in the Zecca booth

Harvest Fairy in the Melissa Shirley booth

Stitch Guide by Robin King

Day 2 is in the books. Day 3 is waiting. Then it's off to teaching at two wonderful needlepoint shops in California: Needle In A Haystack/Montrose, CA and A Stitch in Time Needlework/San Marino, CA. See you soon!  Thanks, Robin


  1. I think it's fair to say there's a needlepoint rock star with the initials RK! Have fun with the rest of your teaching gigs! And thanks for taking the time to suggest a background stitch for my turkey canvas (through Jane of Chilly Hollow). What a nice think to do at a very busy time for you.


  2. Oh, my goodness - I love the cats from Maggie & Co! Sort of like the Wild Women series just with cats. Did you see one that features a grey and white cat? Harvest Fairy looks beautiful as I imagined that it would. How proud you must be to see it there along with other finished pieces in Melissa's booth. Did you see the Melissa Shirley pears in the finished form? The ones in the urns? I love those! Spooky Stitches looks like a great book, too. Sounds like it's a great show - have fun!

  3. Ohhhh, those two Roosters. I know that I will NEED those!!! Way to cute and so much fun. Lots of good canvases..not enough hours.

    Thanks Robin and your two pieces are so cute and what a thrill for you.

    Sue VanderNoor


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